Top 8 Immune System Boosting Gemstones

Top 8 Immune System Boosting Gemstones
Posted on May 5th, 2023 05:44 PM

Our health is our biggest wealth and our immune system is the first line of defence against deadly diseases. Being fit and maintaining your health through good food and exercise is essential but there are other forces that will shield you from harm and help you be free from illnesses - gemstones. Gemstones are highly powerful stones with the ability to heal you physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition to looking beautiful, each gem has its distinct powers. 

When your coping mechanism and immunity is weak, your health can deteriorate and you may have to lie in bed for a long period of time.

Numerous gemstones in existence are renowned for bolstering even weak immune systems, keeping their health in optimal condition. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the advice of your doctor anymore. Embracing immune-boosting gemstones works as a catalyst along with following the standard health guidelines to amplify youthfulness and vivacity.

In this blog post, we have mentioned the top gems or crystals for the immune system you could wear. The potent vibes and enigmatic abilities of these immunity crystals will help with internal healing and immunity swift. 


Amethyst is one of the best gemstones for health, highly known for its healing properties. Also known as Katela stone, it is a purple variety of quartz that is widely believed to be one of the best crystals for healing sickness, having powerful immunity-boosting properties. 

The stone is used during crystal therapies and spiritual practices cause of its ability to enhance peace and bolster the immune system by purifying the blood and reducing inflammation. It cuts down stress and anxiety which are also responsible for weakening the immune system.

Additionally, the amethyst stone is believed to amp up intuition power, promote mental clarity, and help you sleep calmly. It is a natural tranquillizer and a cleansing tone. 

Amethyst Stone


Garnet belongs to the Silicon mineral group and is a red-coloured stone that is often confused with rubies. 

It is believed to have soothing energies and powers that boost the health and physical well-being of its wearer. It strengthens the immune system and ensures it functions at an optimal rate. Protecting from viruses and infections, it treats any major and minor ailments. Garnet is also believed to eliminate unnecessary agony, anxiety, and past trauma which can also be reasons for low health. 

Apart from being a good crystal for the immune system, garnet is believed to rekindle lost passion, establish mental clarity, and improve broken relationships. This gemstone is massively used in meditation and recreational practices as it is believed to help enhance spiritual awareness by removing the sources of distraction and promoting a sense of inner strength and certainty.


Tourmaline is another excellent stone for health which is strongly believed to have an extraordinary level of negative ions that have an erratic positive effect on the body's immune system. Negative ions are molecules that have gained an extra electron and are found in nature in places like waterfalls, forests, and oceans.

Also known as rainbow stone, tourmaline stone helps balance the body's pH levels, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune system.

Indeed, it is known to improve blood circulation, cut down stress and anxiety, and detoxify the body. When all other systems in your body function properly, the immune system is bound to bounce back and keep you in a healthy condition.  These properties can help support the body's natural immune response and improve overall health.

Tourmaline is also vehemently believed to have a range of other noteworthy healing properties, including the ability to balance and control emotions, open the doors for creativity to flow, and provide immense mental peace and clarity. Tourmaline gemstone is exemplary for people who are involved in creative fields like writing, painting, music, and research because it is believed to help increase imagination, and creativity and give a sense of inner peace.

Tourmaline Stone


Citrine is the next one in the list of immune-boosting crystals. It is a variety of quartz that is considered a perfect substitute for yellow sapphire stone because of its lush yellow hue. Sometimes, it is also found in a pale yellowish-orange colour. People in ancient times used to believe in the powers of yellow citrine that it had warmth and formidable healing properties. 

It will protect the wearer from any harm and improve the health of your immune system by rectifying digestion-related issues and promoting healthy metabolism. Citrine is also said to help relieve stress and anxiety, which can weaken your bodily systems.

In addition to this, the citrine stone will help you unlock your untapped potential. It will bring happiness, liveliness and peace to your life.  Also, will improve your frame of mind by treating terrible mood swings. Hence, the gemstone is often used in meditation, spiritual practices, and crystal therapies.


Ruby is a very beautiful deep red gemstone known all around the world for its beauty, durability and astrological significance. It is known as the King of Gemstones for its ability to heal, bring confidence and increase leadership skills.  

It is the best crystal for immune system strengthening. Stimulating the circulatory system helps boost the body's immune response by leaps and bounds. It is also believed to help in reducing inflammation. Moreover, ruby stone is believed to help increase vitality and energy levels in the body which can help the body fight efficiently against all types of illness.

Rubies are the best crystals for treating sickness both mentally and physically. Its potent vibes balance emotions and promote tranquility which can reduce stress and anxiety to a great extent. 

It is important to note that while gemstones like ruby can help support the body's immune system and heal you, they are not a substitute for proper medical treatment.

ruby stone


Aquamarines, the blue-hued gemstones are another healing crystal for immune system. Mostly known for its calming energies, the gem has many healing properties like curing sore throat, regulating hormones, and treating any ailments related to the thyroid gland. 

Boosting the immune system and strengthening it is one of the lesser-known healing properties of aquamarine. It purifies the body, removes toxic substances from the body, and supports the natural healing process of the body. 

One of the best stones for healing sickness, Aquamarine stone will instil coolness and calmness into your life. It will reduce stress and anxiety, remove any negative emotions and thoughts, and help you be healthy and fit, emotionally as well as physically. 

The gem will balance the hormonal system, enhance communication skills and self-expression and promote a sense of self-assurance. 


Pearl, also known as the Moti stone is highly known for its ability to reduce anger and instil calmness. It is a beautiful gem which is found in the depths of water. Found in many colours like blue, golden, pink, and black, but the white pearls are the most loved and valuable. They are considered a symbol of purity and innocence. 

The healing properties of the Moti make it added to this list. It regulates the hormones and helps the wearer control their mood, the negative emotions like anger, frustration and irritation. It boosts the immune system, removing toxic substances from your body. The calming effect of the pearls balances the energies of your body and opens the energy centres as well. It will reduce anxiety or tensions which can weaken the immunity. 

Because of this purifying effect, Pearl gemstone is good for health, it will promote your overall well-being. It will cure any ailments related to the respiratory system like asthma and allergies, and reduce inflammation.

pearl stone

Lapis Lazuli

Next crystal for immunity is the Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue-coloured gem with white or golden effects present. Strongly believed to have the powers of protection, it was worn as a talisman in ancient times. 

Indeed, there are many lapis lazuli health benefits, one of which includes strengthening the immune system of the wearer, making their physical being strong enough to fight off diseases and deadly viruses. It improves the communication between the body's cells that function with their collective consciousness to improve the body's immune system. Lapis lazuli is also said to help relieve stress and anxiety which can weaken the immune system, making it one of the best crystals for autoimmune.

Additionally, the gem will enhance your intuition powers, promote mental clarity, and improve communication skills by leaps and bounds. This gemstone is often used as healing crystals for illness, mostly during meditation and spiritual practices, as it is believed to help elevate spiritual awareness and give a sense of inner peace.

To Conclude 

Immune crystals mentioned in this blog will help you stay healthy physically and mentally as well. 

Once a sagacious person said, “People don’t choose when you tell them a better option, they choose when they realize there is no other option.” Investment in health is one of the most profound expenditures a person can make. 

A healthy person can achieve whatever they want, embrace these crystals for immunity to keep yourself fit and moving.

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