Do Gemstones Really Work According to Astrology?

Do Gemstones Really Work According to Astrology
Posted on April 13th, 2024 05:27 PM

Gemstones have always been loved for their mesmerising colors and beauty. Besides this, they have been used for attracting wealth, good fortune, and spiritual and health benefits. In Vedic and Western astrology, these stones hold significant importance. As per Vedic astrology, planets and their movements are taken into account, whereas Western astrology takes into account the movement of the sun. Accordingly, gemstones are suggested, as each planet is associated with a specific stone. 

Astrologers analyze your birth chart and suggest the ratna that will help get rid of issues you are facing in life. There are two types of gemstone categories: precious and semi-precious. Both of these work differently on your problems. 

But there are times when these gems do not show any effect after wearing, and you might wonder, Does stone really works? Yes, they do. It is your belief that makes them work. If your belief is stronger, you will benefit from these ratnas. The belief in these wonders of nature has existed for a long time. Let's see what ancient cultures have to say about the fact: do gemstones really work?

Ancient cultures and their beliefs in gemstones 

If you think the use of gemstones is a modern concept, you are wrong. These precious stones have been used since ancient times. In ancient Egyptian culture, they were believed to possess protective qualities.

 It was thought that tying a green emerald stone on the thighs could bring relief during childbirth. The effect of gemstones on the human body was related to the compatibility of the energy of these stones with the individual. Thus, they were worn as amulets to bring overall peace and harmony. 

These ratnas were associated with different gods and, when worn, granted blessings from the divine power. For instance, the natural blue sapphire color represented the sky, symbolizing divine powers. The green peridot was linked with the goddess of love and was known to strengthen the bond between couples. Thus, you see how ancient cultures believed in different gemstone properties. 

How do gemstones work scientifically?

Do gemstones really work? Well, science has the answer to this. Each stone possesses a specific energy. This vibrational energy radiates around the wearer. If the energy of the wearer and the stone match with each other, the stone suits you; if not, it doesn't. Thus, it is said that one should always consult an astrologer before wearing any ratna. If you are being suggested, yellow sapphire wants to attract wealth, prosperity, and wisdom. Another aspect is color therapy and its impact. 

According to astrology, each color bestows unique energy that affects the human body, aiding in healing and health benefits. The color therapy influences the chakras of our body and, hence, maintains the flow of energy. Wearing gemstones can impact your body owing to their specific color. For instance, the color blue is associated with the throat and third eye chakra. Thus, individuals are suggested to wear neelam ratna. 

Neel Mani benefits you by enhancing communication and self-expression. So, do gemstones really work scientifically? Yes, they do, provided they are worn correctly. Blue sapphire works only when it is worn correctly on the middle finger of the right hand. Let's see the viewpoint of Vedic astrology: 

How gemstones work according to the planets?

In Vedic astrology, it is believed that each stone is linked to its respective planet. They are worn to remove the negative effects of the planet. Other factors that relate to these stone works include zodiac signs and houses in the horoscope. The energy of these ratnas influences that of the wearer in numerous ways. 

how gemstones work according to the planets

The planet's energy resonates with the gemstone that, when worn, transmits around the wearer. Some stones are not suitable for particular rashis. Thus, it is important to consult an astrologer first before deciding to wear your lucky gem.

Gems and their associated planets   

Gemstone Names

Associated Planet 


Enhance courage, vitality, passion and energy
Instill discipline, success, mental clarity
Pukhraj Ratna
Brings success, wealth and luck
Promotes calmness, emotional balance in relationships
Red Coral Stone
Increases physical strength, passion and courage
Panna Ratna
Boost intellect and communication skills
For Creativity, love, and beauty

Factors that affect stones’ effectiveness in astrology

Do gemstones really work? Yes, they do if they are worn in the right way. Their effectiveness increases if you have gone through all these factors before wearing it. 

  • Consult an astrologer 
  • Before adorning any stone, its important to consult an astrologer. After an analysis of your birth chart, an astrologer evaluates your zodiac sign and houses in which planets are situated. Accordingly, a suitable gemstone is recommended to provide a solution for your problem. 

  • Choose a natural gem only 
  • As per astrology, buy original stones. This is because it reflects the energy of the wearer, while fake and synthetic gems do not. Choose reputed gem dealers like Navratan to get certified gemstones. 

    factors that affect stones effectiveness in astrology

  • Treated or Untreated Stones
  • Go for untreated stones. Vedic astrology suggests that untreated and natural gems only work. They carry the right energy that radiates around the wearer. Hence, one should always buy untreated gemstones.

  • Pick vibrant color stones 
  • Since gems work scientifically with color therapy, one must buy those that feature vivid colors. The more vibrant color it carries, the more effective it is. You get maximum benefits from gems of vivid colors and high clarity. 

    To conclude, wearing the gem on the correct finger, the right day, time, mantra, and energizing process can enhance its effectiveness. Thus, you get the answer: Do gemstones really work? 

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