How To Wear Opal: A Simple Guide

Posted on September 20th, 2023 04:06 PM

You have acquired a striking opal jewelry piece that now sits in your jewelry box, awaiting the perfect occasion to be worn. Opal stone are stunning gemstones that showcase an array of colors in their depths. You want to do it justice with a visually gorgeous gem by styling it well and wearing it confidently. Following a few simple tips, you can make the most of your opal jewelry and wear it for any occasion. Opals pair well with casual and formal outfits, so do not limit yourself to wearing them only for special events. Their beauty deserves to be shown off whenever the mood strikes. With each opal's unique colors and patterns, you display a fantastic work of art every time you wear your opal jewelry.

How to Choose Opal Jewelry You Will Love

When choosing opal jewelry, consider the three characteristics that determine an opal beauty and value: color, pattern, and clarity.

how to choose opal jewelry

Opals Kaleidoscope: Exploring the Vibrant Color Spectrum

Opals come in various colors, from fiery reds and oranges to cool greens and blues. The most valuable and rare opals, especially red, feature a full spectrum of colors. Look for opals with bright, vivid colors that catch your eye. More subtle, pastel-colored opals can also be stunning. Choose colors that you find personally striking, and that suit your style.

Patterned Perfection: Unveiling Opal Intricate Designs

The pattern refers to how the colors are distributed and displayed within the opal stone. Contrasting patches of color, flecks, spots, and veins are most desirable. A harlequin pattern features angular color patches of red, green, and blue. A peacock pattern resembles the tail feathers of a peacock. A flagstone pattern has irregular color shapes like a mosaic. Opals with a robust and distinctive design are most valuable.

Crystal Clear or Mysteriously Milky: Deciphering Opal Clarity

Clarity refers to how transparent or translucent the opal is. More transparent opals allow light to pass through, displaying the colors and pattern's full depth and dimension. Fine opals have a milky quality that obscures some colors and details. Opaque opals have a solid, non-transparent appearance. Generally, transparent or translucent opals of high clarity are considered the most precious.

When shopping for opal jewelry, examine multiple pieces to determine which characteristics are most appealing and essential to you based on your style and budget. Focus on choosing a part with colors, pattern and clarity that you find stunning and will enjoy wearing for years.

crystal clear or mysteriously milky deciphering opal clarity

Styling Tips for Wearing Opal Jewelry

When wearing opal jewelry, remember some styling tips to help showcase these stunning gemstones.

styling tips for wearing opal jewelry

Complement the Opal's Color:

Choose clothing and accessories that complement the dominant color of your opal. For example, types of opal like a fiery opal with solid orange and red flashes would pair well with warm rust, terracotta or peach tones. A pastel opal with soft pinks and greens would complement mint, rose or lilac shades. Let the opal be the focus, and keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple.

Evaluate the Opal's Shape:

The shape of your opal jewelry also determines the best way to style it. A large opal pendant would stand out against a basic solid-colored top. Teardrop-shaped opal earrings complement an updo hairstyle that shows off your neck and jawline. Round opal rings pop against a single-colored manicure.

evaluate the opals shape

Dress Up or Down:

The wonderful thing about opal jewelry is how versatile it is. You can easily dress it up for a formal event or dress it down for everyday wear. Pair opal jewelry with an evening gown or cocktail dress for a glamorous look. For casual wear, style opal earrings or a pendant with jeans and a blouse, or wear an opal ring with a simple midi dress.

Following these helpful tips will help ensure your opal jewelry dazzles for years. Opals make a distinctive addition to most expensive gemstone jewelry collection, and with the right outfit and accessories, they are guaranteed to make a statement. So now lets move on to the topic of how to wear opal. A guide is here for your exploration!

How to Wear Opal: A Simple Guide

Are You Wondering How to Wear Opal: A Step-by-Step Guide Looking for a gemstone that can increase creativity, enhance communication skills, and strengthen spiritual connections? Look no further than an opal stone! Known for its beautiful hue combinations that create its distinct character - many believe wearing this gorgeous gemstone brings good fortune! It's believed to bring luck. 

What Is The Procedure To Wear Opal Stone? 

Opal is an iconic semi-precious gemstone known for its vibrant colors and healing properties. As one of the most versatile gems, opal can be worn in rings, necklaces, and bracelets with equal success. In addition, its versatility means it is often recommended by astrology to remove inauspicious effects from Mars Saturn Rahu, or Ketu planets within their respective zodiac signs horoscope.

So many people are drawn to purchasing and wearing opals as an ornament. Yet knowing the most effective methods of cleansing and charging this gemstone is essential before donning it. To ensure the opal is clean and ready to wear, first clean it by submerging it in water, milk, or Gangajal for 10 minutes in a bowl. Afterward, recite "Om Shukray Namah" 108 times while wearing it before polishing it with a soft cloth or brush as appropriate to ensure it remains polished and in top shape. This process should ensure it will make its debut when ready.

Opals are widely known for their healing properties. According to experts, opals can balance hormones, fluids, and fats within the body while offering protection from depression, insomnia, and other mental health disorders. Furthermore, opals may help dispel negativity while encouraging self-love and empowerment.

To reap the full benefits of an opal ring, men should wear it on the index finger of their right hand - as this symbolizes power and leadership; additionally, it's closer to their heart!

Especially, men can wear opal bracelets or rings as well. However, it should be remembered that opal is highly delicate and needs regular cleansing and charging to protect it from negative energies penetrating the stone and diminishing its efficacy.

Vedic Astrology connects Opal with Venus, commonly referred to as 'Upal' in Hindi or 'Opala' in Sanskrit. Wearing Opals during its “Mahadasha” and “Antardasha” or when Venus is present in Taurus or Libra is advised; also an auspicious stone for people born under the Virgo zodiac sign as they believe wearing Opals increases luck and fortune!

When wearing opal jewelry, there are a few tips to keep in mind to showcase these stunning gemstones properly; and what to consider in the type of opal stone

procedure to wear opal stone

Consider the Opal's Type

The opal type also determines how best to wear it. With their dark, dramatic base tones, black opals and boulder opals pair strikingly with black or earth-toned clothing. White or crystal opals have a lighter, more delicate appearance complemented by pastel shades. The explicit play-of-color in precious gemstone and fire opals harmonizes with bright, bold colors and patterns.

You can adequately showcase your opals and enjoy wearing these colorful gemstones for any occasion. Their one-of-a-kind beauty deserves to be highlighted and admired. Wear your opals with pride and care for them well so you can appreciate their radiance for years to come.


In closing, opals are a beautiful gemstone that can add color and vibrancy to any outfit. Whether set in gold or silver, opals can catch the light and draw attention. Their unique patterns and fiery colors make them a standout choice for jewelry. Now that you know how to properly care for your opals and how to wear opals for maximum effect, you can enjoy these rare gemstones for years to come. Display them prominently and take pride in their uniqueness - just like the woman who wears them.

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