Neelam vs Beruj:- Which to Choose..?

Posted on June 28th, 2022 03:25 PM

Of course, both aquamarines and blue sapphires are blue, but blue is such a broad color to describe in a segment of shades and undertones. The mere word ‘blue’ can not fully define the depth of their colors. Carrying the previous clash further Sapphires vs Aquamarines:- The Furthest Face-Off, we are up for exploring some of the more interesting variations between the two exotic blue stones, blue sapphire, and aquamarine. Scroll down below to entertain the unfinished differences between these two gems. Though there are endless factors to look upon while buying gemstones online, color is always the key criterion to examine the quality and price of the stone. So, let’s begin with color as the base. 

Sapphires vs Aquamarines:- Which to Select..? 

5. Color Variation 


As stated earlier, Aquamarines are named after their vibrant and unique appearance that resembles marine water. Typically, it showcases a brilliant blue color, with some carrying a varied degree of green undertones. Due to the trace amounts of ferrous iron, Aquamarines get a crystal greenish-blue hue. It further ranges from an intensely deep blue to moderately strong blue to a very slightly greenish-blue hue. An intense, deep, and bright pure blue-colored Natural Aquamarine is measured as more valuable than pale and dull ones, that have a presence of yellow, green, or brown tint. 

Blue Sapphire 

Blue sapphires are located anywhere from a very light blue shade to a deep royal blue to almost black color, depending upon the presence of titanium and iron. It can further have a number of undertones in grey and purple shades and comprehensively offer more dark color varieties than aquamarines. The blue tone which is neither too violetish nor too purplish is considered  ‘true blue’ on the color chart. Of all the shades, cornflower blue sapphire and Royal Blue Sapphires are the most desired colors of a Real blue sapphire gemstone

Sentence:- For light and brilliant transplant blue shade, Aquamarines win. While sapphires take the lead, with richer and more saturated colors. 

6. Durability

Both blue sapphire and aquamarine are quite durable stones and are highly preferred in everyday jewelry pieces. 


While Aquamarine, aka Beruj Stone, has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Hardness scale. 

Blue Sapphire 

Whereas, blue sapphires, or Neelam Stones, carry an extremely remarkable hardness of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, making them the second hardest stone after diamonds

Sentence:- On the account of the Mohs scale of hardness, of course, blue sapphire edges out aquamarines. Thus those who are particularly concerned about strength and resilience should opt for a certified blue sapphire

7. Who Should Wear


Aquamarine gems hold the title of March Birthstone, therefore it is considered extremely beneficial for the individuals born in the month of March. It is also an auspicious gemstone for the owners of the Pisces Zodiac sign or Meen Rashi. Real Aquamarine is also recommended to the people who have a weakly placed Mercury in their house of horoscope. So if you are also a March-born baby or a Pisces native, you may choose to wear an authentic Beruj stone for desired benefits. 

Blue Sapphire 

In general, sapphires are regarded as September Birthstones. However, when it comes to suitable ascendents, the answer is not the same. Where yellow sapphires, aka Pukhraj stone, suits almost everyone, the same is not the case with blue sapphire. Owing to its association with the furious planet Saturn, Neelam is not equally favorable for one and all. Vedic astromancy recommends it for the natives of Capricorn and Aquarius sun sign while western science assigns it to Libra zodiac sign. Even if you are a September born, you should wear it with a great deal of caution and only after consulting an expert astrologer. 

Sentence:- No matter what stone you are choosing, always opt to consult an experienced astrologist along with your birth chart first, so that he or she can guide you regarding the suitability of the stone depending upon the position of stars and planets in your house of horoscope. 

8. Astrological Perspective 


Beruj is associated with the planet Saturn or Shani and is used as an astrological substitute for the precious blue sapphire. Besides beauty, Natural Aquamarines are believed to have amazing healing properties. It tends to bring kindness, fortune, and provide protection against all sorts of evils and mishaps. You may read out the detailed benefits of wearing Beruj stone in Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

Blue Sapphire 

Astrologically, Neelam Ratna is associated with the karmic planet Saturn or Lord Shani. According to Vedic astrology, Shani brings someone to book for their good or bad deeds. Together with bringing spiritual insight, blue sapphire firmly symbolizes power, strength, and strong judgment. The effects of this precious blue stone are immensely strong and can be felt very instantly. Study Incredible Health Benefits of Wearing a Blue Sapphire Gemstone.

Verdict:- Although both the stones are said to be associated with the same planet, both carry their own significance. In general, blue sapphire is always preferred more than aqua, but for the reason of being expensive, those who cannot afford blue sapphire can go for an aquamarine. 

9. Price Difference 

Price is the key factor that makes the ultimate decision of the customer whether to purchase an item or not. With everything getting online, you can now buy certified aquamarine and sapphires online. In terms of price, there lies a huge gap between the two stones. 


A good quality five-carat aquamarine is accessible for anywhere between $300 – $800. It can sometimes go beyond 1,000 on the basis of color, clarity, and size. They are far more affordable than sapphires, even in larger sizes

Blue Sapphire 

While you can buy certified blue sapphires online in a wide range of price slots. Conversely, the per-carat price of a similar-sized sapphire stone can go anywhere between $100 – $20,000 depending upon the quality and origin. 

Verdict:- If looked upon the price segment, aquamarine gems are on average more affordable in comparison with the blue sapphires.

Final Conclusion:- 

With this, we come to an end to the conflict. Sooner or later, color is a personal choice, there can be no right or wrong in that. As far as other aspects, one has a lead on another one. You can pick the right one as per your requirement. Still, if you can’t decide, you can always get both..! You can visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar for the widest collection of both stones at the best price.

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