Kashmir Blue Sapphires:- Setting New Records of Pricing Everyday

Posted on June 24th, 2022 02:38 PM

Sapphires are the perfect synonym for splendid beauty. Though the majority of people assume sapphires to be always blue in color, they arise in an array of shades including pink, purple, yellow, white, green, orange, and even bi-color to color change sapphire. Being a highly precious crystal, all the varieties of sapphires are valued quite pricey. However, herein today we are driving to discuss the most cherished member of the blue sapphire family i.e., The Exclusive Kashmir Neelam. 

 The King of The Sapphire World

Gemstones are not all produced equal. Some are mined from the earth’s crust while some are sourced out of the deep sea. Gems of some specific area or ocean are more chosen than those produced elsewhere. Kashmir Blue Sapphire is one such selected sapphire, which is mined out of the Kashmir province of India, high in the Himalayas region. Owing to the well-saturated unique bright blue color, these sapphires own the highest rank in the blue sapphire clan. Kashmir sapphires are accessible in a range of blue shades ranging from light blue to vivid blue and deep blue colors. However, cornflower blue and royal blue are the superior shade in this class, which is further named ‘blue velvet’. When it comes to monetary value, these tiny, yet rare, these pieces of blue crystal are setting the bars higher with each passing day. Check out the incredible voyage of its surging prices underneath. 

J & K Government Is All Set To Launch Its First-Ever Kashmir Blue Sapphire Auction 

The global gemstone industry is shortly going to witness the very first global auction of Kashmir Blue Sapphire by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir. This online auction will be organized by the Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India, (MMTC Ltd.). Presently the stock valuation is at its top run by industry experts and the sale will include precious sapphires that had been mined from the territory of Kashmir in the past few years. 

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        Although no date is issued till now, officials said that they have started preparations for the program and the event is likely to take place soon. The administrative regime of Kashmir is carrying out surveys on a regular basis to trace new reserves of blue sapphires in the area. GSI or Geological Survey of India conducted a survey here last year and envisioned that an area of 116 km holds sapphire deposits of approx. $350 to $650 million (3,000 to 6,000 crore rupees). 

Why Kashmir Neelam Is So Expensive..?

It was way back in early 1880 when the legendary Kashmir blue sapphires were unveiled after a landslide in the Paddar valley of Kishtwar district in Kashmir, India. However, today the mines of blue sapphire in India are almost depleted and the finding of new Neelam Stones in Kashmir is exceptionally rare. The very few roughs of Kashmir Neelam stone, which are found are unbelievably challenging to obtain. The mountain peaks where the sapphires are supposed to be shielded are covered with ice for more than 9 months and it takes the mining squad 3 days to reach the location of Kishtwar. 

              After all the payout of time, resources, and efforts only 2 to 6 kilograms of sapphire rough can be extracted in a long span of a time period. The state administration has now decided not to sell the raw rough of Kashmir Neelam anymore. Thus, besides the charismatic color and exotic allure, the extreme rarity is the key factor behind the immense popularity of these stones. Original Kashmir blue sapphire gemstones are so rare that are barely ever seen in the industry nowadays and hence fetch unbelievable pricing in the international gem market. 

35.09-Carat Kashmir Blue Sapphire 

At Christie’s Geneva auction, a 35.09-carat Kashmir blue sapphire ring was sold to an Asian shopper for a record price of $7,357,999 on May 13, 2020. This exceptionally majestic gem established new heights of the price with approximately $200,000 (Rupees 1.6 crores) per carat..! 

Pic Credit: CTV News

          The finely proportioned cuts of this giant sapphire flaunt the intensely saturated cornflower blue color and a high degree of transparency. In addition, certifications from the world’s renowned gem labs affirm that there lie no indications of any treatment on the stone.

12.90-Carat Kashmir Sapphire

Another cushion-shaped Kashmir blue sapphire, weighing 12.90-carats, studded in a diamond ring, was sold for a record price of $1,563,590. Accompany of several gem lab reports verify the origin as well as no heat treatment. 

Pic Credit: The Natural Sapphire Company

Grab The Star Of Kashmir 

This was simply astonishing, isn't it..? What do you think of it..? If you were in the event, would you have made a bid on any of these exceptional gems, or being a private person, auctions are not drawing you..? We will always love to hear from you. Those who want to own an authentic blue sapphire of the Kashmir region, but aren’t thinking to spend millions, can take a tour of Navratan, the online gem Bazar instead. 

Certified Kashmir Blue Sapphire Crystals Online

Together with the remarkable rarity, Kashmir crystals are prized for their majestic beauty and phenomenal color quality all around the globe. These magnificent azure-colored rocks not only make a strong piece of investment but also a coveted treasure to endow for the upcoming kin. So if you are looking for a real piece of Kashmir Neelam, check out the widest collection of Certified Kashmir Blue Sapphires Online, you will certainly find your desire. All the sapphires at Navratan are certified by the world’s most prestigious and independent gem labs like GRS, GIA, Gubelin, and SSEF. Connect for more details. 

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