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Posted on July 26th, 2021 04:41 PM
Cats Eye Stone Meaning


Cat’s eye gemstone, or Lehsunia Ratan in Hindi, is an opaque gem that carries Beryllium Aluminum Oxide with it. It is primarily found in a brownish honey shade with a tint of white and green in color. On the astrological front, Lehsuniya Stone is said to be the gemstone of the planet Ketu that not only protects you from the harshest Rahu maha Dasha but also gives you a shield against all kinds of evil effects and negative vibes. On a similar ground, Vedic astrologers highly recommend wearing of Natural Cat’s eye stone to combat the ill effect of the notorious planet Ketu as well as Rahu. 

When it comes to delivering benefits, Cat’s eye-Lehsunia is extremely important in curing health-related problems such as Cushing, leukemia, syndrome, paralysis, Hemophilia, and other genetic and skin-related disorders. Lehsunia is considered to be of great help in solving complex legal problems that are complicated in relation to court and judiciary. Vedic science also considers this supernatural stone to prevent oneself from sudden mishaps and accidents. Owning a Real Lehuniya is also said to be immensely beneficial for the students and working professionals.

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Though, Cat’s eye aka Lehsunia should be worn according to the placement of stars and planets in your horoscope because it is not equally favorable for one and all. Let us give a quick glance at the suitable ascendents to attire this supernatural gemstone. 

Who Should Wear Cat's Eye Gemstone..? 


  • According to Vedic astrology, Lehsunia is prescribed for Kumbh and Makar Rashi or Aquarius or Capricorn Zodiac signs respectively. While on the other hand, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces should avoid wearing this supernatural gemstone. From the 15th to 20th century Cat’s eye gemstone was regarded as the birthstone of May month. 

  • Natural Cat's Eye gemstone provides amazing astrological results and swift benefits to those individuals who are engaged in the business of gambling, horse race, or any other sort of speculation activities. So if you are also involved in one of such acts, give it a try wearing a Lehsunia ring or any other jewelry made of this stone. 

  • Cat’s Eye or Vaidooryam ratan or Lehsunia stone grabs high recommendation of wearing for the people who are going through a tough time in their lives due to Rahu Maha Dasha. It is worn to boost the benefits of Ketu in your house of horoscope. 

  • Though Ketu does not have a physical existence in our solar system; in Vedic astrology, it has been given the status of a planet. According to astrologers, Ketu is said to be quite similar to the planet Mars and Lehsunia (Cat’s Eye) is suggested to be worn to positively govern both these planets and bring them in a favorable position in your birth chart. 

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  • In general, both Rahu and Ketu are deliberate as malefic planets or Grahs that can cause the major problems or doshas in their native’s life chart such as the evil Kaal Sarp Dosh and Pitra Dosh. Possession of Lehsunia gemstone provides you protection against all these issues of your life. 

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  • Cat’s eye is considered equally useful to meditation especially for those who are suffering from an emotional breakdown, mental instability, professional failures,  personal depression, or stress. It also helps to protect you from black magic, all sorts of fears, complexes, or nightmares. One is safe from accidents and injuries. So in case you are facing any such issue in your life, prefer wearing this stunning gem.

How to Wear a Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Be it Manik or Lehsuniya, any piece of astrological gemstone gives its maximum level of results only when worn in the right manner. The same is the case with Lehsuniya or Cat’s eye stone. Find out the correct Vedic procedure of wearing this stone in our previous blog titled How to Wear Lehsunia and adhere the right way. 

  • For desired results wear a natural cat’s eye in Silver metal followed by an expert astrologer’s consultation. While wearing any Cat’s eye jewelry, make sure that the stone is in direct touch with the skin of your body so that it delivers you the utmost results. 

Buy a Real Lehsunia Stone Online 

In order to avail the best and utmost results, always ensure to buy premium quality Natural Cat’s eye gemstone. You can visit a local trusted gemstone store in your nearby market or you can also explore a reliable website for gemstones such as Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Here you will get the widest variety of 100% original and Real cat’s eye gemstones at the most reasonable price segment. You will also get a certificate of authenticity from the renowned gemstone laboratories of the world such as GR, GIA, Gubelin. Avail swift and secure worldwide shipping facility along with an easy and hassle-free return option for 10 days. 

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