Alexandrite Stone Wearing Guide

Posted on January 11th, 2024 01:44 PM

When it is a discussion about fascination and mystery, the alexandrite gem is the only one that comes to mind, as this is one of the most beautiful jewels in the world. One of the unique qualities for which people who love jewelry have been fascinated by this amazing stone for a long time is its color-changing quality. So beautifully, it changes its color which is a unique characteristic of this stone. As we take you on an exciting journey through the alexandrite gem-wearing guide, you will also have the chance to learn about the gem's past, how it is worn, and its unique qualities. This article will give you a chance to explore more about Alexandrite Stone.

A gem of unfathomable mystery is the alexandrite gem.

During the 1800s, explorers discovered this stone in the Ural Mountains. This stone has a strong connection to wealth and royalty. Russia's most powerful king, Alexander II, is the namesake of the Ural Mountains. This stone came into the limelight due to its unique color-changing property. The amazing, color-changing properties of this valuable stone make it truly unique. When left in natural light, it shows different shades of emerald green. But when lit by incandescent light, it changes into a deep purple-red color. The alexandrite effect makes this gemstone even more interesting than before. Alexandrite prices range from INR 1 lakh per carat to 10 lakh per carat plus in India. 

alexendrite gemstone

A bright and colorful point of view:

Before you can get good at wearing the alexandrite gem, you need to have a good idea of what it means for the stone to change colours. The stone can change in amazing ways, and it makes a great trip companion because it represents being able to adapt and keep going even when things get tough. The stone seamlessly blends in with the person wearing it, whether it's a fancy evening event or a day at the office.

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Picking the Part That Makes the Most Sense:

What kind of alexandrite gem you wear should depend on the event and your style. A lot of different kinds of jewelry can be made within the alexandrite gemstone price range, such as bracelets, chains, rings, and earrings. Pick out an item that not only goes well with what you already have but also says something about you. For regular wear, a pendant made of delicate gem is always a good choice. A ring made of stunning gems is always a great choice for special events.

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One of the Best Places:

The background is one of the most important things to think about when showing off alexandrite gem's beauty. It is best to put the stone in places that get a lot of light so that its natural ability to change color can stand out. Alexandrite jewelry is often set in white gold and platinum. For this reason, the stone offers versatility and a trendy appearance. By setting this gem in a vintage style, you can bring out its classic beauty even more. By setting this gem in a vintage style, you can enhance its classic beauty and transform it into a timeless gift that can be cherished for generations.

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Combinations of gemstones that include extra stones:

It is impossible to argue against Gem's star power. When it is put next to other diamonds that complement it, the result is a stunning visual symphony that is truly beautiful. If you put gems like sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds next to this gem, the different colors of the stones will stand out and look beautiful. But you need to find the right balance. The diamonds should not steal the show from the alexandrite gem; instead, they should bring out its bright look.

A Beautiful Look for the Day:

To get the most out of the stones power during the day, you should wear it when it's naturally lit up. Weekend brunch or a garden party are great times to wear simple items that bring out the green in the diamond. For a touch of understated grace in the middle of the day, pair your outfit with a delicate bracelet or earrings set with studs made of gems. The natural beauty of the stone will show through if you keep your style light and fun.

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Glitz and glam at night:

As night falls, the alexandrite gem changes color to a deep, smooth shade. Right now is the best time to show off the dramatic side of the jewel more than ever before. To make a good impression at formal evening events, you should wear jewelry that stands out, like a cocktail ring or a necklace with a chandelier. When lit from behind, the stone’s deep crimson tones give it a look of sophisticated grace. This makes it the perfect stone for a night out on the town with lots of flash.

Keeping the Alexandrite in good shape:

Everything precious has to be taken care of and looked after properly. If you want your alexandrite jewelry to keep its beautiful look, you have to be very careful about how you store it. It should be kept away from harsh chemicals, sudden drops in temperature, and very hot or cold conditions. Clean it with a soft brush using a light soap or gentle shampoo. This cleaning of the gem will keep it looking like new for as long as possible. The original cases of such stones should be kept properly so that the stone-made jewelry can be kept safely in the box to avoid any kind of scratching or breaking.


Wearing this stone can help focus and remind of your goal. It will honor how life is always changing and how flexible and determined you are. How nice of you to do this to show your thanks. Let Alexandrite walk with you on the winding paths of life, whether you choose a simple pendant for a more understated look during the day or a sparkling ring for a more dramatic look at night. Alexandrite Gem should be your friend. This beautiful gem adds mystery, grace, and enchantment to your style. Use these qualities to your advantage, and watch as it becomes a beloved symbol of your own story. Browse for Navratan-online Gem Bazaar for more details.


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