The Historical Significance of Colombian Panna

The Historical Significance of Colombian Panna
Posted on November 30th, 2022 12:35 PM

Green precious gemstones called emeralds are mined in a variety of geological environments. They are silicate minerals that belong to the beryl group. Real Colombian Emerald gemstones have been among the most expensive gems for almost 4,000 years. Colombia is the most well-known source of emeralds. The Muzo Mine, located northwest of Bogota, is Colombia's most well-known deposit. It produces deep-green emeralds of excellent quality. Another deposit in the Chivor mine is located to the northeast of Bogota. The value of only one-third of the emeralds found here in Colombia is of the best quality and has consistently been the largest supplier of emeralds in the world.

Colombia is also the country that mines and produces most emeralds for the international market, which are also the most sought-after gems in the world. According to estimates, Colombia makes up between 70 and 90 percent of the global emerald market. Fine and extra-fine quality authentic Colombian Panna gems are incredibly rare, although commercial-grade emeralds are fairly common. Over 50-carat Colombian Emeralds can be substantially more expensive than diamonds of the same size.

Variations in Certified Colombian Emerald gemstone 

Natural Emerald has long been considered one of the most valuable and sought-after gems in the world, and Colombian Emeralds are without a doubt the greatest of them all. Colombian Emerald commonly referred to as Colombian Panna stone, is well-known for its exceptional clarity and vibrant, rich green color. This highly uncommon and valuable gemstone ranges from a strong, rich green to a softer, bluish-green tint.

Emeralds, which cost hundreds of dollars and are opaque and dark green and were created over a period of 40 million years ago. Even a small stone of this caliber will set you back at least a few hundred dollars. While the stone's hue is significant in establishing the price, it's also crucial to check the stone for inclusions that could reduce the price of Colombian Panna stone. These inclusions could include air bubbles or internal crystals. Despite their different colors, a brighter stone with fewer inclusions will probably cost more than a darker stone.

Identify a real Colombian Emerald

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1. Inclusions

Holding your natural Colombian Panna gem in front of a source light or a magnifying lens, helps you look for inclusions to aid you to identify the fakes; a beautiful stone devoid of any imperfections is probably a fake. After the sale is complete, some sellers have been known to replace the genuine gem with a fake, so check your stone after purchase too.

2. Color

Despite their beauty, emeralds have no fixed color of green. Even when viewed from the same angle, they might differ in color, tone, and saturation. While the presence of iron can add a tint of blue or yellow to the green, different concentrations of chromium, vanadium or both can either strengthen or weaken the green color. Emeralds from different regions typically have varying amounts of the same components, which causes color diversity. 

Brazilian Emeralds are slightly lower in tone and saturation than Colombian Emeralds, which are slightly darker and comparatively more saturated. You may read about the different sources of this green gem in our previous article Different Origins of (Panna) Emerald Stone. Due to the iron component, some Original Colombian Emerald stones may seem bluish-green rather than just pure green. The emeralds have a refined appearance, thanks to the blue tinge. 

Final Thoughts

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The best rough emeralds are thought to have come from Colombia. These emeralds are a richer and more vibrant shade of pure green. Deep green emeralds are highly prized and sought after due to their rarity.

Even though the color of Colombian Emeralds varies slightly, they always have the same vibrant, luscious hue that has made them so well-known. From vibrant, rich green to bluish-green, the colors are varied.

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