4 Affordable Healing Crystals

Posted on January 29th, 2022 04:23 PM

Natural Colored Gemstones have been loved and used for millions of years. Praised for their mesmerizing colors and enticing gleam, they serve an obvious aesthetic purpose in the beauty, décor, and fashion industry. Though crystal healing sounds like an ancient alternative medicine technique, it is not so. The concept of using nature’s gems has been around us for many centuries, it has recently been in the mainstream appeal again. 

                           Both ancient civilizations and modern cultures admired and employed the power of these colored crystals to facilitate health. The metaphysical properties and cosmic vibes of natural gemstones make a direct effect not only over the body but also on the mind and soul of the wearer. Before you think to buy gemstones online, here is an affordable range of gemstones that comes up with remarkable healing benefits.

4 Best and Affordable Healing Gemstones

Amethyst (Jamunia) Gemstone 

Natural Amethyst gemstone is an amazing soothing crystal. It is regarded as the best stone to recover from addiction. This balancing stone is widely used for deep cleansing of the inner mind and getting a clear state of mind. Amethyst Stone is widely used for treating insomnia and nightmares. When it comes to mental healing, this February birthstone always tops the list. It effectively helps you settle your thought process positively and get a good night’s sleep. 

                   Best known as the Gem of peace, protection, and tranquillity, the real amethyst stone brings about harmony in one’s living. This vibrant violet-colored semi-precious purple stone holds its worth among kings and queens through the ages. Where in Greek mythology, it is known as the stone of sobriety; the traditional Chinese practice of Feng Shui embraces the supernatural metaphysical attributes of a Jamuniya or Jamunia stone

Jasper Gemstone 

For centuries, natural Jasper stone has been valued high for its strong healing properties. It is a natural healing crystal, which is primarily worn to enhance spiritual awareness, gain emotional stability, physical strength, and a better immune system. On the floor of fashion, is a popular semi-precious jewelry gemstone that comes in a variety of color shades and patterns. On the health ground, this gemstone holds deep trust from ancient people for restoring vitality and gaining better physical strength. Real Jasper was trusted by different civilizations including Arabs, Greeks, Hebrews, and Persians as an immensely effective healing gemstone. 

                    Jasper is associated with Throat Chakra, and hence its positive energies are considered beneficial in enhancing the concentration power and spiritual awareness. Wearing of jasper gemstone tremendously helps an individual to stimulate creativity, promote rational thinking, and overcome mental issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. Even in contemporary crystal healing therapies, this miraculous gem is used for shifting its owner’s inclination towards spiritual activities. So if you are also looking for a perfectly affordable gemstone to cure the wearer’s physical, mental and emotional health, certified Jasper is highly recommended. 

Spinel Gemstone 

In addition to being a symbol of beauty, stunning Spinel works as a wonderful healing gemstone. This powerpack August Birthstone is allured for its beauty, brilliance, brightness, and hardness, making it an exceptional choice for customized jewelry. Its cosmic powers add to the wearer’s health in several ways. Spinel in its purest form activates the ‘Root Chakra’ of the human body and cures the aligned issues. Spinel Ruby miraculously enhances the workout efforts and multiplies the physical strength and stamina of its wearer. Together with providing emotional strength, this crystal helps you to channelize your energy in the right direction.

                       Besides aiding in cancer healing, wearing of spinel effectively improves the health of your teeth, gums, spine, and skin. Being an amazingly curative gem, natural spinel also supports weight reduction. Regal red and pinkish red spinel gemstones have been most sought after, even though spinel gemstones come in a broad range of hues. For ages, different shades of Spinels are attributed for their remarkable metaphysical properties. Yellow Spinel stone, for instance, promotes the intellectual development of a person while Violet Spinel signifies spiritual growth. Where Red Spinel gemstone favors vitality, on the other hand, Pink and Green spinels are thought to bring love and nobility in the character of its wearer. 

Peridot Gemstone 

Natural Peridot is effectively employed to cures anxiety and restore calmness. It is a green-colored semi-precious gemstone, which is regarded as an astrological substitute for the precious emerald or Panna stone. Alike emerald, it is praised for improving learning ability and intelligence, enhancing communication dexterities, and promoting good health. Boosted oratory skills are one of the key benefits of wearing a peridot gem. Thus, entertainment, media, and PR professionals are hugely favored by its wearing. 

          When it comes to your health, a certified Peridot stone has a number of godsends to offer. Together with healing psychological problems and nervous disorders, it simultaneously treats allergies and skin-related ailments. Since Peridot is aligned with the planet Mercury that further signifies the brainpower of a person. Carrying peridot benefits its owner by developing and remodeling his or her intellect, memory power, and comprehension abilities. Henceforth, it is popularly suggested to the students and people suffering from lack of concentration in their regular lifestyle and willing to add an affordable remedy for the same. 

Buy Gemstones Online

No matter if it is stunning pink spinel or regal red ruby, any piece of supernatural stone bestows its maximum health and astrological advantages when worn in its natural and pure form. Therefore, when you are primarily considering a gemstone for availing healing out of it, make sure to only buy a real gem piece from a reliable gemstone website or a trusted gemstone store. Regardless of the place you are buying the stone, always ask for a certificate of genuineness from the seller. Such certifications not just help you to know about the place of origin and treatment of the gemstone but also aid you to get certain about the authenticity of the investment you are doing. 

                             When it comes to finding the right place to buy certified gemstones, there arise endless claims in the market. However, most of the dealers are merely after making money. They sell heated and processed gemstones in name of real ones. Though these gems have appealing appearances, they carry no astrological worth. You can explore Navratan, the online gem Bazar for the widest segment of genuine gemstones online at the most reasonable price range. The stones here are validated by international gem testing laboratories. You will get a certificate of authenticity from renowned labs like SSEF, GRS, GIA, Gubelin, and IGI. Together with having a clear return policy, you can avail of an insured shipping facility all around the world. 

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