What does sade sati mean and how do you know you are under it

Posted on February 27th, 2024 05:38 PM

Sade Sati, or Karmic Repayment Period, teaches its participants humility, perseverance, and self-awareness. The exact effects may depend on factors like birth chart and planet movements. People typically fear this period because of its associated delays, obstacles, tragedies, and anxiety, but this stage is the judgement phase where Lord Shani like a jury judges all the karmic deeds rewards or punishes accordingly.

Is Lord Shani the Hindu God of Justice?

Yes! Shani rules the planet Saturn and is the most feared god as per the Vedas. He is known to provide justice, punishment, and rewards, and has both positive and negative effects on individuals depending on their karma. The period of seven and a half years called Saturn's Sade Sati can bring challenges in career, health, finances, and relationships. Saturn’s malefic position in the horoscope of an individual delays their successes and causes endless struggles, giving them constant disappointments.

Most people say Saturn or Shani ki Sade Sati affects marriage which is true also. If there is an influence of Rahu or Saturn, marriage takes place after two years. If there is an influence of Saturn then the age is one year and if it is the influence of Rahu on Venus then there is a delay of two years in marriage.

Effects of Saturn (Shani) planet during Sade Sati period

Sade Sati (the period after marriage when your karmas come full circle) can be an emotionally trying time for everyone involved, yet according to Vedic astrology it should provide resilience and humility during such difficult periods. 

Quarrels, lack of rest, confusion, and health problems often arise during these times of transition. Remedies such as almsgiving, worshipping, keeping fast, or chanting mantras like (Om Sham Shanisharya Namah) can help ease this difficult period and restore harmony within a family unit.


pukhrajneelam better career

Individuals in this period often face obstacles at work. They may take on additional responsibilities or be asked to alter their professional goals. All this teaches people the value of hard work, persistence, and dedication in reaching success.

Hardships experienced during this phase may help people gain self-awareness and humility, leading them to improve their karmic equilibrium. Meanwhile, negative aspects can be mitigated by working through unresolved karma.

Buy original pukhraj stone and keep it together with a blue sapphire. The benefits of neelam ratna minimize the consequences of sade satti period and a yellow sapphire then starts to boost your career in fields you always wanted. 

Once you wear the natural gemstones together consistently, Shani Sade Sati effects begin to diminish with time, although some individuals may still encounter financial strain, unnecessary expenses, and relationship conflicts. These issues can be overcome through introspection, honesty with those closest to us, and practicing forgiveness.


rubyneelam honest relationships

People going through Sade Sati may face challenges in their relationships with family and spouse, financial hardships, and anxiety caused by its effects. In extreme cases, this period may lead to mental stress.

However, it's important to keep in mind that this period will eventually pass and remain calm while practicing good karma. Consult an astrologer as a way of decreasing Sade Sati effects on your life.

Look for an original manik ratna and keep it along with the real Neelam sapphire. A ruby stone brings love, harmony, and bonds a good emotional connection with your partner. Together the two untreated gemstones can bring you out from the sade sati period with the least destruction in your life. 

But it’s important to know that while wearing gemstones, you must not fear Shani Sade Sati. Lord Shani only justifies past errors and all you should do is learn from experiences. Saturn teaches us about karma. This phase allows you to pay off debts that have built up due to imbalanced karmic energies. So don't be intimidated by Shani Sade Sati; give yourself the gift of 7.5 years to rectify your mistakes.



Sade Sati can bring many obstacles into your life. It may affect your health, family relationships, and work as well as any financial setbacks during these 7.5 years - making these years both challenging and traumatic for you.

Sade Sati begins when Saturn moves from your natal moon sign's twelfth house into your first house of birth, creating the initial phase of this cycle. You will feel as though your life is tightening further; arguments, confusion, ill health, fear, rumoring and conflicts with people increase significantly and you won't get any respite or peace as everything seems wrong in your life.

Wear panna stone and keep Neelam Ratna around to have a lesser impact of sade sati on your health. The emerald stone works in unison with your body’s sacral chakra and makes things better for you. Let the green gem and blue sapphire work together to bring nature’s harmony inside your body.

Sade Sati's second phase begins when Saturn moves into the sign following your natal moon, making things especially difficult for Cancer moon signs since this means its longtime enemy Leo will now have dominion over them. Conflict and animosity between father figures, legal issues, financial instability, poor health, and marriage issues often occur during this phase.


pukhraj neelam good money flow

If you are having financial trouble and setbacks, the cause could be Sade Sati. This occurs when Saturn passes through your 12th, 1st, and 2nd houses from your natal moon and takes approximately seven and half years to complete this cycle - this period allows any bad karma or deeds that occurred before Sade Sati to materialize according to your chart and give results accordingly.

As soon as Sade Sati begins, you may experience career and financial issues, along with inheritance-related problems and conflicts with elders. This period could prove challenging.

The teamwork of pukhraj ratna and Neelam stone can bring immense changes to your sade sati period when it comes to finances, career, and money-related problems. Either wear them together as rings or keep both of them in your pockets. The idea is to have both the energy protecting you from doing any evil deeds in the problem-filled obstacles.

But no matter how challenging this time may seem, it can also open doors of growth and transformation. To combat its adverse effects, try practicing simple remedies such as daily recitation of Hanuman Chalisa or feeding birds as well as providing food and medicine donations to blind or differently-abled individuals. And all this can work beautifully if you carry a neelam ratna with you throughout this phase.

Three phases of Sade Sati

Sade Sati refers to a period of seven and a half years during which Saturn travels around the Moon, often providing benefits and sometimes hardships in life. To best manage Sade Sati effects, one should focus on eating healthily while living a spiritual lifestyle.

Sade Sati begins when Saturn enters the house that lies just before your Moon sign and stays there for approximately 2.5 years, moving through it as you do so. Once this phase ends, Saturn moves into your Moon sign for 2.5 more years before moving to the house immediately following your Moon sign and staying for 2.5 more. Finally, Sade Sati concludes with its third and most agonizing phase lasting an estimated 7.5 years before ending. Wear original blue sapphire benefits in all three phases of sade sati by keeping you aware of your conscience and saving you from making any wrong decisions. 

Sade Sati can be defined as a period characterized by loss of support systems such as family and money, health problems, or conflicts with friends and colleagues, yet remain hopeful about life's prospects. But remembering Sade Sati as a karmic cleansing process means taking the time to examine past mistakes and learn from them is vitally important.

Which phase of Sade Sati is worse?

The worst phase of shani ki sade sati depends on the experience of every individual. For some the first phase might be the worst as life takes a toll when Saturn is before the moon sign. Some might find the second or third phase the worst as per their experience. But generally, the whole phase is a "dark time", as it creates strain within families and insecurity in an individual's life. 

Shani Sade Sati affects all aspects of a person's life and should be approached carefully. Major decisions should be avoided at this time and professional advice sought from an astrologer; their advice will allow you to understand better what's happening in your life while helping you overcome any challenges more easily and find ways to balance its negative effects; making this phase much less taxing overall!

Sade Sati can cause emotional turmoil due to its withdrawal of emotional support systems, leaving those experiencing feelings of emotional starvation as essential structures such as nationalism, ethics and culture, ethnoreligion, and family-supportive behaviors are eliminated or reduced in number. Other societal norms that help support life include law enforcement officers, parents, and guardianship.

Due to changes in support systems, people are being forced to rely on themselves and find inner stability for themselves, which often results in increased reliance on spirituality as an avenue to spiritual growth and personal freedom. One key concept of Sade Sati practice is learning how to let go of unexamined attachments to self and release yourself from them - this allows individuals peace during this difficult period.

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