Different Origins of (Panna) Emerald Stone

Posted on September 13th, 2021 01:26 PM

Generous green-colored Emerald stone are extremely eminent members of the Beryl mineral group. It arises in a range of green colors from light green to the most sought-after deep green hue. The world has not just celebrated its mesmerizing verdant beam but also admired the supernatural powers of this stunning green beauty. Alike most gems, emeralds, also known as Panna Ratan, hold their meanings with some ancient roots! They are said to be originated from a Greek word called ‘smaragdos’ that denotes ‘green colored stone’. On the astrological ground, it represents the planet mercury, which is believed to regulate the intelligence and communication power of the native. Indian astrology on the one hand assigns an Emerald gem for the ascendants of Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign while western astrology, on the other hand, endorses it as the birthstone for May Month and Cancer sun sign. Thus people born in the month of May are believed to be highly benefited from this natural stone. 

                Since this irresistible force has long exerted its powerful energies in the astrological arena, the emerald has gained popularity worldwide. The history of this precious stone is dated quite back to early Roman and Egyptian times. Among all the emerald fans, Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, is probably the biggest devotee of this green gemstone even till now. From the crowns and jewels of ancient global empires to today’s international celebrities on the red carpet, this stunning green beauty always marked its place at its peak. hough Emerald mines are located in several places throughout the world, premium quality Real Emerald Stones are quite hard to find. Let us enter the realm of this green beauty and explore the famous origins of emerald stone. Given underneath are top sources of emerald, aka Panna stone.


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Famous Origin Sources of Emeralds Gemstone

Deposits of Emerald stone are found in several parts of the world. However, in some regions, the finest quality of these stones is found in ample whereas some produce them in limited quantities. The overall quality of any precious stone varies in terms of cut, color, clarity, shape, and size. Among all the factors, the origin of the stone plays a vital role in determining its value. Underneath are some of the renowned types of Emerald Stone on the basis of their origins. Let us have a quick glance. 

Swat Emeralds

Swat Panna ranks on the top when we talk about best-quality emeralds. Swat valley is located in the northwest mountains range of Pakistan province on the swat river. These emeralds are widely known for their gorgeous green hue and remarkable clarity. Renowned as Pakistan Emeralds, Swat Emeralds are the most premium quality of Emeralds found worldwide. 

                   Emeralds found in the magnificent Valley of Swat are best known for their unique appearance and supreme quality. They range from medium to deep green color, which comes with crystal clear transparency and distinctive smoothness. However, these stones are not found in ample quantities and hence are extremely rare and expensive in terms of money. 

Panjshir Emerald

The second-best assortment of the Emerald clan is found in the Panjshir region of Afghanistan. Panjshir Panna is well recognized for its comprehensive quality. The Emerald roughs found here are of supreme quality in terms of color and clarity. The exclusive class of Panjshir Emerald stones arise in a unique bluish-green hue. They have an exceptional green shade with an extremely light tint of blue color. With their extraordinary color and excellent clarity, these stones can surpass any other green gem from any other region. 

Ethiopian​ Emeralds

Ethiopia also produces some fine-quality emeralds. Ethiopian emeralds arise in a vibrant green shade that ranges from light green to an intense medium green hue with a pinch of blue overtone. Although just like other sorts of emeralds, Emeralds from Ethiopian also contain natural inclusions in them but they are considerably translucent. Apart from the mesmerizing luster, they often come with fair transparency and very less visible flaws in them. 

                 The roughs of this region, in general, appear quite dull but they exhibit a tremendous green shade with vitreous luster upon fine cut by expertise hands. On the account of excessive mining, mines of Ethiopia are presently operating under tight restrictions. This beautiful category of Ethiopian Panna put up approx. 2% of the world’s total annual emerald production. 

Colombian Emerald

Colombia is the largest producer of natural emeralds around the globe. Muzo Mine, located in the northwest of Bogota, is the leading deposit of fine-quality emeralds in this country. As Colombia stands as the global leader of the most promising Panna suppliers, Chivor Mine is ranked as the second well-revered deposit of the Colombian Panna. It yields an excellent quality of Emerald roughs. 

       Mainly the appearance of these precious green stones is quite rough in their natural states. Besides extraordinary deep green hues primarily, Colombian Emeralds​ are famous for offering the world varying colors of green. These emeralds range in a variety of dark green colors, intense deep green colors, dark bluish-green colors, and many more. With high excellence and intense dark green rare color quality, Colombian Stones always stand out of the cluster.

Zambian Emerald 

Africa is another leading producer of emeralds in the world. The mines of Emeralds in East African countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania are on a continuous rise. Natural Zambia Emeralds are considered to be the best of all the African Panna categories. These emeralds are found in deep green color, somewhat similar to the Colombian Emeralds, but with a tint of bluish-green hue. The Zimbabwe Emeralds come in intense green color with an undertone of a yellow hue. Though they are rather small in size but the quality of these stones is considerably good. The most popular shade of the African Emeralds is bluish-green. In general, the quality and color of African emeralds vary in a large range and these stones are slightly lesser than that of Colombian​. 

Brazilian Emeralds

When we are discussing the quality, Brazil usually does not provide remarkable stones, though you will also locate a few fine-quality emeralds from this country. The mines of Minas Gerais Bahia and Goiás produce the major deposits of Brazilian Emeralds. Brazil is mining since 1980 and as progress is still in process, many new deposits are getting discovered frequently. 

               Brazilian Emeralds do not have any inclusions and can be cut into any desired shape to give the stone a stunning luster. The color of this origin emeralds varies from yellow-green to normal-green and is generally lighter than the Colombian Emerald. These Emeralds also comprise Cat's Eye Emerald and six-spoke star emerald​. Though most of the Brazil emeralds are not of that premium quality, sometimes, stones with excellent color, clarity, transparency, and size are found here. 

Red US Emerald 

Emerald belongs to the mineral family Beryl. Beryl comes in a variety of shades like green, pink, yellow, red, blue, dark blue, greenish-blue, and even colorless. The red variety of beryl is called Red Emerald. Red beryl or red emerald is also known as Bixbite. Since it is found only at a single place on the Earth i.e., on the eastern range of the Wah Wah Mountains that lies in the Utah region of the United States of America, Red Emerald is the rarest variety of the Emerald family. It is the only mine in the whole wide world that produces red-colored emeralds. Being too rare, Red Emeralds aks Bixbite (not Bixbyite, it is a distinct mineral, both were named after the same mineralogist, Maynard Bixby) is not accessible easily and is excessively expensive. These are regarded as the rare of the rarest emeralds. 

No-Oil Emeralds 

Emerald gemstones are notorious for their ingrown illusions and flaws. Flawless emeralds are quite rare and uncommon and are noted extremely high for their great value. In general, Emeralds have good hardness but in comparison to other gems like diamond and sapphires, they are quite brittle in the long run. They may develop internal cracks, fissures, and clefts if banged hard, hold roughly, or in case of extreme temperature changes. In order to protect these stones from any kind of crevice, crack, or cleft emeralds are treated with mild oils or delicate resin. 

   However, those which are untouched by any external treatment or oil applications, are known as No-oil Emeralds. These are extremely rare and thereby highly valuable varieties of the emerald clan. They originally do not have any cracks or fractures on their surfaces, thus they restrict the entry of any foreign material such as oil or lubes in them. They are naturally clean and are not enhanced by any sort of oils treatments, which makes them exclusively precious. Being pure, they hold great significance in astrological and healing purposes. This rare spices of emerald is also widely favored in exclusive and statement jewelry collections. 

There are other green gems, like tourmaline and peridot, but emeralds are most precious. Natural Peridot, also known as the birthstone of August month, is a semi-precious gem that is considered as an astrological substitute of precious Emerald. So those who are looking for a reasonable option from an astrological perspective can buy Peridot gemstone online at the most reasonable price from a reliable gemstone dealer like Navratan, the online Gem Bazar. 

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Natural Emeralds are not only elegant to own in your casket but also largely effective in astrological purposes. Whatever you are planning to buy Panjshir Emerald or the exclusive No-oil Emerald, make sure that you are buying a genuine variety of this stunning green stone. There are various con sellers in the market today, so it is highly advisable to make the purchase via a certified gemstone dealer or store like Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Here you will get 100% original and lab-tested gemstones from the world’s renowned gemstones testing laboratories such as GIA, GRS, IGI, and Gubelin at the most reasonable price segment. Together with beauty, always ensure authenticity..!

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