How to Wear Lehsunia

How to Wear Lehsunia
Posted on June 17th, 2021 11:17 AM

Cat's Eye Gemstone, otherwise known as Lahsuniya in Hindi, is a notable member of the Navratna gemstones family that arises in a variety of color shades such as yellowish green, gray, black, brown, and honey. This semi precious gemstone of the Quartz mineral group comes along with an endless number of advantages for its owner. Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl is also popularly known by the name Cymophane, Vaidooryam, or Vaiduryam. It is renowned as the stone of the planet Ketu and is believed to be the most effective gemstone to nullify the negative effects of Ketu. 

A natural lehsunia stone benefits the most during the malefic phase of the planet Ketu, also known as Ketu Maha Dasha. Besides protecting from the evil eye and ill effects of Ketu, this supernatural stone positively affects the health conditions of its wearer and provides a shield from sudden health-related traumas, injuries, or road accidents that may even lead to crucial surgeries. It protects you from the envy of your foes, debts, poverty, and other such diabolical circumstances. In order to grow wealth, a real Cats Eye gemstone also ensures success in your professional life. It revives your declining business ventures and brings stability to your financial conditions. 

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In order to ensure the best and the maximum benefits from a Real Lehsunia Ring, it is extremely important to wear a cat’s eye stone of good quality and in the correct way. So it is highly recommended to always buy a certified Lehsuniya or Cat’s eye gemstone. Let us have a glance at some of the key points that determine the quality of a cat’s eye gemstone.


When it comes to the quality of a gemstone, its origin plays a vital role, besides the famous 4 c’s, i.e., cut,  color, clarity, and carat weight. Similarly, in the same of a Lehsunia stone, color makes a huge difference in the results. In order to grab the best results, astrologers recommend wearing of a brownish-yellow to yellowish-green golden-colored semi-transparent Lehsunia stone. Always try to buy an untreated Cat’s eye gem because it is said to be natural and most beneficial.


Any gemstone performs at its maximum level only when it is worn in the right carat weight. In general, astrologers recommend the weight of a  gemstone, however, you yourself can also determine it. The correct stone weight of your Lehsunia stone depends on the total weight of your body. It should be at least 1/10th of your total weight. For example, if you are having 60 kgs at present, then you need to wear a minimum of 6 carats of cat’s eye gemstone in your ring or any other jewelry.


To fetch the best astrological results, yellow gold is considered the best pair for a Natural Lehsunia Ratan. Though there are no such strict boundaries, you can alternatively go for other metal options such as White Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass or Panchdhatu, but only after duly consulting an expert astrologer. 


To gain the desired personal and professional advantages, you should wear your Lehsunia Ring on the middle finger of your right or working hand. However, if you are merely wearing this stone upon an astrologer’s suggestion, and not as fashion jewelry, then make sure that the stone is in direct touch with your skin. 


Natural Cat’s eye is said to be the stone of planet Rahu and is believed to be performing at its best on Tuesday and Thursday. Therefore, astrologers suggest wearing of a Cat’s eye ring or jewelry on Tuesday or Thursday, after sunset i.e., in the evening for attaining the best results. 


Here comes the most vital part of the procedure of wearing a Cat's eye gemstone i.e., purification and activation of the stone. Prior to ultimately reaching your hands, a stone passes through various other touches. So to eliminate all such lying impurities and get rid of any negatives thereby, it is extremely vital to purify the stone before ultimately wearing it. 


Place your Lehsunia stone or its jewelry in a clean metal bowl. Fill the bowl with a composition of holy Gangajal and raw cow milk. Now dip the cat’s eye stone or the ring in this solution for 10 to 30 minutes. Far ahead to the said time period, take out your stone and clean it with regular clean water. Wipe it off carefully with a soft piece of clean cloth and go for energization. 


Without activation, a gemstone does not act at its utmost capacity and deliver all the desired benefits. Hence, if you want to avail all the favorable astrological results of your Natural cat’s eye Gemstone, you should activate and energize it before wearing it. Since the Real Lehsunia stone is ruled by the planet Ketu, for activating the stone, you need to please Lord Ketu. Place the cleaned stone or ring on a clean cloth and worship Lord Ketu so that it bestows you with all its blessings and positive energies upon wearing the jewelry. Recite the auspicious Ketu mantra ‘Om Ke Ketve Namaha’ or ऊँ कें केतवे नम: for 108 times and then wear your Natural Cat’s eye Ring or any other jewelry made of real Lehsunia

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In order to grab the maximum astrological advantages, it is highly recommended to wear only an original piece of unheated lehsunia gemstone, making sure that the stone is directly touching your skin. Despite the above-mentioned Vedic procedures, it is always judicious to consult an expert astrologer before wearing any gemstone and verify if the position of stars and planets in your horoscope allows this wearing or not.

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