5 Amazing Benefits of Wearing a Diamond

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Posted on June 24th, 2021 11:44 AM

Besides the mesmerizing beauty, gemstones are best regarded as an astrological solution for resolving the difficulties and barriers of your life. The owner of colorless radiant beauty, Natural Diamond, is one of such sparkling gemstones with various benefits. Real Heera symbolizes true undying love. Physically it is considered unbreakable. On the chemical ground, Diamond is said to be the strongest mineral present on the planet Earth. It is a naturally occurring material produced by components of carbon. Clear colorless diamonds are though quite rare and uncommon; diamonds with a tint of yellow and brown colors are most easily found. 

               While astrologically, Diamond has got its ruling planet as Venus, which is said to be the planet of love, peace, and beauty. Real Diamond, popularly renowned as Heera in Hindi, is one of the nine gemstones on the list of Navratna gemstones. It is undeniably the first love of any woman. Yet this most admired piece of gemstone carries several astrological advantages for its wearer, including personal and professional benefits. According to Vedic astrology, Natural Diamonds fit reasonably well with Taurus and Libra Zodiac signs. Whereas, western science prescribes it as the birthstone of April month and beneficial for the Sagittarius sun sign. 

Here in this article, let us explore 5 Amazing Benefits of Wearing a Diamond and try to understand why this natural beauty holds a vital place in the astrological arena. 


Benefits of Wearing Diamond

Rejuvenate Physical Health

Besides providing an evergreen stunning look, a natural diamond bestows us with countless health benefits to the wearer. According to astrologers, natural diamonds carry extraordinary cosmic vibes that assist you to improve your overall health conditions. Along with curing liver, asthma, and throat disorders, this colorless stone provides you with an improved digestive system and urinary tract. It treats several other organs of the human body such as the jaw, lips, and skin-related ailments. Wearing a real diamond ring, earring, pendant, bracelet, or any other piece of jewelry in the rightly prescribed manner can help you to ward off all the negativities and evil eye effects from your life. It provides the Venus native with sound mental and physical health.


Evoke Emotions 

Diamonds are believed to be the stone of positivity and emotions. Venus, being the planet of love and emotions, its related gemstone Diamond, enhances the positive traits of Venus in one’s thoughts. It evokes the inner feelings and emotions of an individual. Natural Diamonds are widely acclaimed for strengthening the mind of their wearers. Besides supplicating the sentiments, it keeps a grab over being overly emotional. Apart from adding a charming glitter to your appearance, upon wearing in its natural form, a real diamond encourages generous thoughts and eliminates fearful thoughts and the effects of evil. 


Brings Spiritual Benefits

If worn correctly an astrological gemstone i.e., any one out of the nine Navratnas, possesses the potential to affect, improve, change, control, and strengthen every aspect of its users life. The same is the case with a Diamond. Natural Diamonds are believed to encourage their wearer to perform good deeds. It also inculcates the feeling of divine bliss and acclimation. Heera helps the owner to face all the uncertainties of his or her life with positivity. By eradicating all the inferiority complex, it delivers a great sense of spirituality and immortality. Diamond fosters the power of the ultimate owner i.e., Lord of the universe in your life. Especially for the artistic blocks such as authors, musicians, painters, and actors, Natural Heera is measured as a panacea.


Adds Positivity, Boosts confidence

Apart from being an epitome of beauty and royalty altogether, Diamonds are regarded as a great confidence booster. Since it strengthens the traits of the planet Venus, wearing an authentic diamond immensely boosts your self-confidence. Together with being a great financial investment and a status symbol for grace, luxury, elegance, classiness, and sophistication, Real Heera renders you radiating strength and prosperity. It offers creative guidance, attributes good luck, brings positivity, and assists you to face life challenges with utmost courage and confidence. 

Fetch Wealth

Diamond aka Heera is a renowned money stone. In Vedic astrology, Diamond is associated with the planet of wealth Venus or Lord Shukra, therefore its aligned gemstone is famous as a gemstone of money. It is primarily worn to enhance the properties of the planet Venus. Diamond benefits maximum monetary profits when worn in the metal gold. People prefer white gold, though you can also go for white gold as per your personal choice and durability. Astrologers recommend wearing a Diamond on the little or the middle finger of your right or working hand. Even if you are wearing any other jewelry made of Diamond, ensure that stone is touching your body.


Buy Natural Diamonds Online 


According to the ancient Vedic astrology and age-old scriptures, it is believed that an astrological gem will contribute to its major and meaningful level in a person’s life only when worn by the correct person in the correct way. Henceforth, be it Diamond, or natural Neelamoriginal Manik, real Moonga, authentic Panna, or any other color or colorless gemstone, it is highly advisable to consult an expert astrologer before buying a gemstone and find out if the position of stars and planets in your birth chart allows you to wear it or not. In general perception, a natural Heera results at its best upon wearing. Study the detailed Vedic procedure of wearing a diamond in our previous piece of article. 

               Heera is not only seen as a token of eternal love but Certified Diamonds are always an excellent way to invest in something everlasting. Explore the widest range of Original Diamonds with Navratan, the online Gem Bazar. To ensure the quality, get a certificate of authenticity alongside. Grabe the Grace with Dazzling Diamonds.

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