Blue Sapphire: A Vivid Blue Stone Loved for Centuries

Posted on June 30th, 2023 05:57 PM

Know about the Timeless Charm of Blue Sapphire:

Humanity has been fascinated by blue sapphire for ages because of its exquisite hue and eternal beauty. This sapphire, renowned for its rich blue hue, has an especially special place in the hearts of gem lovers and consumers of precious stones. It serves as a diamond of enduring fascination due to its extensive history, significance, and intrinsic beauty. The enchanting world of blue sapphire analyzes the qualities, significance, and drivers of its everlasting appeal.

The appealing hue of blue sapphire is one of its most distinctive characteristics. Due to the inclusion of small molecules like iron and titanium in the structure of the crystal, blue sapphire has a stunning hue. Each blue sapphire has a distinct color and personality because of the interaction of these factors, making every single one a unique gemstone.

History Behind Blue Sapphire Stone

The bright, vivid, saturated hue of blue sapphires perfectly imitates the depth of an ocean. The distinguished color and clarity make this blue gemstone one of the most beloved precious stones. The gemstone belongs to the corundum family and is composed of aluminum oxide. Blue sapphire is a popular name that has found its place in the jewelry collections of eminent personalities throughout history. Besides the mesmerizing blue color, sapphires are also found in pink, yellow, green, purple, and similar hues. Star sapphires and color-change sapphires also top the list of sapphire collections. This well-known gemstone has a fascinating history; let's dive deeper into it!

Blue Sapphire Stone

Myths Around Blue Sapphire

  • The Only Blue: Sapphires are found in only one color, and that is blue! This is a common myth among people. Sapphires are also found in colors other than this, like pink, purple, yellow, and more.
  • Reverses Fortune: In the middle ages, it was believed that sapphires gave protection from skin diseases and fever, and in some cases, they were thought to bring bad luck.
  • Natural Hue: Sapphires get their intense blue color from the heat treatment. The clarity of the stone also comes from removing the impurities.
  • Durable or Non-durable: It is a common myth that blue sapphires are not durable. This is a myth, as sapphires are among the most durable gemstones.

Origins and Mining of Blue Sapphire

Origins and Mining Blue Sapphire gemstone

Blue sapphires have been found in Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and more. Apart from this, the origins of blue sapphire in countries like Australia, Brazil, and African nations have also been prominent. One of the leading mines, Montana Mine in the US, has also emerged as the leading producer of sapphires. Not to forget, Sri Lanka is also considered the hub for the finest blue sapphires. The largest sapphire discovered is the Star of Adam, from the mines of Sri Lanka.

The ‘electric blue sapphires are mined in Burma. These sapphires are popular for their extraordinary quality and extensive color. Both the blue and violet undertones of these sapphires make them more fascinating.

The famous sapphire mined in Kashmir showcases a beautiful hue and luster. The mining of these gemstones was restricted in 1938, but the ones available on the market hold great value. The deep blue color, incredible quality, and minor inclusion of the sapphires mined from Thailand also grab an eye-catching look.

The mining of blue sapphires includes three main methods. In countries like Sri Lanka and Madagascar, sapphires are mined in open mines and shallow pit mines. The large deposits of corundum, mainly sapphires, are obtained from commercial mines in countries like Thailand and Australia. These sapphires feature the highest quality and beauty.

Characteristics and Formation of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The blue sapphire is formed as a result of the deposition of titanium within the corundum rock. When the igneous rocks cool down, large crystals of minerals are formed. The minerals within the magma cool down slowly, resulting in the purest sapphires. No two natural sapphires are alike. Each sapphire develops a unique look and color as a result of changes in environmental conditions during the cooling of the magma.

Every gemstone has a story to tell. From being mined to getting into shape and embracing a piece of jewelry, gemstones go through a lot of phases. Likewise, blue sapphires, after being mined, can be shaped into several shapes and then crafted into desired pieces of jewelry.

Apart from the mesmerizing and awe-striking hue of blue sapphires, other factors make them one of the preferred stones amongst others. When it comes to durability, blue sapphires rank nine on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means the gemstone is an ideal choice for daily wear as it is resistant to scratches.

Sapphires have symbolized nobility, truth, and faithfulness for a long time. These beautiful blue stones have been popular for imparting wealth and prosperity. This September birthstone is also a 65th-anniversary gift.

Ancient Origins of Blue Sapphire

The beauty of blue sapphires has fascinated people throughout many civilizations and cultures. This beautiful gem is also an extensive choice for royal families. Kings and queens in ancient Greece and Rome believed that blue sapphires protected them from evil. In the Middle Ages, these mesmerizing stones were thought to possess magical powers. For instance, it was believed that this stone acted as an antidote against poison. Over the years, sapphires have been connected with royalty and reputation.

Sapphires have always been a favorite gemstone and are worn by the British royal family. From the sapphire chrysanthemum brooch to the iconic

ring, this beautiful gemstone has found its place in everyone’s heart.

Famous Blue Sapphires and Their Stories

The history of blue sapphires has been amazing, and the charm of them still makes us fall in love with them. Blue sapphires are heirloom gems passed on to generations as a token of luxury. The most famous story highlighting this fact is that of the iconic ring worn by Princess Diana. A beautiful blue sapphire ring was gifted to Diana by Prince Charles back in 1981. The Princess diana ring featured a beautiful Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds. This sapphire and diamond ring was crafted in 18K white gold. This iconic ring was presented to Kate by Prince William in 2010. This beautiful gesture is a perfect example of the finest stones being passed on through generations.

Blue Sapphire gemstone

Care for Your Blue Sapphire Jewelry: Tips and Recommendations

It is important to care for the gemstone to retain its longevity over time. Keep the blue sapphire jewelry in a separate box so that the items don’t rub against each other and get scratched. Though blue sapphires are durable, it is important to take precautions beforehand. For cleaning the gemstone, soapy water is the perfect choice.

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