Exploring the Positive Influences of Shani Sade Sati Effects

Exploring the Positive Influences of Shani Sade Sati Effects
Posted on April 29th, 2024 05:43 PM

Shani or Saturn is believed to be the most aggressive planet in Vedic astrology. Though it is a powerful planet that is associated with discipline, hard work and values but is said to have a negative influence on an individual's life. The worst part is shani ki sade sati. It is believed that people undergoing the effects of shani & sade sati face the worst part of their lives. Challenges and obstacles surround their life during this phase. But do you know that shani sade sati effects are also positive? Yes, but there are many factors associated with this. Let's see what are these:

What does sade sati mean?

In Vedic astrology, Shani sade sati refers to a seven-and-a-half-year-long period in an individual’s life when the planet Shani transits over the moon. During this period, when you are under the influence of Sade Sati, you will face many challenges in your life like delays, losses, and hardships. It is said that initially, it is a difficult phase, but with the time Saturn starts getting out from your Rashi, it bestows you with benefits as per your karma. There are three phases of shani sade sati:

  • The Rising Phase: This is the initial phase where one faces many challenges, such as loss of wealth and health issues. 

  • The Peak Phase: Referred to as the most intense period where your personal and professional lives are seriously impacted. 

  • The Setting Phase: This final phase is the end of shani sade sati effects. It is the time when your karmic deeds are paid off. You get financial stability and good personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

When are sade sati effects said to be positive?

The positive effect of Shani is evaluated by its presence in the horoscope. If Saturn is present in the kendra (center) or trikon (triangular) houses, you will get good results during the sade sati period. Apart from this, if shani is situated with other grahas like shukr or budh, it will also benefit you during the sade sati period. This is because both these planets, Mercury and Venus, are friends with Saturn. Thus, after this period is about to get over, you are blessed with a promising career, wealth, and personal life. The positive influences of Sahni sade sati effects on your life are as follows:

1. Discipline and Responsibility

Since Shani is the lord of discipline, it teaches you self-control, adherence to your routines, and achieving your goals. It offers individuals a sense of order and focus, enabling them to prioritize their tasks over time and start observing the sense of responsibility in you. Since this period is perfect for your personal growth, you will find a significant difference in your professional life. If you were struggling to find a job and, even after hard work, you could not get it, there are chances you would get good results.

2. Wisdom and Maturity

Saturn’s influence offers profound learning experiences that can lead to personal growth. You attain more wisdom and clarity as you work hard to overcome the challenges. With lessons learned during this phase, you become aware of the problems and how to face them gracefully and understand them. Shani sade sati effects inspire you to overcome your fears and build inner strength.

When are sade sati effects said to be positive

3. Stability and Endurance

Shani influence on various aspects of your life, like career, relationships, and personal well-being, makes you more stable. It increases your willpower to fight through challenges that come your way and manage your resources for the future, thus promoting long-term success. Shani sade sati teaches you how to sail through life's adversities without losing the goal of your life. It makes you stronger, wiser, and resistant to any obstacle. 

4.  Spiritual Awakening 

According to Vedic astrology, this seven-and-a-half time period of Shani influence in your horoscope also signifies your growth. Since you are going through troubles during this phase, spiritual awakening is equally essential. Astrologers suggest individuals wear gemstones like amethyst, iolite, Neelam or neeli ratna. Meditating with these stones or wearing them as jewelry helps activate the Ajna chakra. This promotes enhanced intuition and a deeper understanding of oneself.

How do you choose gemstones for Shani Sade Sati Effects?

Natural stones like katela, blue sapphire, and neeli benefit individuals going through this phase. Selecting them is a critical criterion as it will govern its effectiveness. Let's see what parameters you should choose for them. 

  • Choose gems with vibrant colors. The more intense the color, the more energy is resonated around the wearer. 

  • Buy certified natural gemstones only. Synthetic, glass, and fake gems do not contain any energy. You can buy blue sapphire online from Navratan, the best gem dealer in Jaipur.

    Get certified natural gemstones delivered to your doorstep

    • Buy stones with a carat weight between 3-5 for maximum benefits. 

    • Take an astrologer’s advice before wearing any gemstone during sade sati.

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