The 4C’s Of Sapphires

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Posted on December 27th, 2022 05:49 PM

The precious gemstones are the gift of nature to humans, which brings enlightenment into the life of the person wearing them. Therefore they are majorly priced for their unique color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. They have important as well as significant control over its quality and how a stone appears. The natural Sapphires Stone comes in a plethora of beautiful colors, but each color has its own specific evaluation. So by accessing these 4Cs in a sapphire, we can better judge each unique Sapphire. Let us get in.

Color Of Sapphires:

Colour interpretation in Original Sapphire Stone differs from person to person, and the source of light also affects the color of the Sapphire. So gemologists have sought us more objective means of judging sapphire color, and it is categorised into three factors- tone, hue, and saturation.

Original Blue Sapphire Stone

The Tone, Hue, And Saturation:

The hue of the Sapphire refers to the primary color. Generally, sapphires have a combination of shades; for instance Blue Sapphire can have a variety of blue and violet; then we will say blue sapphire color is violetish-blue color stone. Colour components affect the beauty as well as the value of the gemstone. Hue differentiates from person to person as per their choice, but most of the sapphires have a medium tone. The tone of the Sapphire describes how dark or light your stone color is, and this will also influence the value of a gemstone. The Real Sapphire Stone, whose tone is very dark, is referred to as 'inky. Saturation is the key component in describing the value of the Sapphire; it describes how pure and intense the color of the Sapphire appears. The finest Sapphire has vivid saturation, but sapphires with brown or grey color overtones are said to have poor saturation.

Clarity of Sapphires:

Gemstone clarity is considered as one of the important factors to be considered while investing in a precious gem. Clarity of authentic Sapphire stone means the size and visibility of inclusion in a gem, and it is broadly divided into two categories- inclusion which means internal impurities, and blemishes, which are external impurities. Inclusion is referred to as organic material, minerals, and fractures present in the gemstone, and it is divided into three categories. Type one gemstones have no inclusion and are flawless, which means they are eye-clean, but jewelers very rarely use type one inclusion gemstones. Type two gemstones are internally flawless, they have inclusion, but it is not visible to the naked eye, which is mostly semi-precious gemstones such as Garnet, Peridot, and Amethyst stone. Type three gemstones almost always have inclusions that are noticeable to our eyes. Blemishes refer to any surface irregularities or scratches on the surface caused due to mishandling of the stone or while cutting off the gemstone during the production period. The best variety of Original Sapphire Stones comes with no inclusion and has brilliant transparency.

Real Blue Sapphire Stone

Carat Weight: Carat weight has a great impact on the price of the gemstone; the higher the carat weight, the more expensive it will be. Sapphire's weight is measured in carats which is equivalent to (.20 of gm or we can say ⅕ of a gram). It is impossible to define the standard price per carat because every gemstone has different clarity, cuts, and the availability of each stone is different. Yellow sapphire are available in plentiful sizes above five carats. Still, it is extremely hard to find five carats of a Padparadscha Sapphire — the per carat weight increase as per the overall increased carat weight of any gemstone. Sapphire, which exceeds fifteen carats, are extremely valuable and can fetch you a very high price.

Cuts in Sapphire: Sapphire rough can be cut into various shapes like round, cushion, pear, oval, marquise, heart, and princess and it can be cut into different cutting styles also depending upon color and quality. The term cut has several meanings when we talk about sapphires, and it may describe the faceting style of a gemstone or gemstone's proportion and finish. Listed below are elements of a cut- 1 Face-up Cut Grade- it evaluates a gemstone's symmetry and proportion when the stone is table facing the observer/viewer. 2 Symmetry Grade- an assessment of the gemstone's uniformity, balance as well as proportion is determined by various criteria such as bilateral mirror images, length-to-width ratio, etc. 3 Profile Cut Grade- an evaluation of the gemstone's girdle thickness, proportion, symmetry, bulge, and table size when we view the gemstone from the side. 4 Table Size- it is calculated as a gemstone's total width; if it is under 33%, then it is described as small; it is acceptable if it is 33-67%, and if it is above, then it is significant. 5 Overall Grade- it is determined by looking at gemstones' hue, tone, transparency, clarity, color purity, and cuts.

Conclusion: Now that you have learned every detail property of sapphire gemstone, making your purchase worthwhile will be easy. As there is a lot of variety of sapphires available in the market ranging from Blue Sapphire, which is called Neelam Stone in India, the yellow Sapphire, commonly known by the name Pukraj, then other color varieties like the pinkish-orange color stone called Padparadscha sapphire. Other than that, it also comes in green, black, grey, white, and many more.

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