Everything About Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Ratna)

Posted on August 18th, 2022 06:44 PM

Yellow Sapphire is considered one of the most promising and useful stones out of all the Navratnas (9 auspicious gemstones) prescribed in Hindu scriptures. Widely referred to as the 'Pukhraj' stone, Kanakapushparagam or Pushparagam (Tamil), Push Raja (Sanskrit), and Peetmani, this stone claims a completely special region in astrology. The Pukhraj Stone not only protects the wearer from evil eye effects but also offers marital happiness and satisfaction, especially to the ladies. Today in this composition, we are going to check out some amazing facts and details regarding the technical and astrological parts of this precious yellow gem. 

How Are Yellow Sapphires Gemstone Formed

Yellow sapphire comes from the corundum mineral group and develops its specific color from the presence of iron at some point of formation. Alike most gemstones, this yellow crystal is also mined out of the earth’s crust. Over hundreds and thousands of years, traces of iron can shade the corundum that makes up the sapphire, giving it a heat, yellow coloration. Like other fancy sapphires, for instance, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, and green sapphire, yellow sapphires can range wildly in shades. Some have a rich, golden yellow coloration, whereas others have a lighter, much less saturated coloration. 

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Origins of Yellow Sapphires

Yellow sapphire is mined in quite a few nations. The exceptional-quality yellow sapphires are commonly sourced from Sri Lanka, earlier known as Ceylon. Even today, Ceylon yellow sapphires are considered of supreme category. Sapphires in the yellow shade additionally come from America, Australia, Myanmar (Burma), (Thailand) Bangkok, and Madagascar.

Yellow Sapphire:- The Powerhouse Of Benefits 

Jupiter has been portrayed as the educator (guru) of all of the heavenly bodies triumphing in the universe. It is the most important and heaviest planet among all the planets in our solar system. With its excellence in knowledge, it sits on the throne of the minister of all. Yellow sapphire, also called Guru Ratna, is the gem proposed for Jupiter planet. Owing to the endless benefits, this auspicious yellow gem holds the most prestigious place in Indian Vedic astrology. 

From improving your monetary status to showering an individual with good health, reputation, honor, and stability, yellow sapphire is rightly termed as the powerhouse of perks. Upon wearing it in the correctly prescribed way, it is going to impart prosperity and several astrological advantages to the wearer. For the said reason, one must constantly consecrate a Pukhraj gemstone ring or pendant and put on it within the full mighty time. Here we are listing down a few of the well-known benefits of wearing a Pukhraj stone jewel. 

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Benefits of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstones 


Relationship - Love, a continuation of own family, and marital bliss are a few of the widely acclaimed advantages of the Pukhraj gem that are inflicted on the wearer. It is said that married women should surly wear yellow sapphire for a harmonious marital lifestyle. The wearer of the stone also gets blessed with healthy kids and a happy family. The yellow stone additionally gives braveness and happiness. 

Spirituality - This yellow gem brings spiritual knowledge and good fortune to its owner. Yellow sapphire also provides protection against jinx and evil spirits. The wearer is likewise bestowed with immense glory, improved mental health, and peace in life. Meanwhile, better behavior is certainly seen in an individual because the stone reduces the tendency to get indignant.

• Health - Yellow sapphire is thought to look after the Will Chakra in a person’s body that further manages the immune and digestive systems. Severe ailments and health disorders like tuberculosis, jaundice, liver infections, kidney infirmities, multiplied cholesterol, and pancreas disorders may also be managed by wearing or carrying this beautiful healing crystal. Its incredible healing properties help the wearer to fight all sorts of infections and allergies. 

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How to wear / What is the correct procedure to put on a yellow sapphire gemstone..?

While knowing its umpteen blessings, learning how to put on yellow sapphire in the best profitable way is a critical thing. When adorned in the right manner, then only carrying of the pukhraj proves to be so beneficial. There are some key points to be kept in thought like shopping the stone from a reliable gemstone website, carrying it preferably on Thursday, dipping the stone in a solution of honey and gangajal, and then cleaning it with mild water and a soft piece of cloth. For best results, astrologers suggest chanting "Om Bhrim Brihaspataye Namah" for 108 times while carrying the pukhraj and wearing it on the Index finger of the right hand, and so forth. 

Which color, yellow sapphire, is first-rate?

The richer and deeper the coloration, the greater applicable a yellow sapphire commonly is. But the shade you pick out should be primarily based either on your private preference or as per your astrologer’s suggestion. For example, you may select a lighter yellow tone or a gemstone with a secondary hue like orange or crimson for your jewelry ring, pendant, or earring while if you are wearing the gem mainly for astrological purposes, then prefer to go for a bright yellow colored natural and unheated yellow sapphire. That is why, Navratan, the online gem Bazar brings you the widest collection of yellow sapphire gemstones to locate the one that catches your interest. 

Carat Weight 

Yellow sapphires are to be held in several carat weights, with pricing rising exponentially as carat weight increases. Sapphires, whether not yellow or any other color, are barely extra dense than diamonds. In this manner that a three-carat sapphire, for example, will have smaller dimensions than a diamond with the same carat weight. 

      Companies that sell sapphires typically offer measurements not only in carat weight but also in the size of the dimensions for their loose stones to account for a better clarity to the customers regarding their purchase. For instance, here in the picture is a 10.05 carat ( 11.17 Ratti ) Octagon shaped natural yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that measures 13.5mm X 10.3mm X 6.4 mm. 

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone: Price

Yellow sapphires aren't very highly-priced, with the common price of a 1 Carat yellow sapphire beginning from $40 to $600. The charge of yellow sapphires collectively depends on various parameters such as carat weight, place of origin, cut first-rate, and richness of coloration. For example, Ceylon Yellow Sapphires cover the costing between $400 to $560 whereas Thailand and Bangkok Yellow Sapphires range somewhere between $65 to $100 are and hence considered more economical. In general, sapphires, which have a canary yellow shade tone, are most favored and fetch the best value in the global gem market. 

When you plan to buy yellow sapphire online or offline, make sure to ask for a certificate of authenticity from the store or dealer. 

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