How Yellow Sapphire Can Enhance Your Home's Feng Shui

How Yellow Sapphire Can Enhance Your Home's Feng Shui
Posted on January 26th, 2024 05:23 PM

When designing improvements for your house, it is important to think about the little details that can go a long way in improving the energy flow. And gemstones are a great way to do that, especially the yellow sapphire. It represents the element of earth and its golden glow welcomes the positive vibes. By positioning one or two yellow sapphire stones in a strategic location, one can activate necessary areas that bring luck, knowledge, and positivity. With the bright yellow colors denoting the fire element, these stones add joy and vigor to the spaces, capturing that igniting inspiration as you walk through your house. 

So lets read on How Yellow Sapphire Can Enhance Your Home's Feng Shui and look into the ways you can place a sapphire yellow in your house.

But first, what is it exactly?

Yellow sapphire stone

The Meaning and Symbolism of Yellow Sapphires

Often known as the 'Pukhraj' stone, it holds a significant position among the Navratnas. Revered in Hindu scriptures, it is also referred to as the Jupiter stone or by regional names like: kanakapushyaragam stone and Pushkraj. In the realm of astrology, this gemstone boasts extraordinary importance.

If you wish to read more about yellow sapphire, we bring a dedicated guide here: Everything About Yellow Sapphire

Related to wisdom and intellect, the color is said to improve mental wellbeing and sharpen the mind. It is advisable to position yellow color sapphire in an office or study room to encourage wisdom and concentration.

Their bright color also implies happiness and optimism. When applied to the design of the home, this rare gemstone can bring spirits high making every room cheerful and happy.

As per the color theory, yellow represents communication and self-expression. So placing a yellow sapphire gemstone can facilitate communication and harmony for the residents. It can make people share their thoughts and feelings.

Coming to feng shui and crystal healing, the yellow gemstones represent new beginnings. 

It also signifies hopeful opportunities ahead.

Incorporating these stones into the home design can help people establish new chapters, relationships, projects, or goals. 

So whether you desire to stimulate creativity, invite prosperity, or just add a pop of color, sapphire in yellow introduces vibrant and auspicious energy into living spaces. 

Strategically placing these lustrous gems brings their symbolic meanings to life within your home's feng shui. So one must allow their golden glow to uplift rooms with purpose and positivity.

Yellow sapphire stone

Where to Place Sapphire yellow in Your Home for Optimal Feng Shui

To fully benefit from the energy of yellow gemstones in enhancing your home's feng shui, thoughtful placement is the key. The most impactful areas to carefully position these lustrous gems are:

The Wealth Corner

Situate a pair of this precious gemstone in the far left corner of your home when standing at the front door and facing inward. Known as the wealth corner in feng shui principles, amplifying energy here stimulates prosperity. Place atop a sleek tray or decorative dish on a table, bookshelf, or TV stand in this influential spot.

East-Facing Rooms

It is great to add good to your existing luck. Since the east oversees beginnings, renewal, and new life, adorning spaces with sapphire in yellow that face this direction ushers in fresh starts. If you have home offices, studies, or family rooms looking eastward it is the best place to set up the yellow color sapphire. 

The Front Door Area

To welcome chi-energy streams inward from your front entrance, you can try hanging a yellow wind chime or place a stand-alone gem on an accent table near the door. Each time you come and go, their vibrant glow will lift your mood.

Being creative with how you showcase the pukhraj stone in your home not only adds energy but also beauty to your new space. 

Tips to choose High Quality in Yellow Color Sapphire

When picking high quality stones for your home, quality is key. There are a few important factors to consider when sourcing these beautiful golden stones in India:

  • Cut - A precision-cut stone will maximize light reflection and brilliance. Well-cut gems exhibit a lively interplay of light. Avoid stones with substandard cuts that look lifeless.

  • Clarity - Natural inclusions are expected, but avoid stones with excessive or unsightly flaws. High clarity yellow gemstones will have good transparency and luminous clarity.

  • Color - Yellow shades range from pale to golden orange. Citrines span light yellow to rich madeira color. Decide which tone you prefer, but steer clear of stones with brownish or grayish tints.

  • Carat - Larger carat stones are more rare and costly, but size is a personal preference. Evaluate the size of setting and design. For Feng Shui, multiple smaller stones can raise vibrant energy.

  • Source - Work with reputable gem dealers in Jaipur or Bangalore that provide authenticated origins. Sri Lankan, African, and Brazilian stones are also options.

  • Certification - For extra assurance, select certified stones graded by respected laboratories like GIA certification or GGL. Check documents for verification.

By carefully inspecting cut, clarity, color, carat, source, and certification, you can identify premium yellow gemstones to adorn your home. Their golden glow will enliven any space with positive energy aligned to Feng Shui principles of light and radiance. Choose wisely for long-lasting beauty and enjoyment.


From attracting wealth and knowledge to facilitating innovation, energy, and communication, these golden stones certainly deserve to be associated with light. Allow the golden radiance to inspire you while using the precious yellow gemstones in your décor. Choose settings and placements that speak to you intuitively, create harmony in each space, and support your goals. And if you’re looking for a perfect yellow sapphire to place in your home, Navratan : online gem bazaar is here to guide you through the premium gemstones in India. 

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