Ten Types of Amethyst: Surprising Benefits

Posted on April 5th, 2023 03:09 PM

Sometimes even our plans fail and life surprises us in its own way. Some are good, some bad, but all of them teach us something worthy. All in all, it makes us wise, and the amethyst stone is one such natural surprise that is a treasured gem for centuries. It is found everywhere and possesses various healing and metaphysical properties. 

In its dazzling and unique color, its rich history, and the variety of shapes and shades, it could be the ideal extension to your jewelry finding. In its search for beautiful stones, there are many types of amethyst, and knowing them is certainly a big deal. 

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Amethyst is a type of quartz that comes in various colors of purple and violet. This unusual hue is caused by the interaction of iron present in each crystal and the gamma rays passing through them. 

amethyst stone

Amethyst is one of the most widespread and valuable quartz for various reasons, most of them being color and easy moldability in the gem world. Its striking yet affordable material features other decorative pieces, ranging from massive to eye-catching statement beads. 

Some of the greatest producers of natural amethyst are located in Bolivia, Brazil, Tanzania, Uruguay, and Arizona. 

Types of Amethyst and Varieties

Amethyst Cacoxenite

Amethyst and cacoxenite are strong psychic properties that are helpful healing crystals as they transmit violet fire energy. They come from the same Melody Stone of the Super Seven but are not identical with many quality crystals. They resonate high and thus contribute to spiritual healing and help you develop a strong connection with the mind. 

Amethyst cacoxenite is suitable for promoting clairvoyance and psychic hearing, stimulating improved intuition. It is up to develop psychic gifts by using these crystals in meditation to improve the ability to create new psychic skills. 

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A pure blend helps promote mental clarity, inspiration, and spiritual healing. It is a beautiful stone mixed with purple amethyst and yellow citrine crystals. This means it embodies the energy of these crystals. 

This beautiful stone combines many powerful attributes of citrine and fuses it with amethyst to generate assets in your life. This blend of crystals brings together male and female powers to help you let go of substance addiction. 


The green prasiolite in these stones has a calming effect and is helpful for healers as it increases physical and mental healing. It is a beautiful heat-based energy related to green prasiolite. These stones affect healing and bring violet flame energy and a white spirit of light into play. In meditation, white quartz brings from the soul white light and spirit to the star chakra in the heart’s crown. Purple amethyst stones have an excellent effect on promoting psychic visions and prophecy. 

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Another exciting type of amethyst that consists of chevron, amethyst, and 17 other minerals makes up the mixture. You will find bright red hematite and quartz like all stones have a high vibration. They are healing stones and soothing stones for meditation. Like amethyst, auralite helps you develop psychic abilities and support spiritual growth, thus known as ascension stones. 

Black Amethyst

Black amethyst has many properties in common with the purple crystals that we know. Most are violet in color, matte black, and contain other minerals with metaphysical properties. It is a good crystal that can be used in meditation because it stimulates the higher chakras. In contrast to other types of amethyst, these stones are solid psychological protective stones, as it has a grounding vibration. It is not very common and can be found at any crystal supplier. 

black amethyst


These crystals are known as brandberg amethyst or brandberg quartz. Many crystal properties, such as the well-known violet amethyst, have a higher vibration. They are beautiful stones and have intense energy, which makes them excellent healing crystals. Their coloration varies greatly, some deep violet, others have slight violet coloration, and others are brownish and resemble smoky quartz. There are also transparent quartz violet phantoms. 

They have great metaphysical qualities and are used for spiritual growth. They help you expand your consciousness and balance all aspects of your being. They are high-vibration gems with high spiritual energy that help increase your vibration and help you receive guidance from spiritual teachers. They can also be used as chakras to realign your energy. 

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Red Tipped Amethyst

These gems provide good energy protection and help you stay grounded. It is an exciting energy combination as the red tip consists of a coating of the mineral hematite. The stone coating is a mixture of violet and dark brown quartz, with an energetic fusion of amethyst and smoky quartz oscillations that contributes to the total energy. 

Elestial Amethyst

This amethyst embodies its energy, and like other gems, the heavenly formation takes its power to a higher level. There is no definitive purpose behind the emergence of this formation, in times of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing, more and more crystals of this kind are coming to the light. 

It promotes spirituality and establishes a strong connection with celestial beings and spirits. It helps solve old karmic problems that have not been dealt with. 

Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst is a newly discovered crystal variety, there is some controversy about where it is found. But it is amethyst and geologists have performed analyses to determine the composition, pink amethyst is everywhere and belongs to the family. 

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The energy is reminiscent of purple amethyst and has a gentle, soft, and friendly energy that resembles lavender and amethyst light. It brings emotional healing on a completely different level and is beautiful, flowing, loving, and has an effect that will surprise you. 

With its attractive colors, they’re not all pink, such as lavender, purple, and light peach pink, but they vary from light, soft stone tones to deep peach-pink tones. Its beautiful spiritual energy is great for meditation and helps you make simple spiritual connections. It is known as rose quartz but is different because both have a strong resonance with the heart chakra and their highest. 

pink amethyst stone

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is unusual because it is a mixture of different quartz colors occurring in a V-shaped chevron, thus the name. It is a mixture of white snow quartz and multi-colored types of amethyst and looks beautiful. It embodies a robust spiritual vibration that is strong enough for meditation and is known as the Ascension stone. It creates calm and helps relieve stress and helps you sleep better. There is a variety of smoky chevron amethyst that has a black and purple ribbon in the chevron shape. 

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With a range of distinct types of amethyst shades, it is an excellent addition that rounds all jewelry collections. The deep purple stones are the quintessential statement gem and are more suited for daily wear. Whichever hue you choose, you are going to love all types of amethyst. 

All of them teach us something and make us wise!

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