Kashmir Blue Sapphire Buying Guide

Kashmir Blue Sapphire Buying Guide
Posted on September 25th, 2023 03:24 PM

lue sapphire from Kashmir is renowned for its amazing blue color. This is one of the rarest gemstones and a highly desirable variety of corundum mineral. Obtained from the Kashmir region of the Himalayan valleys, this gemstone features an intense blue hue with violet overtones. Kashmir Neelam Ratna holds great significance in various cultures and traditions. In Vedic astrology, blue sapphire from this origin symbolizes wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and protection. Since it has great significance in high-end jewelry and astrology, this blog explores the buying guide of Neel Mani, sourced from Kashmir in India.  

Kashmir Blue Sapphire Buying Guide in India

Kashmir blue sapphire stone

In general, like other gemstones, the price of this variety of sapphire is governed by the 4C’s. Understanding these factors is important, as it gives buyers an idea of the price of Neelam Ratna in India. Let's explore these factors: 

  • Origin: The origin of Nilam in the north-west Himalayas in the Zanskar valley was known to the world in 1882. The Kashmir blue sapphire mines were originally in the Zanskar range. Although there are many areas where identical stones are found, such as those in Burma and Ceylon, the blue corundum from the traditional Kashmir Zanskar valley is still valued. 

  • Color: The color of Neelam Ratna from Kashmir features an intense blue color with overtones of violet. The hue of this gemstone resembles the rare cornflower in nature and is thus also known as cornflower blue sapphire. The blue color is equally distributed within the stone, giving it a captivating look. The amazing hue is due to the presence of iron and titanium elements. Highly prized gems are those with a medium-to-dark tone and high saturation. 

  • Clarity: Transparency, or clarity, refers to inclusions present within the gemstone. In the case of corundum, common inclusions are rutile needles. According to various research studies, the imperfections found in this type of corundum include fine dust, zircon, opaque black prismatic crystals, liquid feathers, liquid cavities, and more. The rutile needles inside the stone give it an amazing appearance. It refracts the light, giving a softer tone to the gem. When buying a precious ratna, one looks for those with an inclusion-free inner surface. But in this case, these Nilam inclusions add value to their overall look. It gives a velvety appearance to the gem, making it stand out from other blue gemstones. 

  • Cut: A well-defined cut gives a distinct appearance to the Neela Ratna. It is the skilled artisans who can give the gem a striking look. Popular cuts for Kashmir Blue Sapphire include oval, cushion, round, emerald, and more. A well-finished shape to this corundum makes it sparkle more. If the cut is symmetrical, well-faceted, and has a smooth finish, it accounts for a high price. 

  • Carat Weight: It refers to the gemstone’s mass. Stones sourced from Kashmir with a high carat weight and minimum inclusions are priced higher. A 2 carat and 3 carat weight Neelam Ratna is higher in price provided it has vibrant color, clarity, and cut. The cost of 1 carat Kashmir sapphire in India starts at INR 62,000 and may extend up to lakhs per carat.  

Kashmir Blue Sapphire Benefits in Astrology

Nilam Stone has a great reference in Indian astrology. In Western astrology, it is considered a September birthstone. Natural sapphire refers to royalty, love, and commitment; thus, they are widely used as engagement and wedding rings. Let's see how this blue gem is helpful in astrology.

Natural kashmir blue sapphire stone

1. Planetary Association 

In Vedic astrology, Neel Mani is related to the planet Saturn (Shani). This is the most powerful of the nine grahas, and if it is not positioned in the right place in your horoscope, you can wear a Neelam Stone ring. If you are undergoing the Shani Mahadasha phase, wearing a blue sapphire in the middle finger of the right hand can help remove the ill effects of the same.  

2. Protection and Mental stability 

This corundum contains vibrational energy that protects the wearer from negative energy, psychic attacks, and evil forces. Wearing an original Kashmir Neelam instills a sense of security and confidence in an individual. Professionals who want career growth in their lives are suggested to adorn this Shani Ratna.  

3. Kashmir Blue Sapphire Spiritual Benefits 

This variety of corundum, like others, benefits individuals spiritually. It activates the third eye chakra, which promotes inner peace and self-expression. This blue gemstone also unblocks the throat chakra, thus enhancing your communication skills. If you are preparing for a job interview, adorning a Neelam Ratna pendant motivates you and encourages you to get through difficult tasks.  

4. Wealth and Prosperity 

It is believed that Nilam is a life changing stone that has the power to attract wealth and prosperity. Thus, in order to get maximum astrological benefits like great success, wealth, and mental peace, it is vital to buy natural sapphires. Neel Mani, sourced from Kashmir, is a perfect example of a lucky stone that offers you benefits in all spheres of life.  

5. Maintaining Emotional Balance 

The serene blue color of Kashmir Neel Mani is soothing and promotes emotional balance. Keeping this gemstone in your pocket helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. If you are experiencing emotional instability, like issues in a relationship or setbacks, wearing Nilam Ratna can be beneficial. It allows you to think with a calm mindset, overcoming challenges in life.  

Where can you find natural Kashmir Blue Sapphire?

Certified Kashmir blue sapphire stone

-Buy original Neelam sourced from Kashmir from Navratan, the best online gem bazaar in India. Here you will find stones with certificates, stating their authenticity. 

-Kashmir sapphire prices start at INR 50,000 and may extend up to INR 1 lakh or more depending on the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. 

-Choose stones with a vivid blue color that also fits your astrological purposes. 

-These Ratnas are rare and scarce; hence, investing in them is a good decision.

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