Five Jewelry Care Regimes For Yellow Sapphire Stones

Posted on August 2nd, 2023 05:29 PM

keeping your yellow sapphire shiny and new. Have you had yellow sapphire stone jewelry for a long time, but now you do not wear it anymore?

 Let's know about 5 ways in which you can exceed the life of a yellow sapphire stone:

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1. Turning Jewelry Wet 

Yes, you seem gorgeous when emerging out of the pool in your yellow sapphire stone or favorite jewelry, but you must take it off at the time of swimming or showering. Wearing your fine jewelry while swimming can reduce its shine, so we will not recommend it.

yellow sapphire stone

Seas and pools possess salt water and harmful chemicals like chlorine that can ultimately corrode the sparklers of metal. And even if you are using sunblock, you’re adding to its fading process.

But it does not mean you stop carrying your favorite jewelry. But while you must be careful when showering, working out, or going into the pool, you can still opt for yellow sapphire rings in your routine. 

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2. Putting Your Gemstone After Your Last Ritual 

Agree if you wear your yellow sapphire stone or favorite jewelry pieces a step earlier than you style your hair or apply creams and makeup. But unfortunately, these chemicals are harming your precious, lovable stone and diminishing the brilliance of gemstones.

So, We'd say? To practice perfectly required jewelry care habits in 2023, wear your jewelry last at the time of getting ready.

yellow sapphire stone ring

3. Not Keeping Your Jewels Correctly

If you're storing your yellow sapphire stone jewelry pieces altogether, we've got to tell you that something is entirely wrong! Some gemstones are more durable than others, while some may get scratched out more easily than others. For instance, if we store a diamond stone(10 on the Mohs scale) with a pearl stone (which is a not-so-hard gemstone), you’re setting jewelry together, and your pearl jewels may end up broken. 

For extraordinary gemstone care, you must keep durable gems, like diamonds and yellow sapphire stones, away from each other in separate dedicated boxes.

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4. Not Cleaning Your jewelry Regularly

The way a car needs to be serviced now and then, your jewelry or yellow sapphire stone needs to get the same treatment. If you want to skip jewelry damage and make it spark all the time, you definitely must not skip this point!

Follow a DIY jewelry cleaning regime and follow jewelry care instructions: Treat your jewelry or yellow sapphire stone to an occasional cleansing with a soft cotton cloth and wash it with mild detergent and lukewarm water. A microfiber cloth can work effectively to clean gems. In fact, you can use a soft kid’s toothbrush to gently clean your gemstone.

We are sure the self-jewelry care regime does not sound like a hustle anymore!

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5. Wearing Gemstones During Household Chores

In this age of old habits, if wearing your gemstone while performing household chores is unknowingly a bad habit, then you must avoid it no matter what. Chores like gardening or washing the clothes and dishes without gloves are hard, especially if they damage stones and rings. Even cooking may lead to grease and oil and the building of cavities, leading to damage to gemstone jewelry.

So, if you ruin your jewelry, simply take it off before any household chores!

yellow sapphire stone cleaning care& tips

The Takeaway

However, the age of various Pukhraj stones may vary as per gemstone, according to gemologists. Therefore, one must consider visiting an astrologer and gemologist before buying a gemstone. The yellow sapphire lasts between 3 and 4 years on average. Subsequently, after three to four years, the yellow sapphire must be replaced with a new piece.

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Fortunately, with gemstones bought from Navratan, you are not required to worry much as they can pass through generations. Indeed, gemstones are the most precious possessions in our lives. They are the perfect heirlooms to hand down for all generations. Along with a caring regime, their luster lasts forever!

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