Amber Gemstones Origin And Its Benefits

Posted on June 26th, 2023 05:18 PM

What is Amber?

Amber, the lovely warm-toned stone, is really a tree resin rather than a gemstone. It is a fossilized resin that often has insect or animal inclusions. The Tertiary era, or around 50 million years ago, was when this first began to take shape.

Amber gemstone, a precious jewel, is derived from the soft and very sticky resin of the Pinus Succinifera tree. Like pearl, coral, and ivory, it is an example of a naturally occurring gemstone.

The mysterious and comforting mild tones of amber only enhance its natural beauty. The fact that it is an ancient stone with the accumulated knowledge and understanding of the regions that it has seen has further lent credence to the belief that it has magical powers.

Most amber stones have a range of tropically inspired colors. Amber's already-sunny reputation is bolstered by its presence of complementary warm colors like orange, yellow, sunny brown, and ochre.

Amber comes in a wide range of colors, including the striking Red Amber, Blue Amber, and Green Amber. Amber gemstone, however, is no different from other gemstones in that it may be dyed to practically any hue. It is also used to create works of art and jewelry of amazing beauty. The Feng Shui market is a subset of the home décor market. Decorating your walls, shelves, and furniture with Amber gemstone is a fun and stylish way to welcome its healing and mystical properties into your home.

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Amber Color

The stone's hue is a crucial factor in determining its identity. Amber gemstones may be found in many various tropical colors, but they are most often seen in the warmer tones of yellow, orange, and brown. Amber, a yellowish-gold variety, predominates among them. From very light yellow to light lemon to brown and black, the Amber gemstone has experienced the whole spectrum of warm colors. The Dominican Republic is also home to a unique blue kind of Amber. After that, there's green amber and red amber which is frequently called cherry amber because of its fruity red tint.

Amber – Luster and Clarity

Amber's varying degrees of opacity reflect the fact that it is not a true gemstone but rather a tree resin. Tree or insect inclusions, as well as air bubbles, were discovered in the amber. That is why it is the most crucial component influencing the stone's transparency and shine. The stone has a unique body compared to other gemstones because of the air bubbles inside it. Bony amber is the term given to stones that contain several of these tiny bubbles. However, a transparent amber stone is more highly prized than one with cloudiness. Amber gemstones with inclusions of insects, plants, or pyrite are considered the most expensive.

Amber – Shape and Cut

The modern gemstone's cut and form are determined solely by the end-user's preferences. Since amber is a rather soft stone, it may be easily sculpted into any desired form. Due to its rarity, it is almost always a cabochon cut. Because of its popularity in the jewelry and decorative industries, this stone may be found in a broad variety of stunning gemstone cuts. Amber gemstones are often found in a variety of forms, including rounds, ovals, teardrops, and stars. Hexagons, pentagons, hearts, and many more are available if the stone is in high enough demand.

Amber Treatment

The amber gemstone is usually left unaltered and in its natural state. However, if the stone is too pliable, it may be split into many pieces. The stone is strengthened and stabilized by this process. To keep these tiny stones together, oil, heat, or pressure are used. The stones created in this way might be called amberoids or pressed amber. Oil infusion is a common practice for improving the clarity of the aforementioned stone. Amber gemstone imitations include the use of copal and kauri gum. The most popular kind of amber, found in the Baltic, is typically treated chemically to make its natural colors even more vivid.

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Amber Benefits

There are a plethora of upsides to donning an amber jewel. Plus, you won't be able to think of any negative aspects of using it. Here are just a few positive changes you could notice when wearing an amber stone:

  • The healing properties of the amber gemstone have been recognised for centuries. The stone has been in use ever since the Middle Ages, and its popularity shows no signs of abating. Crystal healing magic is still put to use even when the gem is amorphous. Since Hippocrates' time, the amber benefits have been used in Greece, according to historical accounts. The stone's extracts have their own applications as well, helping with a wide range of medical problems.
  • It's also been said that keeping an amber stone in your home will help keep your emotions in check and your atmosphere harmonious. The stone is often utilised to create or improve wholesome environments.
  • Amber is a lucky and charming stone. The lucky wearer will be blessed by the stone's bright colors.
  • People who tend to suffer from headaches and migraines may find relief with amber. It has been shown to alleviate stress and calm the mind.
  • It clears the thought process. The user of an amber stone will experience an uplift in his mood and attitude towards life as a result of the positive energy it emits. The mystical properties of this magnificent stone serve as a springboard for the acquisition of knowledge and expertise.
  • Amber stone, often called the "Sunstone" because of its resemblance to the sun, is a very comforting gem. It conveys vivacity and optimism. It is also the zodiac sign of Cancer's traditional birthstone.
  • Adding to the love and calmness already present in your home, wearing an organic, genuine amber gemstone will help to bring everyone together. Whether you use the stone as an amulet or ornament, its warm tones will find their way into your life.
  • The stone has far-reaching positive effects on one's being. It has a magical characteristic that uplifts the person wearing it, absorbs any bad luck in the area, and protects them from harm. Amber's therapeutic abilities have been put on record, and it does an incredible job for the terminally ill.

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Symbolism and Meaning of Amber

The amber stone's significance and symbolism are contextual, like those of other jewels. The meanings of amber crystals have been addressed before because of their historical significance. However, there are also contemporary interpretations of the amber gemstone to think about. Amber has long been seen as a lucky stone. Amber gemstones were often used by warriors as talismans because of their reputed ability to instill confidence and luck. It is said by some to boost one's sense of self-worth and personal strength. Amber's bright appearance is a contributing factor to the stone's reputation as a tranquilizer. It also represents the sacral chakra, although yellower shades may have a connection to the solar plexus chakra as well.

A person's belief system and interpretation of amber's symbolism might affect their perception of the therapeutic abilities of amber. It has long been revered as a calming stone with powerful protective properties against anxiety and depression. It's also linked to being patient, having a clear head, and becoming wiser. Amber gemstones, proponents claim, may help one establish good boundaries by providing a nurturing energy that makes prioritizing oneself above pleasing others less of a challenge. Some people believe it encourages energy flow because of its historical connection to tree growth and healing, while others disagree.

In terms of its physical effects, amber is credited by certain traditions with combating weariness and bolstering the immune system. Some people attribute its therapeutic effects on the common cold and the flu to the fact that it is associated with heat. Amber has been touted by some as a remedy for chronic pain and headaches. What is essential to keep in mind, however, is that there is no proof that the health advantages of wearing, holding, or meditating on stones like amber exist. It is safe to use as part of a spiritual practice , but it shouldn't be used in place of medical attention from a trained practitioner.

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