Incredible Benefits of Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Posted on August 31st, 2021 11:12 AM

Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam Ratna in Hindi, is an extremely precious member of the nine Navratna gems group. Neelam is regarded as one of the most powerful and effective gemstones in the whole wide astrological arena. As per ancient Indian science, Neelam is the stone of the furious planet Saturn or Lord Shani. Vedic astrology prescribes this supernatural gem for Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs while western science endorses it as the birthstone for September month and talisman for Libra sun sign. Neelam Stone is worn to fetch instant wealth, name, fame, and success in the life of its wearer. However, it is a highly mystical gem, which does not suit one and all. Hence, one should consult an expert astrologer before buying and wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone

               Owing to the ‘true’ blue hue and velvety texture, Kashmir Blue Sapphire, aka Kashmiri Neelam, is the finest variation of the Blue Sapphire clan. These super charismatic and extremely elegant blue stones, sourced from Kashmir, are highly renowned for their sparkling beauty. Due to excessive extraction, mines of the Kashmir region were almost depleted at the beginning of the 19th century and at presents Kashmir Blue Sapphires are not mined anymore. Thus this precious stone is not just a rare and exclusive gem but it has also gained the reputation of a pride to be owned by anyone. Besides the mesmerizing beauty, this prestigious member of the Corundum mineral family is widely recognized for its extraordinary healing powers. Here in this article, we will explore some of the amazing benefits of wearing a natural kashmir blue sapphire. 

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Kashmir Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Wearing and carrying of Kashmiri Neelam not just bestows you the positive powers and blessings of the planet Saturn but also protects you from the evil effects of the malefic Sade Sati Dasha. Those who are having Saturn placed at an unfavorable position in the house of the horoscope of their birth charts should certainly opt for wearing this gemstone to calm the negativities down. Some of the other key benefits include:

Bestow Name and Fame:

When it comes to the benefits of wearing a Kashmir Blue Sapphire, raisin name and fame always tops the rank. Natural Neelam stone exudes strong cosmic properties that are highly believed to bless its wearer with great fame and exceptional popularity. No matter if you are an IT professional, a creative person, a sales executive in a demanding field, or a struggling businessperson, Neelam gemstone brings a prompt increase in your popularity. Besides commendable praise for your professional work, Neelam stone jewelry also improves acceptance in your personal life. Many international celebrities prefer wearing this stone to gain stardom and following and stay in the public eye.

Protect Form Furious Shani:

The second most renowned benefit of wearing Neelam is protection against the evil eye of Shani. Saturn is regarded as the strongest planet of our universe that must hold a positive place in your birth charts. Though Shani is a benevolent planet; misplacement of this planet can cause several serious personal and professional problems in native’s life. Natural Blue Sapphire is known for negating the malefic impact of Saturn. Kashmir Neelam is best to provide you shield against the notorious Sade Sati Dasha, which can lead to various professional and health issues in your life. This tough period of fury Shani is one of the most tough times a person may ever face in his or her life. Natural Neelam can be your best companion on this rough road. 

Eliminates Negativities: 

Real Neelam not only helps you protect against the malefic effects of Saturn but also from its transit on your entire lifespan. By eliminating all sorts of negativities and evil effects from your ambiance, it boosts the positive energies around you. Being esteemed as a highly protective stone, Kashmiri Neelam highly benefits people who are inflicted from enmity, evil forces, jealousy, or hexing in their personal or professional surroundings. It delivers you with an unforeseen experience to take life and its challenges head-on with more power and positivity. 

Create Wealth Opportunities:

real Kashmir Neelam Ratan provides you with immense opportunities to build wealth. When positively aligned in your birth charts, Saturn has the power to turn the tides in your favor, especially when it comes to wealth and prosperity. It eliminates any obstacles in the path of your career and ensures professional success. By strengthening the position of Saturn in your house of horoscope, Neelam will bless you with abundant opportunities to earn well and make good wealth out of it. However, in order to channelize the powers, you must only buy an authentic Kashmiri Sapphire from a reliable gemstone store that provides you with a certificate of authenticity. 

Boon For Your Mental Health: 

Wearing of natural and pure Kashmiri sapphire strengthens the mental health of the wearer. Besides assisting you to overcome depression, it helps you to regain the lost confidence. It tranquilizes the upset mind with its core strength and brings healing to your mental thoughts. It has been noted that Kashmiri Neelam has the capabilities to remove unknown fears and nightmares to ensure a clear and peaceful mind. The amazing metaphysical properties of a Natural Kashmir Neelam releases nerves and tension and relieve neuro-diseases that can lead to some serious health issues if not addressed at the right time.

Note:- Being the most prominent and fastest-acting gemstone, Kashmiri Neelam can deliver some exceptional results in the life of the wearer if worn in the right manner. However, you must visit an experienced astrologer along with your birth chart regarding the suitability before you opt to Buy Kashmiri Blue sapphire stone online or offline. 

                 Neelam Ring benefits when worn in the right weight, on the right finger, with the right metal, and at the right time. Blue sapphire is believed to deliver utmost results when paired with pure gold and worn on the middle finger of the right or working hand. Despite all the recommandation, wear the Neelam jewelry for a trial period to ascertain if it actually suits you well or not. Study the entire Vedic procedure of wearing this magical gem in our previous blog How to Wear Neelam Stone

Buy Kashmir Blue Sapphire Gemstone Online

These were some well-known astrological benefits of wearing the Kashmiri Neelam stone. To avail of them, you should always wear a piece of real blue sapphire with the stone touching directly your body. Since it is an extremely rare and precious gemstone, you should always opt for a certified Kashmir Blue Sapphire to ensure authenticity. While purchasing, look for the credibility of the seller and ask for an authenticity certificate of the stone. Have a Safe Buying. 

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