10 Surprising Uses of Alexandrite Stone

Posted on January 5th, 2024 05:21 PM

Alexandrite stone is a chrysoberyl mineral formed of beryllium, chromium, and aluminum oxide. This beautiful gemstone was discovered first in 1830 in the Ural Mountains in Russia. It is a rare and valuable gemstone found in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, India, and Burma.

 What makes alexandrite special is its color-changing property. This rare gemstone features a green color in daylight, which changes into a purplish-red color in incandescent light. This color-changing phenomenon displayed by the stone is often referred to as "emerald by day and ruby by night." 

This rare property makes it a popular gemstone for jewelry. Besides this, other uses of alexandrite stone include astrological and healing benefits. In light of the same, this blog refers to the ten surprising uses of this rare gemstone. 

Alexendrite Stone

  • The Gemstone of Health and Wealth 

This rare variety of chrysoberyl offers health, wealth, and prosperity to the wearer. Alexandrite's meaning relates to the stone that brings together the energies of both the sun and the moon. It is the stone that brings good luck, wealth, and success. It is a miracle stone that changes its color in a different light. This beautiful gemstone increases the self-esteem and confidence of the wearer, thus helping them achieve their goals in life. 

  • Cultural and Symbolic Meaning of Alexandrite Stone 

These beautiful gemstones have a rich symbolic meaning. It is the birthstone of June month and is known as the stone of happiness and good fortune. With colored gemstones trending as anniversaries and engagement rings, this gemstone is popularly embraced as the focus stone. Either as a center or an accent stone, it looks amazing in any case. Amongst the alexandrite stone uses, jewelry is another aspect that entails the wide perspective of this stone. 

  • Unveiling the Physical Marvels of the stone 

This amazing gemstone is believed to treat illnesses such as those related to the blood. It helps to regulate blood pressure. Moreover, it is known to help in regenerating body tissues. It helps in detoxifying the blood and aids in improving digestion. This chrysoberyl variety helps in regulating hormones and the nervous system. It brings relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. 

  • Emotional Benefits of this Rare Gemstone 

This June birthstone with chameleon characteristics that change its color under different lighting conditions bestows the wearer with emotional benefits. For instance, it helps individuals to attain emotional maturity. People with low self-esteem are advised to wear this gemstone as it helps boost decision-making skills. It helps maintain inner peace and promotes emotional balance.

  • Elevating Creativity and Intuition

Other uses of alexandrite stone include promoting creativity and intuition. Individuals who are in professions related to creativity, such as those who are artists and like professions, are suggested to wear this stone. Those who are dealing with professional instability can also wear this gemstone. It encourages intuition, allowing the wearer to make better decisions. 

  • Exploring Alexandrite and its Connection to Chakras

The advantages of Alex's stone relate to its connection with chakras, such as the third eye, throat, and heart. This rare gemstone helps stimulate the third eye chakra, helping the individual gain clarity of thought. It unblocks the throat chakra, enhancing better communication and self-expression. Moreover, it activates the heart chakra, offering love, compassion, and harmony in the life of an individual. 

  • Enhancing Home and Office Environments

Alexandrite stone use in homes and workplaces ensures that the surroundings are filled with positive energy. This color-changing gemstone fills the environment with prosperity and good fortune. The gemstone crystal, when placed in any corner or center of the house or office space, boosts up the energy levels.

  • The Celestial Influence of Natural Alexandrite Stone

As an astrological gemstone, it represents the planet Mercury and embraces healing properties such as emotional, physical, and mental. One of the interesting facts about Alex Stone is that it was initially assumed to be an emerald stone as it displays a green color in daylight. This might be one of the reasons astrologers connect it with the planet Mercury, as emeralds are also associated with the same planet. It is the perfect astrological gem for the zodiac sign Gemini. 

  • Ever-changing Hues: The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

The color-changing phenomenon of this makes it rare and, thus, a unique gift for special occasions. For those celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary, alexandrite stone is a meaningful gift. It signifies everlasting love, hope, and compassion, which complement the rare color transition effect of the stone, making it a thoughtful gift. 

  • Beyond Beauty: The Financial Allure of Real Alexandrite Stone 

This rare gemstone from the chrysoberyl mineral family is believed to attract wealth and prosperity. Wear this gemstone as jewelry or keep the crystal at home or office space; it is thought that it manifests the financial desires of the bearer. Besides the metaphysical property and aesthetic beauty, this gemstone proves to be a great investment. Alexandrite's price starts from INR one lakh and can extend up to INR six lakhs per Carat or even more. Thus, this beautiful, priceless gemstone is worth investing in. 

Alexendrite Gemstone

In conclusion, this stone transcends conventional aesthetics, emerging as a gem with diverse and impactful applications. Its color-changing phenomenon, attributed to chromium content, adds a distinctive touch, making it not only visually captivating but also functionally significant. As a testament to nature's ingenuity, Alexandrite seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, leaving an indelible mark in various sectors. Its enduring charm and practical applications underscore the enduring relevance and value of this exceptional gemstone.


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