Ruby Stone: A Sheer Solar Emblem

Certified Ruby Stone in Girl Finger
Posted on August 12th, 2021 04:24 PM

Ruby, one of the gems of the Sun, is widely regarded as the most powerful gemstones. In addition to the vast solar system, in Vedic astrology, The Sun is considered to be the most potent and transformative planet. Apart from affecting a person's career success, it also affects their physical health. This is why Ruby, the stone that aligns with the rays that symbolise the Sun, is considered an enigma of the solar system, enhancing the effect of the Sun and Surya in the house of horoscopes. The Ruby gemstone can help a person shine both personally and professionally.



Due to its deep colour and mystical powers, Ruby, aka Manik Ratan, is among the most valuable gems on Earth. It is the most vibrant of hues and immensely boosts love, energy, passion, and strength. The Natural Manik stone inculcates the positive energy and strength of the Sun and assists the wearer in achieving their maximum potential. The cosmic energy associated with this gemstone in astrology is extensively used to improve self-confidence, increase social standing, increase authority positions, and help ensure business success.

Ruby stone




Ruby is not only the most beautiful gemstone but also the ultimate source of divine strength. Because the Sun is also known as Surya and is considered the godfather figure in the universe, its corresponding stone, Manik, holds the same stature as the other nine Navratan and all other astrology gemstones. In the same way, the mystical gemstone is also known for strengthening your relationship with your father. Anyone experiencing any issue regarding their father or any other family member of theirs ought to give it a shot with the natural ruby ring or some other jewelers made of ruby stone.

Regarding options for career advancement and academic achievement, Ruby helps boost the credibility of the wearer in public service, leadership roles, politics, and other positions. Manik Stone's owners economically prosper, which is evident in the improvement of their lifestyle in social and financial aspects. The real Ruby is referred to for its role as the gemstone of wealth. Therefore, to live an opulent and lavish lifestyle, Numerous astrologers advise individuals, particularly those born under The Leo sun sign and July borns, to wear this gorgeous stone.

The Sun significantly determines and governs an individual's physical and mental health. In the same way, Natural Manik Ratan not only improves people's self-esteem and offers bursts of positive energy but also increases blood flow and aids in improving your overall well-being. The Manik ring, made from natural stones, is also of great emotional benefit. People suffering from anxiety or stress will feel immense satisfaction from wearing this gemstone. Check out the complete advantages of the astrological properties of ruby (Manik) Gemstone in our last feature write-up.

 Best Quality Ruby Stone 


Many kinds of rough rubies come from various locations around the world. Each comes with its distinct collection of colours, clarity, characteristics, and colours. Myanmar, also known earlier as Burma Ruby, is one of those nations that makes the finest quality rubies. They are called Burmese rubies or Burma Manik in the global gem marketplace. It has a deep red colour with a distinct fleck, and the stones are easily recognizable from the other Ruby stones. They are found in Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangkok, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. There are also some high-quality Ruby stones with an intense red hue known for their ability to satisfy astrological requirements more effectively than other Ruby stones.


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Ruby is among the strongest and most elegant gemstones to be found. Although any stone is at its finest when used naturally at the Navratan At The Online Gem Bazar, we will exclusively source genuine stones directly from the mines that extract them. The style and benefits of astrology go together. For any person who wears jewelry, either of these aspects has significance. The artisans who design every piece of jewelry bear an eye on both fashion and the astrological aspect. It doesn't matter if it's just a stone or custom jewelry; we emphasize making the stone look and feel so that it is fashionable and in line with the astrological requirements.

Alongside the extensive assortment of Manik Stone, We also offer the authenticity certificate issued by the most reputable gemstone testing labs, including GRS, GIA, IGI, Gubelin, GTL, ITLGJ, and C. Dunaigre. By removing technical obstacles concerning cuts, weights, and patterns, we are determined to provide the cost of natural stones, which can help you change your daily routine. Within the entire market, we provide the most comprehensive selection of Ruby gems for sale at the lowest cost. Go to our site for the most extensive selection of top-quality rubies, or talk to us at +91 9982805500 about special holiday offers. Take pleasure in your shopping! I'll be delighted to assist you!

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