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Without any doubt, technology has made our lives far more easier than ever before. Today online shopping is an inseparable part of our daily lives. From garments to groceries, we have access to almost everything. Even today we can also buy gemstones online. Owing to this rapidly and regularly growing technology, online shopping has become the new normal for the last few years. It effortlessly provides us everything we need with just a few clicks of our fingertips. On the one hand, where it is like a boon to the shopping lovers, at the same time, the internet is like an ocean full of spams and frauds, the other hand. We witness cases every now and then. Therefore, it is extremely essential to be very cautious while surfing and purchasing something online. Especially when it comes to something extraordinary like a real gemstone, we are required to be a little more vigilant.

            Gemstones are always precious to human beings. The value of gemstone jewelry increases at the rate of inflation. However, buying genuine gemstones online has been a tough task today due to the production and inflow of imitated gem pieces in the market. The blowout of these fake stones over the past few years has not only disturbed the trust of the customers but also damaged the reliability of the entire gem industry. Someone said it right, “With any valuable purchase, there are pitfalls to avoid”. A bad investment or wrong deal today, can make you suffer for the upcoming 10 years. As we all know, bad deals give us bad results and gemstones are one of the most valuable investments of any individual. So, one should be really aware of all the facts while buying them.

Whether you are looking for a precious or semiprecious stone, here under are some gemstone recommendation tips and a few essential points that you should consider before buying a gemstone online or from a local jeweler vendor or from a gemstone store.  

1. Check the credibility of the seller

Nowadays, online shopping is not only a trend but also a necessity. So first things first, before buying online gemstones; make sure that the website is SECURE. Look out for the authenticity and reliability of the supplier. Reading customer reviews can help you to verify their market goodwill.

         Imitating natural gems from glass, plastic, or ceramic not only destroys the dignity of world-famous Indian astrology but it even causes skin-related issues like itching, irritation, and harshness to the wearer. Therefore in order to avail of maximum stone benefits, it is extremely important to purchase 100% original and certified gem only from a trusted and reliable source or website.

2. Watch the photograph and video carefully

Do your homework well before looking out for precious gemstones online. Go through the visual and graphic pictures of the gemstone precisely from all possible angles and try to ensure that it is of the same shape and size that you are looking for.

            As we can’t touch and see the stone in actuality, here a deep analysis of the photograph can turn out to be extremely beneficial.  If they haven’t uploaded any pictures, then ask for the video and images of the particular gemstone that you desire to purchase.  Check the given pictures thoroughly and focus on the cut, color, and clarity so that you don’t get disappointed later.

3. Do check the origin

Most of the precious stones are considered precious owing to their place of origin. Henceforth while purchasing a gem, you should give a check for its origin as it has a direct bearing on the quality and price of the same. 

         In certain cases, it’s not that easy for buyers to spot the difference with a mere glance. So here an authenticity certificate comes to your rescue. Along with grading, check lab reports and relevant certifications to ensure the genuineness of the gem you are going to purchase.


4. Go through the returns policies well

In case the delivered product doesn’t meet your expectations, you should have an alternative to return it effortlessly. Most vendors do not offer an easy return & refund option while selling high-value goods. This can lead you with disputes at the time of return or asking for a refund.

      So, if you are planning to buy Natural Neelam or while making any online purchase, it is highly recommended to study all the mentioned terms & conditions carefully and have a comprehensive understanding of the return and refund policy of the website. 


5. Compare prices, compare sites.

Before finalizing any deal, it is always better to have a comparison. In order to have a significant and worthy purchase, it is advisable to opt for a comparison among all the available options.

            Be it red ruby or red coral, do compare websites and their prices prior to placing any order. This will not only help you to find the best online gemstone seller in the market but it will also give you an idea about the prevailing prices.


6. Most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS.

Since you are planning to purchase one of the most precious things like an expensive Emerald or Hessonite available, it’s not only your right but also extremely important to satisfy yourself before buying. 

           Though you should be aware of all your purchases, something precious like gems needs special attention. So, if you have any concerns or doubts, do ask your questions directly to the supplier or the authorized representative and clear all the related queries decisively. Be sensible and make your selections with awareness.


Buy Certified Gemstones Online 

Don’t get mistaken by buying a wrong or forged gemstone. Do keep the above-mentioned points in mind and there is no reason that can stop you to shop online gemstones if you are a prudent buyer. However, more than finalizing a perfect cut and designed gemstone of your desire in your budget, it is way important to find a reliable website for shopping a gemstone online. Despite all the considerations, always prefer to buy natural gemstones only from a trusted gemstone store because more than beauty, it's the purity and quality of a gem that matters the most.

                         Navratan, the online gem Bazar is one of the renowned and reliable names in the business of precious stones. Our four generations of legacy is purely based on trust and customer satisfaction which is eventually derived from delivering genuine gemstones at the most reasonable price. If you are also searching for an unadulterated and perfect gemstone according to your Zodiac sign or horoscope, you should explore the wide range of beautiful real Navratna Gems. Besides worldwide shipping and an easy return facility, get quality assurance via certificate of authenticity by world’s renowned gemstone testing laboratories like GRS, GIA, Gubelin, AGR, and IGI. Get the best ever quality wrapped with utmost security from industry experts. 

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