Tanzanite vs. Alexandrite–Choosing the Perfect Gemstone

Tanzanite vs. Alexandrite–Choosing the Perfect Gemstone
Posted on January 6th, 2024 06:19 PM

Tanzanite and Alexandrite are two captivating gemstones that have gathered their place in the list of rare gemstones. Both these gems are unique in color, appearance, symbolism, and astrological properties. Choosing the perfect Ratna, however, is a personal choice, one can find the right one after analyzing the properties of these stones. This blog provides information about the same and helps you decide which one to choose. 

Comparison Between Rarest Gemstone in the World 

Both these natural stones are different from each other in terms of their crystal formation. One comes from the zoisite family whereas the other is the member of the chrysoberyl family. There are characteristics to explore lets have a look:

History and Origin 

Alex stone was first discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1830. It is sometimes called Alexander Stone, as it was named after then going to be King Tsar Alexander II. This gemstone was confused as green emeralds earlier due to its color. It shows “emerald by day and ruby by night,” thus, it was eventually mistaken as emerald stone. After its rare color change property was discovered, it became the national gemstone of Russia. 

Tanzanite is another rare gem in the world. It was discovered in 1967 near Merelani in northern Tanzania. Earlier, this stone was confused with several other blue gemstones. Later on, it was confirmed that it was a mineral zoisite. The stone was named after its source of origin, which is Tanzania. 

Physical Characteristics 

Tanzanite vs. Alexandrite stone , the difference in their physical properties is considered by various factors such as color, hardness, inclusions, and other internal features. Natural tanzanite is a variety of zoisite minerals that feature a vivid blue to violet color. The most remarkable feature of this gemstone is its trichoric nature, which shows three different colors from an angle. The hardness of this stone is 6-6.5, making it fair for jewelry. 

Original Alex is a rare variety of chrysoberyl minerals. It is differentiated from other gems as it has a unique color-changing property. This rare stone showcases a green hue in the daylight and red in the incandescent light. The hardness of this gem is better than tanzanite, as it ranks 8.5. The natural color-changing chrysoberyl has a higher refractive index than the zoisite mineral, thus reflecting more light and brightness.

Alexandrite stone

Tanzanite vs. Alexandrite: Color Difference 

The blue-violet Zoisite gets its color from the trace elements like vanadium. This trichoric gem features three different shades that are visible in the daylight. However, the third layer, or the red tint, is only seen sometimes; thus, it is often referred to as a pleochroic stone. The primary hue of this gem is violet blue. 

The Alexander stone is a rare gem distinguished by others with its color-changing phenomenon. It gets its color from impurities such as chromium. Due to this unique property called the “alexandrite effect,” this is one of the most prized gems in the world. 

You can deeply understand this effect in our blog: Alexandrite Stone: How the Color Change Phenomenon Impact the Stone Price?

Alexandrite stone

Symbolic Meaning 

The beautiful gem sourced from Tanzania is better known for its healing properties. It is a great Ratna for physical and emotional healing. Tanzanite stone rare crystals are believed to aid in the relief of mental stress and depression. This blue gemstone is said to strengthen your inner self and build trust with others. This stone signifies love and compassion and thus is widely used as engagement and wedding rings. It is also the birthstone of December born.  

Alex Ratna symbolizes good luck and fortune. Gifting this color-changing gem in many cultures is considered auspicious as it balances the wearer’s cosmic energy. It is also a June birthstone, along with pearl stone and moonstone

Astrological Significance

Blue tanzanite stone is associated with the planet Saturn. Wearing it on the middle finger of the right hand benefits the individual spiritually and emotionally. It stimulates chakras like Anahata and Sahastra, making you feel happy and energetic all day. Sagittarius, Aries, and Pisces are suggested to wear this blue gemstone. 

Natural Alexander stone is related to the planet Mercury. Gemini and Virgo should wear this June birthstone. It benefits the wearer by enhancing creative and leadership skills. Wearing this gemstone on a little finger can greatly help if you are a working professional.  It encourages communication and intellectual skills, thus allowing you to grow in your career. 

Tanzanite stone

Price Comparison 

Comparing the prices of Tanzanite vs. Alexandrite, the former is more budget-friendly than the latter. The price of blue Zoisite starts at INR 8,000 and may extend up to INR 80,000 and more. Alexandrite gemstone cost starts from INR 1 lakh and more per carat. It is an expensive gem due to its unusual color-changing property. Thus, highly prized for the same. 

However, lab-created alexandrite stones are available in the market, and one should be very cautious while investing in these rare gems. Visually, they appear as the natural ones, but they are not effective from an astrological point of view. 

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the perfect stone for yourself, it depends on your taste and preferences. If you are looking for a budget-friendly blue gem, opt for Zoisite. Nothing can be better than rare chrysoberyl for those purchasing stones for investment purposes; buy these rare gems from Navratan, an exclusive gemstone that provides certified stones.

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