Ruby Stone: A Sheer Solar Emblem

Posted on August 12th, 2021 04:24 PM
Certified Ruby Stone in Girl Finger

Ruby, the Gem of the Sun, is most popularly known as the King of all Gemstones. Not just in the whole wide solar system but also in Vedic astrology, the Sun is the most powerful and life-altering planet. Besides greatly affecting one’s professional success, it has a vital effect on the physical state of a being. Thereby, Ruby, the aligned stone of the Sun, is regarded as a solar enigma. By enhancing the impact of the Sun, or Surya, in one’s house of horoscope, Ruby gemstone helps the person to shine in personal as well as professional life. 

                              Owing to its rich red hue and supernatural powers, Ruby, aka Manik Ratan, is one of the most precious gemstones prevailing on the Earth. It epitomizes the boldest of colors and energizes the values of desire, passion, and power tremendously. A Natural Manik stone inculcates the positivity and power of the Sun and helps the wearer to perform at his or her full potential. The cosmic energies of this astrological gemstone are widely used to boost self-confidence, enhance social status, bring growth in authority job roles, and ensure success in businesses. 





Ruby is not just an ultimate source of beauty but also the supreme source of divine power. Since Sun or Surya is regarded as the father figure of our universe, its associated gem Manik holds the same stature among the nine Navratnas and all the other astrological gemstones. With the same note, this supernatural red stone is known for improving your Paternal relationship with your father. So those who are facing any sort of problems with their father or any of their paternal member should give it a try wearing a Natural Ruby Ring or any other jewelry made of ruby stone. 

      As far as one’s career opportunities and academic success is concerned, Ruby helps in boosting the authority of its wearer in civil services, leadership positions, politics, and other job roles. The owners of Manik stone economically prosper with an evident upliftment of their lifestyle in terms of financial and social sense. Real Ruby is termed as the stone of riches and prosperity. Thus, in order to obtain and sustain a royal and luxurious life, astrologers often recommend people, especially the natives of the Leo sun sign and July-borns, to wear this stunning stone. 

The Sun greatly determines and rules the mental and physical health of a person. On the same account, Natural Manik Ratan not only boosts the self-confidence of a person and provides bouts of positive energies but also enhances your blood circulation and works wonders for the rejuvenation of your entire health. Natural Manik Ring also has significant emotional benefits. Especially those suffering from any kind of stress or anxiety get immense relief upon wearing this stone. Read out the comprehensive Astrological Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone in our previous feature write-up. 


 Best Quality Ruby Stone 


There are various types of Ruby roughs found from different origins across the globe. Each of them arises with its own unique set of color, clarity, and characteristics. Myanmar, earlier known as Burma ruby, is amongst those countries that produce the best quality Ruby stones. These varieties are popularly renowned as the Burmese Ruby or Burma Manik in the international gemstone market. With a dark red hue and an identifiable fleck, these stones are easy to be distinguished from other Ruby stones. In Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangkok, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Vietnam also lay some fine quality Ruby stones that carry a saturated red color known to meet astrological demands better than any other variety of Ruby stone. 


Buy Real Ruby Online 


Ruby is one of the most robust still elegant gemstones ever found. Though, any gemstone benefits at its best potential only when worn in its natural form. At Navratan, The Online Gem Bazar we only source real pieces of gemstones directly from their extracting mines. Undoubtedly, style and astrological benefits go hand in hand. For any wearer, both these factors matter. Our craftsmen design each and every piece of gem keeping in mind both the style and astrological perspective. Be it mere gemstone or customized jewelry, we emphasize designing the stone in a way that not only suits the fashion but at the same time meets the astrological requirement. 

             In addition to the wide-ranging collection of Manik Stone, we provide a certificate of authenticity from renowned gemstone testing laboratories such as GRS, GIA, IGI, Gubelin, GTL, ITLGJ, and C.Dunaigre. By removing technical hindrances in terms of cut, weight, and designs, we are driven to bring down natural gemstones with you that would help you to revamp your life. In the whole wide industry, we offer an absolutely unmatched collection of Ruby gemstone at the best-ever price. Visit the website for the widest range of premium rubies online or connect with our team at +91 9982805500 for the latest festive offers. Have a delightful shopping, Will be Happy to serve..!


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