Tula Rashi Stone Guide: Discover The Perfect Gemstone For Libra

Posted on December 9th, 2023 02:46 PM

Gemstones have always been fascinated by humans. Mesmerizing gemstone jewelry has been a part of the king's and queen's wardrobes, embracing the palaces like those of green emerald stone treasured by Cleopatra. The mesmerizing beauty of blue sapphires made it one of the favorites of the royal families, reflecting the significance of love and nobility that made it a cherished heirloom gem. These wonders of nature are not only applauded for their irresistible beauty but also for the amazing benefits they are known for. The mysticism that resonates around the gemstones has been well-recognized since antiquity. For instance, the talismanic powers of coral stone, the original yellow sapphire stone for wisdom and wealth, and more gemstones have played an integral role in our lives. Most of us know astrological gemstones and their benefits, but do you know about the right gemstone paired with its related zodiac sign? If your zodiac sign is Libra (Tula Rashi in Hindi), this blog is for you. We will discuss the perfect Tula Rashi Stone in this section. 

The Personality Trait Of Libras 

Out of the twelve zodiac signs, Libra is the seventh sign. Individuals born between September 22 to October 23 are under the influence of the Libra sign. Ruled by the planet Venus, this zodiac sign highlights balance and harmony. The traits of Librans include people with great intuition and possess power to initiate. Their charming personalities foster harmonious relationships. They are cooperative and social and possess sharp intellect, taking initiative and making powerful decisions. In the realm of Vedic astrology, a meaningful interplay exists between celestial bodies, astrological signs, and precious stones. Zodiac signs are intricately linked to the positioning of the Sun during one's birth.

Thus, if Libra influences your Sun at your birth time, your zodiac or sun sign will be Libra.

What Is The Suitable Tula Rashi Stone?

The preferable gemstones for Librans are blue sapphire, Panna stone, and Gomed. Other than these, opal stone and aquamarine gemstones are also regarded as suitable gemstones for this Rashi. These gemstones harness positive energy from the planet and bestow prosperity and luck to the wearer. 

Neelam Stone: The Stone Of Royalty And Love 

For Libra Ascendant, natural blue sapphire stone or Neelam serves as a suitable gemstone. This gemstone helps in bringing prosperity, abundance, and happiness in all spheres of life. This beautiful Neelamani stone stimulates the wearer with mental clarity, allowing him to make the right decisions. Though, the traits of Librans suggest that they are good decision-makers, wearing a blue sapphire enhances this skill more. With reference to the position of planets in the horoscope of an individual, this blue variety of corundum is suggested to remove negativity and depression. The planet Saturn governs Original Blue Sapphire but is friendly with the Libra Zodiac sign. This Tula Rashi stone is directly related to wealth, and wearing this stone amplifies the financial prosperity of the individual. 

Blue sapphire gemstone

Panna Stone: The Stone Of Growth And Wealth 

Emerald stone, also known as Panna, Markatmoni, and Markata Stone, holds a significant value in both Western and Indian astrology. This stunning gemstone is one of the four precious gemstones valued for its exceptional green color and symbolism. Wearing an emerald original gemstone helps in boosting optimism and spiritual peace. It stimulates the Heart Chakra, helping the individual with emotional support. This magical green-hued gemstone helps improve creativity and focus more on desired goals. The stone also shields the wearer from negative influences. Why is the Panna gemstone recommended to Libra ascendant? The green emerald stone is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is the lord of the ninth house. Mercury is a friendly planet to Venus (the ruling planet of Libra ascendants), and thus, the gemstone provides benefits to the Librans. Some astrologers also recommend wearing diamonds along with the Markata Stone. This Tula Rashi stone obtains excellent outputs if the ascendant is under the influence of Mercury planet. 

emerald gemstone

Gomed Stone: The Gemstone Of Luck And Protection 

Gomed or Hessonite gemstone is known for its exquisite honey color. This beautifully hued stone is ruled by the planet Rahu. Astrological benefits of Gomed Ratan include mental clarity and a positive attitude. This stone is perfect for a balanced relationship, infusing love, harmony, and peace in the life of an individual. It helps boost up self-confidence and courage of the wearer, focusing more on the goals and attaining prosperity. With the weak placement of Rahu in the birth chart, an individual can suffer from ill effects on health and relationships. Wearing a natural hessonite stone helps strengthen the immune system. The gemstone aids in the purification and detoxification of body organs. As per astrology, if the planet Rahu is positioned in the sixth and tenth position of the Libra ascendants, a gomed gemstone is suggested. 

gomed gemstone

In conclusion, finding the perfect Tula Rashi stone involves a thoughtful consideration of astrological beliefs and personal preferences. Along with other gemstones such as blue sapphire, emerald stone, and gomed, diamond is also an ideal gemstone for Librans. Besides being stones for specific rashis, it's essential to remember that individual tastes and energies may vary. Engaging in consultations with astrologers or gem experts can offer valuable guidance in the process of choosing a gemstone that harmonizes with an individual's distinct character and life journey. Ultimately, regardless of whether it's hessonite, sapphire, or any other gem, the selection should deeply resonate with the person, elevating their overall well-being and fostering a sense of equilibrium.

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