Yellow Sapphire vs Yellow Topaz: A Handy Comparison Guide

Yellow Sapphire vs Yellow Topaz: A Handy Comparison Guide
Posted on January 20th, 2024 12:47 PM

The beautiful glow of yellow sapphire and yellow topaz has completely charmed us after a colorful tour of the world of yellow gemstones. This in-depth blog solves the riddles that make these two gems different from each other. It also looks at their unique qualities, historical significance, and mysterious appeal. Yellow topaz and yellow sapphire are two beautiful jewels that look great together. Join us as we investigate their complex connection and witness their arguments.

How Does A Topaz Differ Primarily From A Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

In your search for a yellow stone, you may find that a yellow sapphire or a yellow topaz are indistinguishable. However, there are a few key aspects in which these two stunning stones differ from one another. We'll break it down for you by defining minerals and outlining their differences.

yellow topaz & yellow sapphire

What Does Yellow Topaz Mean?

Yellow topaz is a popular semi precious stone because it is easy to find and has a bright golden color. These minerals' bright yellow color is often caused by flaws in their structure rather than just trace chemicals. Or maybe even radiation. When compared to other gems, yellow topaz is a very common crystal. On the Mohs scale, topaz is an 8. Simply put, it is one of the hardest semi precious stones in the world to scratch. However, the softness may not be what it seems to be. The less tenacious a gem is, the more resilient it is. Topaz is not very tough. This is the reason the gem is so weak and likely to break

Where Do You Find Yellow Topaz?

People most often find yellow topaz in Utah, Colorado, and Texas in the United States. A lot of the time, these stones end up in riverbeds and next to rivers. Because they are heavy and hard, they often come loose from the host layers when it rains or floods. The best way to get them is to sort through dirt that is no more than 2 inches wide. First, gather any stones that are clear or have crystals in them. Once you have a bucket of rocks (also called paydirt), try to figure out what they are.

What Does Yellow Topaz Looks Like:

  • Lustre: Yellow topaz is transparent, which means it bounces light like glass. The name of the stone tells you that it is usually a rich yellow color. But some examples might look darker and more brown.
  • Transparency: Yellow topaz is usually only partly see-through. You should be able to see through the stone a little when you shine a light on it.

What Does Yellow Sapphire Mean?

The yellow sapphire is a beautiful and expensive stone in the corundum family. It doesn't happen as often as topaz. It's worth more now because of this. The best ones are canary yellow. But sometimes these sapphires can look bright—a little green or orange. The deep color of gems comes from small amounts of iron.

Where Do You Find Yellow Sapphires?

Unlike other gemstones, yellow sapphire and yellow topaz are rare in nature. They come from a few different places, but most of the time you can find them in mines. Still, there are ways to tell what kind of bright crystal it is:

What Does Yellow Sapphire Look Like?

    • Lustre: Yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone normally has a vitreous luster that makes light bounce off of it. On the other hand, some examples may look dull.
    • Color: Yellow gems have a yellow tint that looks like a canary. They might also have orange or green spots on them.How heavy and hard? Sapphires are one of the hardest gems. They are 9 Mohs hard, which means that only diamonds and rubies can scratch them. With a specific gravity of about 4.0, they are also pretty heavy.

     The Reasons Why Yellow Sapphires and Yellow Topaz Look Identical?

    Many people frequently mistake yellow diamonds and yellow topaz for one another due to their striking resemblance. Many mistakenly believe that stone is the less costly yellow gem. All of these things are true about them.

    • Color: Like their names say, both stones are often yellow or golden.
    • Glare: Topazes and sapphires often have a bright, mirror-like shine.

    The bright color of these stones has long been associated with wealth, happiness, and good luck in many cultures. Many people prefer yellow topaz over yellow sapphires as the center stone for a ring or pendant. 

    yellow topaz & yellow sapphire

    What Makes Yellow Topaz And Yellow Sapphire Different?

    The similarities between these stones belie their vast differences. This rock type is unique in a few key respects. Identifying them will be easier with this.

    Yellow Sapphire vs. Yellow Topaz

    Most of the time, a kanakapushyaragam stone is a light canary yellow that looks almost green. Topazes, on the other hand, tend to be darker and more brownish-red.

    • Hardness and weight: sapphires are larger and less likely to scratch than topaz.
    • Cost: Yellow gemstones can be several times more expensive than yellow stones of the same size when they are cut.

    How To Differentiate Between Yellow Topaz And Yellow Sapphire Stone?

    It's easy to confuse yellow sapphire with yellow topaz. For the uninitiated, they may pass for one another. Light-colored types of both stones can have a bright tint that is very similar. Also, these stones have a vitreous sheen that has almost the same brightness. Because of this, it might be hard to tell them apart by color and reflectivity. Also, their specific gravity (relative weight) and hardness are pretty much the same. Still, the best way to tell these stones apart is to look at them very closely. A stone is likely sapphire if it has green hints. On the other hand, yellow topaz is more likely to have brown spots in it. In addition, yellow sapphires usually show through clearly, while topaz might look cloudy or hazy.

    End Note

    There is a world of difference between yellow topaz and sapphires, despite how similar they look. Topaz is a common gemstone that has a very bright golden color. On the other hand, yellow gems are much harder to find and usually come in a brighter canary yellow color. To know more, you can visit our site at Navratan Online Gems Bazaar.

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