Best Stone for Protection from Negative Energy

Posted on April 9th, 2024 05:37 PM

In today’s world, where negative energy surrounds us professionally and personally, people find ways to protect themselves from it. Negative energy impacts our mental and emotional well-being, thus making an individual’s life stressful. If you have tried everything to remove negative vibes like yoga or meditation, try natural gems. Do gemstones really work? Lets find out how:

Understanding Gemstones and Energy

It is believed that original Ratnas consist of powerful energy. This vibrational energy is transformed into individuals, benefiting them in many aspects. Each stone works specifically for a particular issue, such as health, healing, good relationships, or professional success. There are two types of gemstones: precious and semi-precious. Both categories offer individuals with positive energy they are known for. For instance, while panna stones benefit you with a great love life, wearing a hessonite enhances your mental clarity. Gemstones are thought to stimulate the energy centres or the chakras. Each chakra plays a vital role in an individual's life. With these powerful stones, one can harmonize inner energy and restore peace and serenity. When discussing the best stone for protection from negative energy, sapphires are the most powerful. It protects you from misfortune, enemies, evil eyes and psychic attacks. There are many known protection stones and crystals. Lets learn more about them: 

7 protective stones to know 

Crystals or stones possess powerful energy transmitted directly to the wearer. Wear it as jewellery or keep it as crystals at your workplace or home. 

7 protective stones to know

Emerald Stone for spiritual harmony

Panna, called an emerald in English, is a protective stone that helps you ward off negative energy and spiritually enlighten your soul. This beautiful green gemstone is related to the planet Venus along with Mercury. Venus or Shukra in Vedic astrology represents happiness, creativity, beauty and love. Thus, wearing a panna ratna on the little finger of the right hand can protect you from negative energy. If you cannot focus or feel demotivated, adorning an emerald stone ring or pendant creates a shield against negativity in the workplace. 

Yellow sapphire stone for enhancing positivity 

Natural yellow sapphire, also known as pukhraj in Hindi, is also considered the best stone for protection from negative energy. The yellow color of this gem symbolizes wealth, health and good fortune. Linked with the planet Jupiter, this stone removes conflicts between the couples. Wearing a Pukhraj ratna benefits females by restoring positive energy in their married life. Maintaining emotional balance in a relationship is essential. Thus, this yellow stone provides calmness in one's personal or professional life. If you are an expecting mother, keeping a yellow sapphire stone or citrine crystal can aid in warding off evil forces. 

Pearl for increasing Emotional stability 

Negative energy leads to stress, depression and anxiety. If you are suffering from any of these mental health issues, wear a pearl ring on the small finger of your right hand. Pearl is related to the planet Moon and hence provides tranquillity and emotional stability to the wearer. If you are short tempered and because of the same you are struggling to make a successful professional career, wear an original moti. It will build self-confidence in you, removing negative feelings of self-doubt or anxiety. Thus, pearl moti is considered the best stone for protection from negative energy. 

Hessonite for Grounding and stabilizing effects

Gomed, called hessonite in English, is associated with the planet Rahu. Wearing a gomed stone can help you eliminate the negative energy of Rahu. It is considered a talisman that protects you from psychic attacks and evil spirits. Hessonite shields you from negative forces and promotes spiritual development. The powerful energy of this stone interacts with your body’s energy to improve mental focus and concentration. So, if you are a student surrounded by negative energy and unable to concentrate in your studies because of the same, hessonite is the lucky stone for you. 

Opal for positive Energy absorption

If you talk about crystals for protection and healing, you can look for opal. In many cultures, it is worn as an amulet that protects the wearer from failing vision. Wearing a natural opal absorbs positive energy and dispels negativity. It stimulates the base chakra, bringing positive thoughts to our mind and heart. Wear it as an evil eye pendant to get protection from negative emotions that could hamper your personal and professional life. Zodiac signs such as Libra, or Scorpions can immensely benefit from opal. This is because wearing a white opal ring amplifies the positive qualities of an individual. Thus, you shine with your internal qualities and attract more fame. 

Ruby for boosting vitality and confidence

Black tourmaline is considered the black stone for protection. In vedic astrology, the ruby gemstone is also a protection stone. A manik stone benefits the wearer by cleansing the toxic energy from the surroundings. Rubies are also regarded as crystals for protection. Keeping a ruby crystal in your bedroom helps heal your reproductive system. If you are travelling alone at night, wearing a manik stone pendant protects you from psychic and negative energies. It re-energizes your body, making you more confident to face complex challenges in life. 

Blue sapphire to ward off bad energy

This gemstone's colour is soothing and reflects energy, making the wearer calm and tension-free. Since neelam gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn, wearing or meditating with it protects you from theft, accidents or natural calamities. However, checking whether this blue stone suits you is always essential. This is because it is the most powerful stone and gives results instantly. Thus, observing any negative changes after wearing a blue sapphire would be best. If you are a professional like an engineer, scientist, or writer who is a target of psychic attack, hatred or conflicts at your working place, neelam benefits you greatly. It shields you from all these and makes you a happy soul. This is why natural blue sapphire is considered the best stone for protection from negative energy. 

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Gemstones Combination for Enhanced Protection

Combining two or more stones can be beneficial for you. Wear ruby and pearl together as it will benefit you with great power and calmness at the same time. You can also choose yellow sapphire and ruby together. Choose these combinations wisely. This is because some gemstone’s energies are not compatible with each other. For instance, pearls and blue sapphire cannot be worn together. This is because the governing planets, Moon and Saturn, do not match. Thus, before wearing any gemstone combination, consult an astrologer first. 

To conclude, after discovering the best stone for protection from negative energy, it's important to note that one should only buy natural gems. Choose the stone from a reputable gem seller like Navratan. We provide you with a certificate from a recognized gemological certificate that states the gemstone's authenticity. 

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