Factors to Consider When Buying Padparadscha Sapphires

Posted on April 18th, 2024 05:30 PM

Padparadscha Sapphire is the rare variety of sapphire that, because of its exceptional beauty, has made its mark in the gemstone marketplace. These are the most sought-after stones, with an amazing pink and orange color combination that is reminiscent of the sunset. As the demand for colored stones has increased with time, these varieties of sapphires have joined the list of the most expensive gemstones in the world. The price of Padparadscha starts from INR 40,000 to INR 6 lakhs per carat or can extend even more. Owing to its rarity and expensiveness, one should consider various aspects before buying it. In this article, we discuss the same. 

What is Padparadscha Sapphire Meaning? 

Amongst the rarest gemstones, Padparadscha, pronounced “pad-per-add-sha”, comes from the corundum mineral family. It has its origins in Sri Lanka, and thus it gets the meaning from the same. The word “ padma raga” means “lotus flower,” which is the national flower of Sri Lanka. This gemstone owes its beauty to the similar hue of this flower, hence its so. The lotus flower signifies health, longevity, honor, and good fortune. Thus, the resemblance of this sapphire is not only limited to the hue of the flower but also possesses its own sacred meaning. 

This rare gem, unlike other sapphires, is composed of aluminum oxide and gets its hue from traces of iron and chromium in the mineral. Other than Sri Lanka, they are found in other countries as well, like Madagascar, Tanzania, and Vietnam. But the top-quality source is Sri Lanka. 

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Padma-raga Sapphire Buying Tips

It is considered a rare gem, meaning it consists of properties that are not found in other stones. Its striking orange-pink, reminiscent of a lotus flower color is rare. Other than this, its availability is limited, as the majority of this is found in Sri Lanka. In gemstone marketplace where pink-hued stones are common, buyers do get confused about which is the real Padaparajah sapphire. Here is the Padparadscha sapphire guide that will give you an idea of what to look for when buying this most expensive gemstone.  

1. Considerations in terms of Color

Color is one of the critical factors that one must look for when purchasing any stone. The color range in terms of this sapphire variety extends from orangish pink to pinkish orange. Some shades may involve a high orange with a tint of pink, while others carry a high pink hue with a tint of orange. Unlike other gems, hue, tone, and saturation are the three important characteristics that one should look for while purchasing this rare gem. 

  • Hue: It refers to the primary color of the stone. In the case of this sapphire, the best hue is vibrant orange with a tint of pink. 
  • Tone: It relates to the darkness and lightness of the color. Neither too dark nor too light gems are desirable. A medium-tone sapphire is valued. 
  • Saturation: It refers to the intensity of the color. The higher the saturation, the higher  the value of the stone. 
  • Thus, this gem with an orange-pink hue, high saturation, and medium tone are desirable.  

    padparadscha sapphire buying tips

    2. Clarity and Transparency factors 

    Clarity refers to the inclusions present within the gem. Though these are natural to any stone, their presence might affect its transparency. In the case of this rare variety of sapphire, inclusions are very few. Due to the delicate shades of inclusions (if any), they are clearly visible and make the stone appear cloudy. Finding inclusion-free ratna is difficult, and thus, they are priced higher. 

    3. Expert Cut Value More 

    This stone in rough form can be given any shape, from oval, round, pear, octagon, and more. Cut, in general, refers to the facets and angles through which the stone is given its shape. It enhances the overall appearance of the gem, including its beauty, hue, clarity, and brilliance. Padparadscha engagement ring with a well-defined cut set in metal settings gives an ultimate look. Stones with quality cuts reflect more light and brilliance, making them highly desirable. The same criteria follow with this most expensive gemstone

    4. Carat Weight of the stone 

    This rare sapphire variety in small carat weight is available, but higher carats are very difficult to find. For instance, 2-carat Padaparajah sapphire is easily available, while those above five carats are rare to find and have a higher price. The Padparadscha sapphire guide highlights that while buying these stones of higher carat weight, one should also consider other factors such as quality, hue, and clarity.  

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    Expert Buying Tips: Where to buy Padparadscha Sapphire?   

  • Know the difference between pink sapphire and Natural Padparadscha 
  • While purchasing this rare gemstone, look for its color. Sometimes pink sapphires are sold as this rare variety. But the major difference lies in their color. In Padaparajah, you will find a mix of orange and pink, while pink sapphires either show pink or a tint of purple in them. As per some gemological institutes, the description of the Padaparajah shows color resembling that of the sunset. So, knowing the exact hue matters.

    where to buy padparadscha sapphire

  • Check for synthetic sapphires 
  • Synthetic Sapphires are also available on the market. Methods such as hydrothermal, floating zone, and Czochralski processes are used to produce these imitations. Thus, you should always look for certified gemstones so that you are aware of what you are investing in.  

  • Look for treatment 
  • There are many gems available on the market that show a Padparadscha-like color. These are being treated by lattice diffusion or beryllium diffusion. This method involves treating pink sapphires with beryllium to produce a color like that of the rare sapphire. With the help of a gemologist, you can check whether the stone is beryllium-treated or not. Thus, it is always advised to look for a certified stone sourced from a reputed gem dealer like Navratan.

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