White Sapphires vs Diamonds: Major Differences

Posted on November 16th, 2021 04:37 PM

Jewelry is a reflection of your personality. The piece of jewelry you are wearing tells an entire piece of story about you. So choose it very discerningly. When it comes to gorgeous gemstone jewelry, it is eraser than ever before. Together with endless exploring and easy return options, we can even now Buy gemstones online economizing not just the traveling cost but also the very precious time of ours. Nature has provided us with an ocean of infinite colors, especially when it comes to gemstones. 

                                From radiant red rubies to rarest red diamonds, we have a wide array of natural gemstones to choose from. Sometimes the assortment is so wide that the choice becomes quite tough to decide. On the same ground, selecting between a dazzling diamond and a sparkling white sapphire can be a tough choice to make. Especially when it comes to picking an engagement ring, the comparison has always become a question, particularly in young couples. Here in this article, we are trying to aid all those individuals to compare and pick between these two stones. 


Both Diamond and White Sapphire are absolutely precious and durable gemstones, yet, both of them have quite a lot of divergent traits that widely set them apart from each other. Though both these white stones are transparent in color, there arises a huge difference in the brilliance of their mien and appearance when the light touches them. While some found Diamond as timeless beauty; on the other hand, some opt for white sapphires as the ultimate harbinger of charm.        

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                 Today we are going to see the never-ending comparison of gemstones in form of Diamond vs White Sapphire and will try to locate, which one is better. Whether it is for jewelry use or for investment purposes, listed down below are the key points that may assist you to have a thorough look at both the stones and make the right choice depending upon their respective attribute. Let us have a quick look. 


Natural Diamonds score the highest rank on the Mohs scale of hardness i.e., 10/10, which makes them the hardest crystals out there. Especially for statement and daily jewelry uses, diamonds are amongst the most durable gems we have till date. They are so hard that a diamond can only be scratched by another diamond. 

Following diamonds, Real White sapphires, also known as Safed Pukhraj stones, are the second hardest stones on this planet. They rank at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This is also an extremely durable and resilient stone that is highly studded in the statement as well as regular pieces of jewelry for daily uses. 


Though both Diamonds and White sapphires have a similar sort of physical appearance to a certain extent, they have diverse chemical properties. Real Diamonds are a pure form of the element carbon. They have their atoms arranged in a crystal structure, which is known as diamond cubic. 

Natural White Sapphire is a highly precious variety of the mineral family corundum that consists of aluminum oxide (α-Al2O3). It is colorless and transparent because of the trace amounts of chromium, iron, magnesium, titanium, or vanadium.


Besides the scintillating brilliance and fire, Diamonds aka Natural Heera are a metaphor for light, life, and purity. They tend to bring perfection, commitment, faithfulness, and good fortune to one’s life. 

Whereas, the mystical white sapphire gemstones or Safed Pukhraj denote strength and power. By signifying a sense of protection, clarity, and self-mastery, they endorse the power of kindness and strong judgment in their wearer. 


Stunning Colorless Diamonds are regarded as the Birthstone for April Month are considered excessively beneficial for the people born in the month of April. 

Sapphires are said to be the Birthstones of September Month. There arise sapphire gems in different colors. Besides white, Blue sapphire and Yellow sapphires are extremely popular. So if you are also a September born, pick your best color sapphire. 


From an astrological point of view, Diamonds belong to the planet of love and luxury i.e., Venus, and hold great significance in both Western and Vedic astrology. 

Astrologically, Natural White Sapphire is also associated with the planet Venus, aka Shukra Grah, and is worn as an astrological substitute for the precious Diamond


Benefits Of Wearing Diamond

Apart from proffering that staggering mien, this eternal beauty serves a number of astrological, spiritual, health, and professional benefits to its wearer. By boosting confidence and adding on positivity, Real Diamond aka Heera brings you strength. Besides attracting wealth, they evoke feelings of love and also improve the physical health of their owner. 

Benefits Of White Sapphire

Safed Pukhraj is renowned for carrying an extraordinary ability to bring creativity and clarity to your mind. Together with desired marital bliss, it bestows you with good health and a luxurious lifestyle. So those who are looking to gain success in their creative career or sound physical health should certainly give it a try wearing Certified White Sapphires


Origins and Price of Diamonds

As advertised rightly, Diamonds are for Forever. Now when it comes to price, diamonds will always be diamonds, one of the most expensive stones ever accessible. The lowest range of Natural Heera or Diamond begins at $300 and can go as far as approx. $1,50,000 per carat depending upon clarity and origin because the overall value of any precious stone is determined by analyzing its cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and origin. Catoca diamond mine of Angola and Congo mines of Africa is presently one of the largest sources of fine quality diamonds. Golconda Diamonds of India is one of the finest quality Old Cut Diamonds in the world. Red Diamonds are the most rarest and expensive variety of diamonds in the world. 

Price and Origin of Safed Pukhraj 

On the account of price, white sapphires hold a huge advantage over diamonds. They are extremely economical and priced comparatively lower than diamonds. The Price of White Sapphire Stone starts at $100 and goes as high as $600 approx. on a per carat basis. The premium quality Sri Lankan White Sapphires even fetch a price of $1,000 or more in the international gemstone market. In general, White Sapphires are comparatively more affordable than diamonds. For example, if the price of a diamond is $500 per carat, the price of a white sapphire of the same size, would be around $100. Thus white sapphire can be a good option for those who are looking for a larger dazzling yet cost-effective stone. 


Since time immemorial, both diamonds and white sapphire have had an old super charismatic amorous charm attached to them. They have not just won our hearts with their natural beauty but are still ruling the gemstone world with their charm. So the verdict about which one is better varies from person to person. For you, you are the best person to decide on. We are certain that either of the two gems will endorse you a million bucks. As per your budget, choice, and astrological requirements, make the right choice for yourself. 

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Together with having a high long-term investment potential, Diamonds have a legacy of presenting love and status. However, when it comes to choosing one out of the two, there are certain factors. Where diamonds always make a preferred gifting choice for loved ones, White Sapphires, on the other hand, are an elegant yet incredibly reasonable option to opt for. For ages, Real Heera stones make for a good investment. While bearing a royal pedigree, Safed Pukhraj stones have a unique level of sophistication in them. 

                      Couples who are seeking utmost brilliance usually prefer certified Diamond over White Sapphire whereas couples looking for remarkable shimmer with a bigger size in affordable value will love White Sapphire or Safed Pukhraj. So if you also believe that buying a stone based on its symbolism is a great idea, compare the two at your personal discretion, and pick the right one to make a better investment. Though, it is highly advisable to always buy certified White sapphire or diamond from a reliable gemstone dealer. Have a safe shopping.

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