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Posted on February 5th, 2024 01:23 PM
Precious gemstones have fascinated people all around the world. If these gems are rare and unique, they capture your heart and mind more. Individuals with a strong belief in gemstones will be surprised to know that the stones offering them benefits can be unique in many ways.

Alexandrite, for instance, is one such gemstone that offers numerous astrological benefits. The Original Alexandrite stone is a helpful talisman that protects the wearer from evil forces. Those dealing with health issues related to organs like the pancreas and spleen should wear this gemstone. These beautiful gemstones are also known for healing and astrological benefits. 

Hence, buying alexandrite gemstone deserves extra attention because you are investing in prosperity. And confusing it with another gemstone might not serve you the proper purpose. 

For instance, Chrysoberyls are sold in the market as alexandrite stone, but would you believe it if we said they are not the same? 

To start with, Chrysoberyl is the mineral family, and Alex stone is the color-changing variety of this mineral. This blog sheds light on the difference between alexandrite and chrysoberyl, helping you decide better which one to choose. 

What is Alexandrite?

This fantastic stone comes from the chrysoberyl mineral family. It is known for its color-changing property, a rare phenomenon exhibited by gemstones, and thus is valued for the same. 

It is a rare gem discovered in early 1830 in Russia's Ural Mountains. 

This stone has a fascinating story of its discovery. It was named after the future emperor of that time, Czar Alexander II. As per folklore, this was done to honor the future Czar's birthday on the same day the stone was discovered. 

The gemstone was earlier mistaken as emerald because of its green color, but later, it was discovered to exhibit two different colors. 

The most adorable thing, which is, in fact, the recognition aspect of this gem, is its color-changing phenomenon. It is often called the "alexandrite effect." 

Lets take a broader look at this effect below

Like many other gemstones, trace elements are responsible for this dramatic feature. In the case of Alexandrite, this remarkable color shift comes with elements like iron, titanium, and chromium. 

As stated earlier, it comes from the chrysoberyl mineral family. This mineral comprises beryllium and aluminium, which absorbs the chromium element. The absorption of elements, if they occur under daylight or candlelight, makes the stone appear like an emerald. On the other hand, light absorption in different wavelengths, like incandescent lighting, makes it appear purplish red. 

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When to Choose Alexandrite?

The rare Alex stone has a fantastic appearance. The dramatic color shift displayed by this gem makes it a unique and loved stone for jewelry. Moreover, they are preferred astrological stones. 

If you are looking for spiritual benefits, alex stone is the perfect stone for you. This rare stone helps strengthen creativity, intuition, and imagination. It offers emotional balance, develops self-confidence, and stimulates a positive mindset.  While this color changing stone is a fascinating choice, chrysoberyl has its spotlight. 

Lets check out how:

What is Chrysoberyl?

Chrysoberyl stone has a chemical composition of BeAl2O4. It is a mineral often used as a gemstone with a high hardness. It ranks eighth on the Mohs Scale of hardness and is comparable to those of diamonds, ruby, and sapphires. It is found in pegmatites, dolomitic marbles, and stream sediments. In general, these gems are translucent to transparent. The most common varieties of chrysoberyl are cats eye and Alexandrite. 

Know more about its properties here:
Chrysoberyl shows no phenomenon comprised of colors ranging from yellow to greenish yellow and green. Those showing a specific phenomenon include Alexandrite and chrysoberyl cats eye stone.  

Trace elements in Chrysoberyl minerals like chromium give Alex the color-changing shift. 

Cats eye chrysoberyl, or Cymophane, shows a fascinating phenomenon. The band that runs parallel to the surface of the stone appears like the slit of a cats eye. Hence, this optical phenomenon has an unusual name - Cats Eye.

Here is why you should wear Chrysoberyl: Benefits of Cat’s Eye

Only knowing the benefits is not important. One also needs to understand the purpose of Chrysoberyl. 

Is cats eye the stone you want? The right one?

Hence it is important to know when you should pick Cats Eye Stone.

When to Choose Chrysoberyl?

Gemstones are known for their astrological benefits and are an essential jewelry component. If you are an ardent believer in astrology or just a beginner, you might be amazed to know that chrysoberyls bring good luck, wealth, and growth. It helps enhance creativity, and those struggling with self-doubt are suggested to wear this gemstone. If you are planning to buy chrysoberyl online, here is your guide on ways you can style it: How to wear lehsunia stone

Must Know difference between Alexandrite and Chrysoberyl

If you are mesmerized by the characteristics of these two gemstones, you must be curious to know about the difference between the two. 
Chrysoberyl is the mineral, and Alexandrite is its color-changing variety.  Alexandrite stone is known for its color-changing property, whereas chrysoberyl in mineral form features no phenomenon. The rare Alexandrite is a gemstone with the phrase "emerald by day and ruby by night," whereas chrysoberyl comes in various colors like yellow, green, or brown. 

How do you make a decision - Alexandrite Stone or Chrysoberyl?

The above discussion shows that chrysoberyl is the mineral, and Alexandrite is its most sought-after variety. 

Choosing between these exclusive gems is indeed a personal choice. We suggest you go through the following points before making a decision.

Consider your occasion and style:- Chrysoberyl crystals might be devoid of any optical phenomenon, but if you are seeking a durable gemstone, pick chrysoberyl gem. A large chrysoberyl stone studded in a bracelet or earrings can do wonders if you are looking for long-lasting jewelry: Jewelry pieces that can be worn daily. 

On the other hand, if you want an exclusive addition to your jewelry collection, Alexandrite gemstone is a perfect choice. This rare and precious gem speaks volumes of luxury with additions in different forms of jewelry. 

The color change effect of this stone doubles up its rarity along with the fact that it is found in limited areas. Choosing this rare stone for special events like engagements and weddings is a good choice that offers style and durability. Even a small alexandrite stone can add a great look to jewelry, making your occasion memorable.  

Clarify your purpose:- Chrysoberyl signifies wisdom, clarity, and spirituality, whereas Alex stone symbolizes luck, intellect, and prosperity. Pick Chrysoberyl if you are looking for spiritual enlightenment and personal and financial prosperity. On the other hand, Alexandrite is also known to attract love, besides attracting you with its phenomenal beauty. An alexandrite engagement ring is a fantastic jewelry piece that combines beauty and benefit in love and relationships. 

Consider your Budget:- Invest in natural gemstones. Watch for the gemstones you are paying for. In the market, where imitation and synthetic gemstones are prevalent, it is essential to choose the original ones. 

You might get a chrysoberyl for a mere price, but buying a natural alexandrite is a hefty deal. For instance, a 1-carat alexandrite stone price starts from INR 80,000 and more depending upon its quality. The intensity of color change is also a strong determinant that highlights the price of the stone. 

In the timeless debate of Alexandrite vs Chrysoberyl, choosing any of them is about personal preferences. Understanding the properties of these gems is a must. Whether you are fascinated by the color-changing property of Alexandrite or the durability of chrysoberyl, each of these gems is perfect for a jewelry collection. 

If seeking a long-term investment, one should look for natural gemstones only. At Navratan, we deal in the best original gemstones online. Pick your favorite and we get it delivered to you right at the doorstep.

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