Peridot: Meaning, Properties, and How It Can Benefit You

Posted on September 4th, 2023 11:11 AM

Peridot, the green-hued gem of growth and rejuvenation is known in history for its shine, colour and association with prosperity. This semi-precious gemstone have a rich history and is also one of the oldest known crystals in the world.

Belief has it that peridot stone brings good fortune and luck to its wearer. Its powers will heal you, attract abundance and instil happiness in your life. In ancient times as well as today, this gem is used highly to make decorative pieces and jewellery and is worn for both its beauty and benefits.

Let's know more about this vibrant and electrifying green gemstone, the many benefits of peridot, its meaning and properties.

Peridot gemstone

Peridot Meaning

Peridot is a crystal of magnesium iron silicate (Olivine) mineral which comes in only one colour - Green. The shades of green may vary from bright green to olivine green. Sometimes it is found with yellow overtones or in dark tones. 

It symbolizes growth and renewal through its rich green shade which looks astonishing and catches the eye instantly. The origin of the word Peridot is not certain, though, in Greek, it is said to be derived from “peridona”, which means, “giving plenty”. 

Traditionally, it is the August birthstone and is often used as a long-term commitment gift for people who are celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary. 

Peridot Stone Meaning in History 

It has a very long historical value dating back to millennia. In ancient Egypt, this gem was highly admired and acknowledged for its spark, calming effects and many other remarkable peridot properties. Cleopatra, the infamous queen of Egypt loved these gems. Some historians believe that the emeralds she used to love and wear all the time might actually be dark green Peridots.

Various civilizations used the gem to protect themselves from harm. They also believed that the peridot effects will drive away your fears and will help you sleep soundly.

Peridot stone

Properties Of Peridot Stone

Colour - Yellowish green, Olivine Green, lime green 

Composition - Made up of Olivine mineral with the chemical formula (Mg, Fe)2SiO4

Luster - Vitreous to Oily 

Diaphaneity - Translucent to Transparent 

Specific Gravity - 3.2–4.3

Refractive Index - 1.64–1.70

Hardness - 6.5–7

Origin - Australia, Burma, Brazil, China, Russia, Pakistan, Mexico, and the USA

Peridot Stone Price - ₹ 400 to ₹ 2,000 per Ratti in India and between $5 to $16 per carat, globally. 

Associated Zodiac Signs - Gemini and Virgo

Which finger to wear in? - ring finger or little finger

Also known as - Ghritmani, Olivine Stone, Evening Emerald

Peridot gemstone is often used as a substitute of Emerald due to its association with the planet Mercury.

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Peridot Gemstone Benefits

The green hue of the peridot gem deeply resonated with the Earth, resembling the very existence and so stands as a reminder that transformation is inevitable and despite the difficulties, growth is natural and resilient.

Peridot stone

This stone is seen as the epitome of change. Here are some peridot stone benefits which will tel you how this gemstone will alter your life:-

Metal Clarity - It will clear your mind of fogginess and obsessive thoughts, giving you a clear mind to make accurate and better decisions, developing liveliness and development in your personality. 

Attracts Prosperity - In some cultures, it is highly believed that it can attract abundance in you life and will bring wealth, helping you reach financial stability. 

Emotional Healing - The peridot stone benefits includes enhancing your emotional well-being. It has a calmning effect on the mind as well as the heart. Decreasunf anxieties, depression, stress or worries, it will remove the negative sentiments and will make you see life through a more optimistic approach. It will help you overcome your trauma and grief, and its transformative vibrations will make you more adaptable to new environments. 

Boosts Intellect - Increasing the memory powers, knowledge and intellect, it will help you be more focused. 

Soothing Vibes - The vibes of the stone are comforting, brings you calmness and peace of mind. 

Spiritual Growth - The gem will enhance your spiritual journey, it will open the doors of awareness and lead you to new beginnings and insights which will help you understand yourself better and find your purpose. The high vibrational energies of the stone will spiritually awaken you, give you support and guide you in the right direction in your life. 

Protection from Negativity - The Peridot benefits includes protecting your from the energies which might harm you. The positive shield will repel the evil spirits and bad omens. Guard you from evil eye and will purify the environment around you to create a harmonious living environment. 

Being in Present - Among many other peridot crystal benefits, one is bringing out the sense of joy and playfulness and bring present in the moment, stimulating your happy spirits and increasing delightness.

Strengthens Relationships - It is also known to help you form depper bonds, removing misunderstanding and aid solving conflicts. 

Activates Energy Chakra - Peridot uses and benefits extends to the activation of energy centers of our body. This self-heaing gem is highly used in crystal theraphies or during healing practices since it aligns the nergies of the mind, body and soul. It specifically opens the heart chakra energy center which opens your heart to the feelings of love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. 

Indeed, it will also open the throat chakra which will encourage you to be more self-expressinable and communicable. It will better your speech patterns as well.

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Healing Properties Of Peridot

Peridot stone

The peridot stone healing properties includes strengthening your immune system, protecting you from harmful bacterias and viruses and curing many diseases. 

  • It strengthens the heart and aids any related problems.

  • Detoxifying your body, it will purify and cleanse your system of any harmful substances.

  • The Ghritmani stone will also cure any skin related diseases, and will give you a glowing skin. It renews the tissues and cells.

  • It will provide relief from cold and fever.

  • The metabolism system will get more stronger by the vibration of the gem.

  • It will also regulate the function of yor endocrine system.

  • Any lung related diseases will be cured.

  • People who suffer sinus are also recommended to wear this stone.

  • The magical properties are said to treat any ailments related to the breasts, liver, lymph, and spleen.

  • It is also beneficial for the eye and stomach.

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