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Posted on June 21st, 2023 03:45 PM

What is a Briolette Cut?

A classic and exquisite form of jewelry that has been around for generations is the briolette. It is renowned for its distinctive and brilliant form, which maximizes the glitter in every facet. In the past few decades, this kind of cut has grown in popularity. The briolette cut, which is frequently used in earrings and chains, is intended to enhance a stone's brightness while producing a visually appealing shine. Continue reading to discover more about these stunning briolette cuts!

A briolette cut is a type of gemstone cut that features a distinctive teardrop shape with facets covering the entire surface of the stone. It is characterized by its elongated shape, pointed tip, and numerous triangular or kite-shaped facets. The briolette cut is popular for many reasons. Learn below!

Why it is so popular?

The briolette cut stands out due to its unusual shape and the way light interacts with its many facets. The cut allows for maximum light reflection and refraction, creating a sparkling effect that catches the eye. Their elongated shape lends itself well to be used as a focal point in designs, and they can be combined with other gemstones or used as standalone pieces.

The briolette cut allows gemstones to exhibit their color more prominently than other cuts. The facets of the briolette cut maximize the play of light within the stone, intensifying and showcasing its color beautifully. The elegant teardrop shape of the briolette cut is often associated with emotions, such as love and compassion. This makes it a popular choice for engagement rings gemstone or special occasion jewelry, as it carries a sense of romance and sentimental value.


Different Types of Briolette Cuts:

Types of briolette cuts

While the term "briolette cut" generally refers to the teardrop-shaped gemstone cut with multiple facets, there are variations within this category. Here are the top different types of briolette cuts that exist:

Diamond briolette: Diamond briolettes are a specific type of briolette cut where diamonds are fashioned into a teardrop shape. These diamonds are usually faceted with triangular or kite-shaped facets, maximizing their brilliance and sparkle.

Classic briolette: The classic briolette cut is the most common and recognizable type of briolette cut. The classic briolette cut has a distinct teardrop or pear shape. It starts with a pointed tip and gradually widens towards the rounded bottom. The classic briolette cut is versatile and can be used in a variety of jewelry designs.

Floral briolette: Floral briolette cuts are a variation that involves multiple briolette-cut gemstones arranged in a flower-like pattern. Each briolette represents a petal, and the gemstones are typically set closely together to create the floral motif. This type of briolette cut is often used in unique and intricate jewelry designs.

Checkerboard briolette: Checkerboard briolette cuts have a distinctive pattern of facets that resemble a checkerboard. Instead, this cut features square or rectangular facets arranged in a grid-like formation. The checkerboard pattern adds a modern and geometric touch to the briolette cut.

Each variation adds its unique flair and character to the traditional teardrop shape, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities in jewelry.

Pros & Cons of Different Types of Briolette Cut:

Explore here the pros and cons of different types of briolette cuts. It's important to weigh these pros and cons when choosing a briolette cut for your jewelry design. Each type of these has its strengths and considerations, and the choice ultimately depends on your design vision, the gemstone being used, and the desired aesthetic outcome.

Diamond Briolette:


  • An exquisite and luxurious choice for diamond jewelry.
  • Intensifies the brilliance and fire of diamonds.
  • Enhances the natural color and clarity of diamonds.
  • Adds a unique and eye-catching element to jewelry designs.


  • Expensive due to the cost of diamonds.
  • Requires precision cutting and setting to achieve optimal results.
  • Limited availability of large, high-quality diamond briolettes.

Classic Briolette:


  • Timeless and elegant design.
  • Versatile and suitable for various jewelry styles.
  • Maximizes brilliance and sparkle due to numerous facets.
  • Enhances the color of gemstones.
  • Can be a standalone piece or combined with other gemstones.


  • May not be as unique or distinctive as other briolette cuts.
  • Requires careful setting to protect the pointed tip.
  • Limited in terms of variations compared to other cuts.

Floral Briolette:


  • Creates a stunning and intricate floral motif in jewelry.
  • Adds a whimsical and romantic touch to designs.
  • Allows for creative combinations of different colored gemstones.
  • Ideal for statement pieces and special occasions.


  • Requires precise arrangement and setting of multiple briolette-cut gemstones.
  • Time-consuming to create due to the complexity of the design.
  • May have limited availability of pre-cut floral briolette gemstones.

Checkered Briolette:


  • Adds a unique and contemporary element to jewelry designs.
  • Creates a modern, geometric pattern.
  • Enhances the play of light within the gemstone.
  • Provides a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.


  • Requires precise cutting and positioning of square or rectangular facets.
  • Limited availability of gemstones with a checkered briolette cut.
  • May not suit all design styles or gemstone types.

How to Choose the Right Briolette Cut for Your Jewelry Design:

briolette cuts jewelry

Start by understanding the overall design concept and style of your jewelry piece. Consider whether you want a classic, vintage, modern, or unique design. The briolette cut should complement and enhance the intended aesthetic. Begin this creative voyage by delving into the depths of your design concept, absorbing its essence and style. Will your creation embrace the charm of a classic era, exude the charm of a vintage treasure, emanate the sleekness of modernity, or dare to venture into uncharted realms of uniqueness?

Now, cast your gaze upon the gemstone destined to be ensconced within the briolette's embrace. Immerse yourself in their unique characteristics, for it is their very essence that will harmonize with your visionary design. As the dimensions of your gemstone jewelry piece unfold in your mind's eye, weigh the size of the briolette-cut gemstone with the utmost consideration.

Survey the landscape of your design, taking into account the delicate balance between the briolette and its companions, whether it be the intricate tapestry of metalwork or the presence of accompanying gemstones.

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Choice of colored gemstones: 

Once the gemstone's size emerges triumphant, should you find yourself enraptured by the splendors of a colored gemstones, immerse your thoughts in the gorgeous palette of hues, tones, and saturations. Aspire to that perfect fusion that will caress your design, allowing the briolette cut to breathe life into the gemstone's chromatic symphony, resplendent in all its glory.

Let the metal's color and style intertwine effortlessly with the gemstone's appeal, creating a seamless unity that unites all elements in a mesmerizing ballet. In the domain of artistic expression, your taste and style reign supreme, guiding your hand toward that fateful choice. Seek the one that resonates with your innermost vision, for it is in that discovery that true enchantment lies.

Remember, dear traveler of the briolette path, that the selection of the right cut intertwines all these factors, weaving them together into a tapestry of harmony and visual charm. Be patient in your deliberations, gathering inspiration as you wander through realms of imagination. Should you desire guidance, consult the artisans of jewels and the keepers of design, for their wisdom shall illuminate your path, leading you to the pinnacle of informed decision-making.

Now, set forth with newfound clarity, and may your chosen briolette cut become an emblem of timeless beauty and artistic expression, a testament to the magical dance between the human spirit and the radiant gems that grace our world.


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