Blue Sapphire- The Stone With High Transformation Power

Silver Blue Sapphire Ring
Posted on December 22nd, 2022 11:31 AM

One of the most powerful stones, Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam stone, is the topic we will discuss in this blog. The ones born in the month of September or with the zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius are fortunate as Neelam Stone is their birthstone. The stone takes the energy from Saturn, which helps resolve life's difficulties, removing all the negative forces into the Positive Vibe. It is the stone that has the power to gain knowledge and unlock the person's hidden potential. The natural blue sapphire stones work instantly, and one can actually feel the result of the same. The critical aspect of the stone is it only suits some if it can bring more significant opportunities and happiness to your life, then it can even take everything from your life if it doesn't suit you. Read this blog and learn everything about the blue sapphire stone from scratch.

Property Of The Stone:

Blue sapphire stone's color depends upon the percentage of the mineral present inside it during its formation. The blue color comes from the iron and the titanium; if their quantity is more, the color of the stone is darker, or if their less, then it would be light in color. The blue sapphire range from $25 per carat to $11000. The neelam stone price in india depends upon the color and the inclusion of the stone; therefore, the quality, color, cut, and clarity confines the expense of the stone.

Original Blue Sapphire with diamond ring

Why To Wear Blue Sapphire stone:

The Natural Blue Sapphire stone is one of the most expensive stones, which the planet Saturn governs. Wearing this gemstone brings fame, name, popularity, and financial growth to the person. The person gets motivated to work in the right direction and becomes successful in their work. There are many benefits of this gemstone. Let us read those benefits and understand them in detail.

Why To Wear Blue Sapphire stone:

  • Wearing the blue sapphire ring removes negative energies by becoming the shield of the person and rewarding them with opportunities and fortune. It encourages the person to fulfil their dream and become creative in their work by thinking analytically.
  • If somebody is facing any disputes or trouble in marriage, this gemstone helps them resolve them. It keeps them away from stress, anxiety, and depression. It even protects the person from accidents, theft, and problems caused by natural disasters like fire, storms, or floods; it becomes the person's guard as it even protects from enemies jealousy.
  • The gemstones carry a significant meaning with them, as it has been associated with royalty for several centuries. The Indraneelam Stone is the symbol of energy and healing, representing benefits to the wearer. It represents the mental focus, inner version, and awareness as it helps open the third eye to deepen insights. It is a celestial body that has a connection to divine favor. It signified the height of celestial faith and hope. The mysterious color of this gemstone represents various meanings.

Tips To Keep The Stone Forever:

There are a few simple ways to keep the stone working forever, and you should always protect the stone from hard surfaces. Keep cleaning it from time to time with water and mild soap, and wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. Wear the gemstone in the end while getting ready to protect it from chemicals involved in make-up, lotion, creams, perfume etc.

Original Blue Sapphire stone Ring

Where To Get This Stone From?:

To get the most authentic gemstone, check out the website Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It is the most trusted website as they provide a certificate of authentication with every stone they offer. Moreover, they are certificated by the laboratories, which are verified by the government of India. You can find a wide range of Neelam stones in different cuts, shapes, sizes, and prices. Explore the website today and place your order.

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