Tanzanite vs. Alexandrite–Choosing the Perfect Gemstone

Tanzanite vs. Alexandrite–Choosing the Perfect Gemstone
Posted on January 6th, 2024 06:19 PM

Explore the charms of Alexandrite and Tanzanite, two gemstones that are ready to become your go-to fashion accessories! Get ready for an exciting journey as we solve the mysteries surrounding these remarkable gems, whether you're a gem enthusiast or a novice. Which jewel will be your style confidante? is a crucial question. Join us to find a gem that suits your distinct taste!


Explore the allure of tanzanite stone , a captivating violet-blue gem discovered in 1967 in Tanzania at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its brilliant hues, which range from rich violets to deep blues, highlight the creative genius of nature. Due to its remarkable colour and pleochroism, this Tanzanian gem is in high demand for use in a variety of jewellery designs. Its enduring beauty is ensured by proper care, as it has a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7. Pleochroism, the source of colour, and possible treatments are some of the things that enthusiasts need to know to protect its distinctive qualities. Beyond its beauty, tanzanite is thought to strengthen spiritual ties, which makes it a perfect option for certain days and promotes a healthy mind-body equilibrium. Incorporate this Tanzanian gem into your assortment and revel in its grace and mystique.



The fascinating gem known as alexandrite emerges from the earth's depths due to natural color-changing magic. This stone, which was first discovered in Russia in the 19th century, has a fascinating feature where it turns reddish-purple when lit by a lamp, changing from green during the day. Because of its unique colour coordination and rarity, discerning jewellery enthusiasts value the chrysoberyl variety known as alexandrite. Alexandrite has an impressive Mohs hardness of 8.5, which indicates its dependability and durability. The chromatic shift that the presence of chromium causes in this alluring gem adds to its allure. Alexandrite stone uses is the ideal companion for personal growth because it is not only beautiful but also believed to bring harmony and balance.

Exploring the Enchanting Similarities Between Tanzanite and Alexandrite:

What draws observers' attention to both tanzanite and alexandrite are their dynamic colour shifts, which exhibit an amazing range of hues depending on the lighting.

1.      Treasures of Rare Gems: Tanzanite and alexandrite are two rare gems that are prized by  jewellery enthusiasts due to their exceptional characteristics and scarcity. Within the realm of precious stones, they occupy a special position.

2.      Metaphysical Properties: Beyond being beautiful objects, both gems have deeper spiritual meanings. Tanzanite is believed to strengthen spiritual bonds, while Alexandrite is associated with fostering balance and harmony.

3.      Adaptability in Jewellery: Tanzanite and Alexandrite are stunning, multipurpose stones that look great on pendants, earrings and rings. They also raised the bar on a variety of  tanzanite jewellery designs.

Examining the unique characteristics of Alexandrite and Tanzanite leads to the intriguing question of which of these attractive gems best suits your style and narrative. As we delve into a fascinating world where these gemstones are comparable but captivating, you have a choice.


Analysing Tanzanite and Alexandrite's Distinct Differences:

1.       Bright Colour Story: Tanzanite displays a distinctive and vivid colour spectrum as its rich violet-blue tones come to life. So, Alexandrite's remarkable ability to change colour from green to reddish-purple steals the show and creates a captivating colour metamorphosis.

2.      Worldwide Origins: Tanzanite, which epitomizes African charm, comes only from Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro. So, Alexandrite, which originated in various places like Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Russia, is a global attraction.

3.      Craftsmanship in Crystallography: Tanzanite, a member of the Zoisite mineral family, crystallizes as prismatic., Alexandrite, a member of the chrysoberyl family, has unique crystal structures that add to its alluring characteristics.

4.      Birthstone Significance: Tanzanite, which is the birthstone for December, is associated with happy birthdays. However, Alexandrite, June's birthstone, steals the show and adds a magical touch to the arrival of summer.

5.      Lighting Results: The brilliant colors of Tanzanite never cease to astound, and the remarkable colour shift of Alexandrite is most evident in various lighting scenarios. The excitement of viewing is increased by this special feature.

The beauty of their differences can be seen when examining the different aspects of Alexandrite and Tanzanite. Each stone tells a unique story that is influenced by a variety of elements, including origin, colour, structure, and more.

The Mysteries of Tanzanite and Alexandrite Uncovered

· Tanzanite: This stunning stone also helps its wearer become more alert and at ease. It assists the practitioner in meditation, fostering a harmonious relationship between the mind and body.

· Alexandrite: This stone encourages flexibility and individual growth due to its metamorphic energies. It is well known for promoting harmony and balance. Its unique qualities make it an effective ally through all life's many transitions.

Take advantage of the magical properties that tanzanite and alexandrite possess; this stone provides a means of achieving inner peace and development that transcends aesthetics.

Unveiling Metaphysical Marvels:

·    Tanzanite: Beyond being pleasing, tanzanite strengthens spiritual ties and promotes serenity during meditation. It encourages the attainment of equilibrium and improves the wearer's general state of well-being.

·    Alexandrite: Beyond having a beautiful appearance, Alexandrite stone also has a special ability to balance the physical and spiritual realms, promoting harmony and a graceful transition through life's swings. It provides a link between physical harmony and spiritual enlightenment.

Setting out on a quest to find these jewels invites people to experience more than style—rather, it invites them to walk a path of aesthetic delight and inner peace.

Making the Choice – Tanzanite or Alexandrite?

Apart from their physical attributes, tanzanite vs alexandrite is a fascinating comparison. Your feelings and the story you want your jewellery to tell will guide you on this intimate journey. If you find yourself drawn to vivid blues and violets, tanzanite might be your gem. Its pleochroism and rich colour spectrum create a visual feast for those who appreciate the extraordinary. But if you're drawn to Alexandrite's rarity and color-shifting qualities, it might be a gem that best fits your style. Because of the historical tanzanite stone symbolism and the dynamic shift from green to reddish-purple, this striking option has even more layers of meaning. Make a thoughtful selection; the ideal gem is waiting for you!

tanzanite or alexandrite


Summarizing, the choice of Tanzanite and Alexandrite is a voyage into the wonders of nature, not a jewellery buy. Because of the unmatched beauty of the natural world, every gem has its classic charm. Explore the chosen selection of Tanzanite and Alexandrite at Navratan Gems to experience their captivating charm. Our gemstones are tales woven with threads of elegance, beauty, and rarity, more than decorations. Check out our selection at Navratan.com right now to see how your experience with gemstones unfolds; we promise unparalleled brilliance. Here's your chance to take possession of a piece of nature's wonders - embark on an exciting journey into the world of fine gemstones!

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