Peridot - A Perfect Fusion Of Beauty And Ability

Posted on August 23rd, 2021 04:45 PM

Peridot also known as Ghritmani in Hindi, is an olive green colored semi-precious gemstone worn to promote intelligence, communication skills, and good health in the life of its wearer. According to an ancient belief, peridot has emanated from extraterrestrial sources. There were some meteorites that contain peridot that has fallen to Earth, making it the only gemstone from another planet. Being renowned as the birthstone of August, Peridot is a reliable partner for the individuals born in the month of August. Here in this article, we will study everything related to this generous green gem. 

History of Peridot Gemstone

Found in the depths of the Earth’s mantle, early records suggest that peridot was first sourced from the Egyptian Island of Zabargad in the Red Sea. Today most of the world’s production of this lustrous gemstone comes from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.

            Peridot is believed to be driven by an Arabic word ‘ferdat’ which signifies ‘Gem’. While some ancient scholars claim for its Greek connection via the word ‘peridona’ meaning ‘providing plenty, thereby Peridot gemstone is associated with prosperity and good fortune.

Color of Peridot Stone 

Peridot is one of those very few gemstones to come in one color, contrary to Tourmaline which comes in the highest number of colors in the whole wide gemstones arena. The vibrant green summery of peridot varies in shade from zesty lime to a rich olive green hue. Perhaps the yellow or brown pigmentation prevailing in some varieties of this verdant gemstone signifies the changing season while summer begins to draw a close.

Chemical and Physical Properties of Peridot 

Peridot gemstones come from the mineral family Olivine. Unlike most of the gems, which are formed under the earth’s crust, peridot is formed in the magma of the mantel of the earth, which is around 20-55 miles deep. Generally, the eruption of volcanoes brought them onto the surface of the earth and make them accessible efficiently to humans. On the other hand, some peridots also came to the earth from meteorites. However, these kinds of extraterrestrial stones are extremely rare and mostly not seen in any retail jewelry or gemstone store. 

Origins of Peridot Stone 

In ancient times, the volcanic island of Zebargad in the Red Sea of Egypt is considered to be the fabled origin of Peridot gemstones. However, with the decline of the Egyptian Empire in 1906, this island lost its identity. Right after that time, the deposits of Zebargad Peridot got completely depleted. There are also found trace amounts of Peridot roughs in the Hawaii region. In Hawaii, Natural Peridots symbolizes the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire. At present, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Himalayas, and the United States of America are measured to be the largest sources of Peridot gemstones. 

Amazing Astrological Benefits of Wearing Peridot 

Peridot is connected with the Heart Chakra and is extremely beneficial in heart-related disorders. Besides the stunning light green hues, many admirers also hold their high belief in the amazing healing powers of this Money Stone. Known as the substitute for Emerald, Peridots are believed to be associated with the planet Mercury and are highly praised for their supernatural metaphysical properties in the whole wide gemstone arena. Being a symbol of good health and financial prosperity, peridot has been measured as an amulet to seek protection against evil spirits and ward off negative vibes from your ambiance. Particularly in the matter of love, Peridot helps to dispel hurting and sorrowful emotions out of one’s life. Wearing of Natural Peridot Gem serves a number of personal, professional, mental, physical, social, and especially financial benefits to its owner. On the account of its remarkable abilities to fetch wealth and provide financial stability, Peridot is popularly named the Stone of Money

Who Should Wear Peridot 

As these supernatural gems contain some cosmic powers with them they should be worn upon consulting a learned astrologer or gemologist. According to Indian astrology, Peridot, aka Ghritmani, is best prescribed to be worn by Gemini (Mithun), Libra (Tula), Pisces (Meen), and Virgo (Kanya) ascendants. Whereas, western astrology recommends this natural olive stone for the Cancer Zodiac sign. 

         Though natives of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Taurus sun sign can also wear peridot gem followed by an astrologer’s recommendation. Owing to its association with planet Mercury, Peridot is worn to strengthen the position of a weak Mercury in one’s house of horoscope. A weak Mercury in an individual’s horoscope can hamper his or her intelligence, communication, and psychological health.

How To Wear a Peridot Stone

Be it an Emerald or Ruby, every astrological gemstone has a specific Vedic procedure that you should adhere to while wearing it. The same is the case with Peridot Gem. In order to avail of the utmost advantages out of your Peridot Ring, earring, pendant, or bracelet you should wear at least 1/10th of your total body weight. For instance, if you are weighing 60 kg, then you need to wear a minimum of 6 carats of Peridot stone in a silver ring on your little or ring finger of the working hand. Silver is considered the best metal to be paired with Peridot stone. However, you can also opt for gold, white gold, platinum, and Panchdhaatu according to your preference and budget. 

                           For maximum benefits, prefer wearing a bright and light green-colored Peridot gem on Wednesday, after sunset. Chanting of the auspicious Budh Mantra i.e., Om Bum Budhaye Namah or ॐ बुं बुधाय नम: for 108 times, is also highly recommended while performing the wearing process of the Peridot jewelry. All this is the general piece of information regarding wearing peridot; you should consult an experienced astrologer before buying or wearing any natural colored gemstone. Astrologers suggest an unheated olive-green peridot stone to be worn in its natural form for best astrological results.

Buy Real Peridot Online 

Whether you are planning to buy Peridot stone as a talisman for astrological purposes or as a fashion jewel for achieving a stunning standout look, make sure you are buying a natural and authentic stone because synthetic and artificially treated stones does not deliver desired benefits, instead, they can bring negativities. However, Real Peridot Stone is not easily accessible in the local market. In order to attain the genuineness of a pure Peridot stone, shop from a reliable gemstone dealer like Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Here you will get the widest collection of 100% original peridot gems at the most reasonable price segment. Get a safe doorstep delivery all over the world together with an easy return facility for 10 days. Explore the most premium range of natural and certified peridot gemstones online or connect at +91 9982805500 for the latest festive offers. 

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