Can We Wear Yellow Sapphire And Blue Sapphire Together?

Posted on April 11th, 2024 05:26 PM

Yellow and blue sapphires are the two major categories of precious gemstones from the same corundum mineral family. Though similar in chemical composition and hardness, these gems differ in their astrological behaviour. Yellow sapphire is linked with the planet Jupiter, whereas Neelam is associated with Saturn. Both these stones have their significance in astrology. But most people wonder whether these two can be worn together or not. As per Vedic astrology, Neelam and Pukhraj cannot be worn together. Let's see why:

What is a blue  sapphire, and what is its significance in astrology?

What is a blue  sapphire, and what is its significance in astrology

Also called Neelam in Hindi, natural blue sapphire is associated with Saturn. Shani is one of the most powerful planets, and it can bring beneficial results when present in the correct position. Conversely, it will have malefic effects if placed weakly in your birth chart. Neelam Benefits you in many ways. It offers you good fortune, wealth and health. Spiritual benefits of blue sapphire include stimulating the crown and the third eye chakra. Unblocking this chakra enhances your creative skills. Thus, individuals in architecture, journalism, arts, and literature are advised to wear Neelam ratna. 

What is a yellow sapphire, and what is its significance in astrology?

What is a Yellow Sapphire & Its Significance in Astrology

People sometimes get confused by names such as yellow sapphire and pukhraj. They are the same. Pukhraj is the Hindi name for this yellow-coloured stone. It is connected to the planet Jupiter (guru), which represents wisdom, intellect and prosperity. If your natal chart shows weak positioning of guru grah, you might find it challenging to succeed in your studies or professional life. Apart from this, individuals lack decision-making skills and intellect. Wearing a pukhraj benefits you in enhancing these skills. This yellow gemstone is beneficial, especially for women. It aids in fertility and pregnancy and removes stress and anxiety in females. 

Why are yellow and blue sapphires not compatible with each other?

As per Vedic astrology, wearing gemstone combinations like neel mani and peela pukharj ratna are not considered auspicious. Since both these stones are associated with opposing planets, they cannot be worn together. Neel mani is linked with Saturn, while pukhraj is associated with Jupiter. The energies of both planets do not align, so their combination is not suggested. Let's see if worn together, what can be the adverse effects:

1. Overstimulation of Energies

The energy of yellow and blue sapphires together may lead to an imbalance in energy. You may experience stress, anxiety, mood swings, or depression. Because of the conflicting energies of the two planets, you may not concentrate on your work, which can hamper your inner peace. 

2. Conflicting planet energies

Both ratnas are associated with different planets and energies. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that Saturn and Jupiter are neither friends nor enemies. If your birth chart shows the placement of these planets in a good house, it will benefit you. But if both are positioned weakly, you can wear gemstones to strengthen only one planet. This is because both grah have their individuality. Shani represents discipline, power, aggression, and the God of rewarding and punishing individuals.

On the other hand, Jupiter is associated with positivity, wisdom and optimism. Thus, if you already give power to weak Jupiter by wearing a pukhraj stone, adorning Neelam would not be favourable. Shani will dominate Jupiter, allowing only one purpose to get solved, for which it is meant. Hence, there will be conflicting planet energies. So, yellow and blue sapphire should not be worn together. 

3. Loss in Emotional Stability

If you have worn this gemstone combination without consulting an astrologer, you might experience stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, you may panic or become more aggressive while wearing yellow and blue sapphire together. This can lead to conflicts in your personal or professional life. Thus, leading to such negative consequences, you should try not to wear these gems together. 

Searching for Alternative Solutions 

Since both these gems are unsuitable for wearing together, you can choose alternative combinations. For instance, the pukhraj stone, when paired with ruby, can bring auspicious benefits like abundance and creativity. Besides this, Neelam and Panna stone are the right choices for adding success and enhancing decision-making skills or spiritual benefits. However, it is essential to note that all of the gemstone's energy doesn't suit you. Thus, one should always take advice from an astrologer. After analysing your birth chart, an astrologer can only suggest the lucky stone. 

How to Choose a Suitable Stone?

Yellow and blue sapphire cannot be worn together as their energy does not match. But individually, they work best. Each is linked to the most powerful planets, symbolizing many things. If you want to buy these gems individually for your problems, you should consider the following factors:

  • Buy natural Neelam Ratna and Pukhraj stones only from reputed gem dealers like Navratan. We provide certified gemstones, so you are assured of their quality. 
  • Keep an eye on which gem origin you are purchasing. For instance, Ceylon yellow sapphire is of the best quality. 
  • Choose bright color and high clarity ratnas for effective astrological working.
  • Perform all the rituals before wearing the gemstone. The mantra for wearing neel mani is "Aum Sham Shanaish-charaaye Namah," and the mantra for peela pukhraj activation is "Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah." 

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