Gemstones and Their Benefits

Gemstones and Their Benefits
Posted on May 4th, 2024 04:42 PM

Gemstones are popular for their astrological benefits as they exhibit strong energy that benefits wearers in all aspects of their lives. Each stone is connected to a specific planet and is believed to reduce their ill effects. Gem benefits include blessing the wearer with good health, wealth, and prosperity and hence it is essential to wear them correctly.

Moreover, consulting an astrologer is equally essential, as which gemstone suits you depends upon your birth chart and zodiac sign. Let us know some of the major types of gemstones and their benefits. 

Emerald Stone

Hindi Name: Emerald in Hindi is called Panna Ratna 

Ruling Planet: Mercury or Budh 

Color: It is found only in Green. The emerald green color is the most soothing of all. The colors of gemstones and their benefits affect the human body positively. Green color is associated with calmness. Thus, panna stone is beneficial for overall well-being. 

Panna Benefits: It aids in issues related to the eyes, spine, and heart. The original panna ratna is believed to boost the immune system. It activates the heart or anahata chakra. If you are struggling in your marriage or love life, wear this green stone on your little finger. Doing so manages stress and anxiety, induces love, and opens up clear communication. 

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Red Coral

Hindi Name: Red Coral is called Laal Moonga in Hindi

Ruling Planet: Mars or Mangal 

Color: It is found in Red, which represents vitality, energy, and passion. Thus, wearing a moonga pendant close to your heart offers joy and happiness in your life. 

Moonga Benefits: Laal Moonga is associated with the planet Mars, which relates to leadership and authority. Thus, if you are a manager, salesperson, or businessperson, natural red coral can enhance your leadership skills and decision-making abilities. Wear a moonga ring on your ring finger for marital bliss and to get rid of manglik dosh.  

Blue Sapphire

Hindi Name: Blue sapphire is called Neelam Ratna in Hindi 

Ruling Planet: Saturn or Shani 

Color: Vivid blue color. As per color therapy, blue indicates serenity and calmness. Thus, neelan stone is a healing stone that protects the brain, nervous system, and sense organs. 

Neelam Benefits: Blue sapphire represents wisdom, love, truth, and royalty. If you are a student or working professional, neelam gemstone is an ideal stone for you. It will enhance your concentration and mental clarity, helping you succeed in your studies or profession.

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Yellow Sapphire

Hindi Name: Pukhraj Stone 

Ruling Planet: Jupiter or Guru 

Color: Bright yellow. The yellow sapphire represents wealth, prosperity, and happiness. According to Vedic astrology, yellow is for positivity, stress healing, and luck. Thus, wearing a natural yellow sapphire on the index finger is believed to bring good fortune. One can say that gemstone colors and their benefits are interrelated. 

Pukhraj Benefits: Pushkaraj stone is related to the planet Jupiter. Wearing a natural pukhraj is beneficial for women as it brings harmony into their married lives. If you are an advocate, teacher, writer, or lawyer, this Guru ratna helps increase your wisdom and intelligence. Thus, you can make the right decisions even in difficult situations. 

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Red Ruby

Hindi Name: Manik Ratna 

Ruling Planet: Sun 

Color: Fiery red. This gemstone's vivid red hue represents passion, courage, energy, intuition, and enthusiasm. Since color therapy and gem benefits are interrelated, always check for vibrant colors only. Thus, to buy ruby stones online, one must always ask for a certificate. These are authentic formats that provide information about gemstone properties, so you know you are buying natural stones. 

Manik Benefits: The Original Manik Ratna is associated with the planet Sun, which signifies power, creativity, and leadership. Wear this red gemstone if you want to enhance your self-confidence and energy level. It brings harmony and love to your relationships. Hence, wearing a ruby stone on your ring finger is suggested.

Pearl Gem

Hindi Name: Moti 

Ruling Planet: Moon 

Color: Various, lustrous appearance. White moti symbolizes purity and innocence. Uses of gemstones other than jewelry include their astrological, healing, and health benefits. Thus, you can wear pearl stone jewelry for calming effects and to promote inner peace.

Moti Benefits: The original pearl gemstone is associated with the planet Moon and thus has calming effects on the wearer. It is linked to the sacral chakra, and wearing this stone inspires creativity, optimism, concentration, and focus.

Hessonite Stone

Hindi Name: Gomed 

Ruling Planet: Rahu 

Color: Orange to brownish red. As per color therapy, gomed stone color signifies warmth and security. The effects of gemstones on the human body relate to influencing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Thus, a vibrant brownish-red hessonite stone offers health benefits such as boosting the immune system and treating skin and eye-related issues. 

Gomed Stone Benefits: Natural hessonite is associated with the planet Rahu. Wearing a gomed ring on the middle finger of your right hand helps build peace in a relationship. If you are a businessperson struggling with blocked money, hessonite is the lucky stone for you. It offers financial stability.  

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How to Choose the Right Gemstones for Maximum Benefit?

- Look for natural stone that features vivid color and transparency. The science of gemstones entails that eye-clean, bright color allows a smooth flow of energy around the wearer. 

- Natural gemstones have maximum benefits when worn correctly. Activate the stone first, and follow the rules before wearing it. Know all the 14 rules of wearing gemstones.

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- Consult with an astrologer before wearing any ratna. Not every stone matches your energy.

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