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Posted on May 20th, 2021 02:50 PM

The Lehsuniya Stone Ratan or Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl is considered an extremely miraculous gemstone in the whole nine Navratna gems family. This semi-precious gemstone is generally found in various shades like yellowish-honey brown with a tint of black, dark, or smoky-greenish-gray with a light white stripe. However, the one common thing in all these shades of this stone is the curve of bright moving transversely.

According to Vedic astrology, Lehsunia stone is primarily worn to counter the evil eye and ill effects of the heavenly planet body ‘Ketu’, which has no tangible existence in our solar system. Cat’s eye comes with various health and business benefits for its wearer. Let us have a look at some of the key reasons Why and How wearing the Lehsuniya stone benefits an individual.


Advantages of Wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone 

 Counter the Ill Effects of Ketu

It is believed that wearing a cat’s eye stone brings numerous benefits to the life of an individual. Among all of them shielded from the evil eye of Ketu the most renowned of all. A Natural Lehsunia Ratan not only nullifies and protects you from the evil eye of the malefic planet Ketu but also serves helpful in the course of the punitive phase of the 18 years long Ketu Maha Dasa.


Serves Ceaseless Prosperity

Cat’s Eye stone is known to create wealth and prosperity. It is deliberated to boost new ideas and serves knowledge to the students, especially during taking exams. Besides researchers, this supernatural stone is also considered immensely beneficial to professionals and business persons. Together with improving the financial conditions of its owner, Lehsuniya Stone delivers success in new business ventures.


Remove the Evils of Last Life

For those experiencing unexpected fears and stress in their lives, a Lehsuniya Ratan can be of extreme help to them. It is believed that the extraordinary cosmic properties of a real cat’s eye gemstone help to get rid of the bad curses or ‘karma’ effects of the previous births that can create troubling circumstances and difficulties like debts, negativities, accidents, and antagonists in the present.


Delivers Numerous Health Benefits

A natural lehsunia stone serves amazing health benefits to its possessor and provides protection against various health problems like digestion and stomach disorders or fainting of skin. When combined with other natural gemstones, a cat’s eye chrysoberyl even helps to cure severe life-threatening ailments such as asthma, paralysis, bone cancer, blood cancer, and mouth cancer.

Important point: - On the other hand, you should not wear this cosmic beauty along with a Hessonite or garnet gemstone.


Provides Mental Peace

In the astrological aspect, both the cat's eye stone and its ruling planet Ketu is said to be a spiritual planetary body. Wearing a real Lehsunia gemstone redeems you from the worldly desires of these materialistic things and enlightens your soul to the path of spirituality. It also assists you to overcome the traumas & scary memories of any accident that occurred in the past. Those facing anxiety, depression, gloom, mental worries, and insanity can wear a natural cat's eye gemstone and avail mental peace.

Protects from Kala Sarpa Dosha

Protection from the harsh Kaal Sarp Dosha is another key benefit of wearing a Natural Lehsuniya Stone. According to astrologers, it is a great supernatural gemstone that not just affects your mental health positively but also aids you to fight the tough phases of life. People suffering from the notorious Kala Sarpa Dosha, which may lead to several accidents and mishappenings in their lifespan, can get great relief after wearing an unheated cat’s eye gemstone.

 Best quality Lehsunia Stone

Lehsunia stone got its name because of the similarities it holds in terms of shape, size, and color with a cat’s eye. To avail of the maximum health benefits and astrological protection, ensure that you only own a Real Lehsuniya Stone because a Natural and Unheated Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone delivers the best results. 

Though Natural Cat’s Eye, without any heat treatment, is considered of the best quality, those having a budget issue can also go for a tiger’s eye or turquoise gemstone that also offers similar sort of advantages to the wearer. 

Who Can Wear a Lehsuniya Stone? 

Lehsunia Ratan or Cat's Eye Stone Price is best suited to the owners of the Pisces sun sign. However, it can also be worn by stone for the natives of Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Gemini, and Virgo Zodiac signs. Those facing the toughest ‘Kala Sarpa Dosha’ or Ketu Maha Dasha can also avail themselves of the goodness of a Natural and certified cat’s eye gemstone

How to Wear a Lehsuniya Stone 

Lehsunia Stone results best with Silver. Tuesdays are said to be the best days to wear a Cat’s eye Stone ring. Astrologers recommend wearing it one hour after sunrise.

For best astrological results prefer wearing it in the ring/middle finger of the right or working hand with the gemstone having a direct touch with your skin. Connect with an expert astrologer to find out the detailed procedure for wearing this gem. 

 Buy Lehsunia Online 

If you are planning to buy Cat's Eye online for yourself, firstly make sure that it is auspicious and beneficial for you otherwise it may result adversely. Since, besides carrying a number of astrological benefits, natural cat’s eye gemstone is not equally favorable for everyone. The results may differ for every individual depending upon their birth chart and the position of stars in their house of horoscope.

Thus, before buying and wearing this mystical gem, it is extremely essential to get all the duly required consultations from an expert astrologer who will recommend you the stone after having your horoscope checked. He or she will also suggest to you the complete guide of wearing this stone for instance the opportune day, date, time, appropriate color, and carat weight respective horoscopes as per your so that it may result in the best possible way.

Another key point to be kept in mind while purchasing is to only visit a trusted gemstone store and always ask for a certificate of authenticity to confirm that you are getting a certified Lehsunia gemstone. You can also prefer wearing a single ring with all the nine renowned Navratna gemstones in it.

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