Does Pukhraj Bring Wealth?

Posted on May 21st, 2024 06:18 PM

Pukhraj in English is known as yellow sapphire and has been known to bring wealth and abundance. Pushkaraj is for the planet Jupiter, which represents prosperity and good fortune in life. Yellow color is considered auspicious in Vedic astrology; thus, in every ritual or ceremony, this color is mandatory. According to color therapy, the yellow hue is associated with the brightness of the Sun. Thus, this color symbolizes hope, happiness, positivity, creativity, and intellect. But do you know that yellow sapphire and wealth have a strong connection? 

Does Pukhraj Bring Wealth? 6 Reasons to Say “Yes”

Wealth is not always related to financial stability but is also associated with health, career growth, and good relationships. An individual blessed with any one of these aspects of life is prosperous and wealthier. Let's see how yellow sapphire stone benefits you in achieving these and makes you richer.

1. Planetary Alignment 

Pukhraj Ratna is for planet Jupiter or Guru Graha, which is linked to wealth, good luck, and prosperity. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that if the related planet is present in an inauspicious place in the horoscope, an individual is suggested to wear a Kanakapushyaragam Ratna. The ill effects of this planet lead to financial losses. Wearing a Pukhraj ring on the index finger of the right hand harmonizes with the energy of Jupiter and attracts financial opportunities. Since the index finger is related to Guru Graha, wearing the yellow stone guides you in the right direction. 

2. Astrological Compatibility 

Zodiac signs such as Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo are suggested to wear a natural yellow sapphire gemstone. The energies of these Rashis are compatible with that of the Brihaspati Graha. Thus, the Pushyaragam stone benefits these individuals with a sudden increase in wealth. This Guru Ratna is beneficial for attracting blocked money. If you are starting a new business venture, keep this gemstone in your almirah safe in your office. This will give you positive vibes and increase your wealth. 

3. Health Benefits 

Following the famous saying, “Health is wealth,” you must consider wearing yellow sapphire. A healthy mind, body, and soul allow you to make good decisions, work more actively, and think more creatively. Yellow stone ring benefits the wearer with mental clarity and reduces stress. So, if you are a working professional who cannot maintain financial stability even after working so hard, wearing a 3-carat yellow sapphire can be helpful. The powerful energy of this gem relaxes your mind and allows you to focus on your task. So, the more stress you are relieved of, the more you work, and your financial condition is enhanced. 

Pukhraj Stone

4. Enhances Luck and Fortune 

In Hindu culture, the Pukhraj stone bestows an individual with good fortune. If you are blessed with good luck, everything is abundant, even wealth. Wearing this precious sapphire attracts positive energy from the concerned planet, which is Brihaspati Graha. This positive energy is transferred to whatever work you do, whether it's your job or business. Benefits of pukhraj in a career include strong decision-making skills, intellect, and creativity. Moreover, it removes any obstacle in your way of success, so you can easily proceed toward the path of opportunities that ultimately lead to financial gains. 

5. Improves Financial Management

Likewise, the flow of wealth is important, and managing it correctly is also essential.  Wearing an original Pukhraj stone can help males make sound financial decisions. It promotes clarity of thought so that individuals can take a balanced approach in terms of money. The index finger of the left hand is suitable for ladies to wear Pukhraj. If you are a female working in any profession, but managing finances is still something you are weak on, wearing this Peela Ratna can help. It leads to better investment choices, budget handling, and strategic planning. 

 6. Promotes Financial Security

Wearing a yellow stone ring benefits you immensely if you are going through a financial setback or loss. For individuals running their own businesses or are in their early phase of entrepreneurship and cannot handle unexpected expenses or sudden losses, embracing this gem in the index finger can be impactful. It creates a sense of stability, reassuring the wearer that the future is secure. Even if you are worried about your finances, this gem will alleviate stress and depression. Thus, you are more focused on your goals. 

How to Wear Pushkaraj Ratna for Wealth?

how to wear pushkaraj ratna for wealth

Be sure to craft the gemstone in gold metal only. Gold is associated with the planet Sun, which is friends with Jupiter, and it amplifies the power of the center stone.

-How much Ratti pukhraj to wear? Ideally, a 3-5 carat weight is the correct Ratti to wear. You can wear it as a ring or a pendant as well. 

-Perform the prana prathistha ceremony of gemstones before wearing this Ratna. This will help maximize the flow of energy around you. 

-Buy only original yellow sapphire stone from a reputable gem dealer like Navratan. 

-The best day and time to wear a Pushparagam gem is Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha. 

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