Types and Treatments of Ruby Stone

Posted on November 10th, 2021 05:50 PM

Rich red-colored rubies are one of the most popular colored gemstones in the world. Known for its beauty and durability, Ruby, aka Manik, exhibits a stunning deep red color that stands out in all your statement jewelry pieces. This member of the corundum mineral family holds a prominent place in the Navratna family. Manik gemstones have been highly sought after for centuries and with each passing year, it brings about a new trend in the industry of fashion jewelry, which continues to establish itself as one of the most fashionable and trendiest gemstones out there. Owned by the most influential star, Sun, this Natural Manik tends to bestow its wearer with an endless number of astrological benefits together with mesmerizing mien. 

                      Alike all other natural colored gemstones, rubies arise with some inbuilt breach, chinks, cracks, and inclusions in them. These inclusions are later treated with several different heat treatments. The treatment that a ruby stone goes through becomes one of the key factors in evaluating its quality. Thus, it is quite hard to trace absolutely Natural Rubies, thereby making them exceptionally expensive. Now when you are planning to buy such an expensive stuff, you should be utterly judicious. Sometimes, plans to buy gemstones online may sound quite daunting but they are really not. The same is the case with rubies. Here in this article, we will study some of the hypnotic treatments of this red gem that may help in making the right choice of jewelry, besides knowledge enhancement. 

Hypnotic Treatments of Rubies 

Besides the 4 c’s and origins, the treatment of any precious stone plays an important role in determining its overall value. Treatment refers to the cutting and enhancement process which is usually done onto a stone to improve the luster and enhance its natural state. Each gemstone has different treatment processes, which is done according to the flaws and requirement lying thereby. When we are discussing ruby, there are mainly 3 types of treatments accessible. These processes not only reduce or remove the number of inclusions or fractures within the stone but also magnify the color of the gem. Let us explore these three main types of treatments in rubies. 

1. Heat Treatment 
Heat treatment is a very common application on the ground of ruby enhancement. Under this process, the stone of ruby is heated between 800°C to 2,000°C under varying lengths of time from several minutes to several weeks. Heat treatment is mainly carried out to enhance the color saturation of the stone. This treatment is widely found in the stunning red gem, Manik. It is a stable and permanent treatment that is done to remove the blue or brown tint, different color zoning, reduce inclusions, heal fractures, and lighten dark shaded stones. 

2. Flux Heat Treatment 

Under Flux heating, a flux, such as borax, is added during the regular heating process, so that the higher temperature needed to achieve the desired results of heating can be brought down. Rubies are mainly treated with Flux heat treatment in order to improve the clarity of the gems by healing fractures even with a reduced heat temperature. This treatment also increases the life stability of the stone by sealing the cracks together via flux. 

3. Composite or Glass-Filled Treatment 

The process of glass filling is another most common type of treatment done on rubies, typically the ones with too many fractures and inclusions. It is done in conjunction with heat treatment. Under this process, lead glass, of a higher refractive index, is melted and filled in breach, cracks, fractures, and inclusions of the ruby stone. Though this treatment is not stable or permanent, it can drastically improve the clarity of inferior quality crystals too. It is mainly carried out on those rough pieces which would otherwise not be suitable to sell. 

              Now since this is a treatment to fill the stone with melted glass or lead, these rubies are no more considered purely natural, the type and treatment of ruby should be disclosed prior to sale. So that those who are looking out for natural and real rubies, opt only for natural ones from a certified gemstone dealer. However, many people prefer to purchase these composite rubies owing to their affordable price segment. 

4. Oil Treatment 

Oiling is another commonly practiced treatment in rubies. Rubies are often oiled before the cutting process to ease the exercise of carving. Application of oil is also done after cutting to polish up the results in terms of color concentrations. It is comprehensively a clarity enhancement procedure that improves the clarity of the stone by masking fractures. 

5. Die Treatment

Among all the treatments, this one is a bit different. Die-treated rubies are not actually natural rubies. In fact, they are artificially treated and entirely synthetic stones of ruby. They are purely colored gems. Die treatment is not too much recommended, especially when to be used for astrological purposes. 

                These were some of the prominently acceptable treatments for rubies. Global designers and jewelers have been consistently evolving for the newest style to be adapted to the latest fashion trends of ruby stone jewelry. For stunning statement pieces of jewelry, pick a natural ruby stone. Especially for astrological purposes, always opt only for a real ruby gem.

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