Alexandrite Stone: A Tale of Myth, Magic, and Mystery

Posted on August 15th, 2023 03:53 PM

The alexandrite stone is one of the most enchanting stones we may come across. This beautiful gemstone has incredible, intriguing properties and a unique color-changing effect.

In this blog, we have different aspects of this extraordinary stone, making you amazed about its origin, properties, meaning, alexandrite jewelry, and more!

An Introduction 

Alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl known for its mysterious color-changing properties. It is popularly referred to as an emerald by day and a ruby at night.

Alexandrite Stone

History Of Alexandrite

Discovered in the 1830s, alexandrite displays raspberry-colored in low light, scarlet in incandescent light, and bright green in bright sunlight. The first alexandrite was on the day of Russia's Prince Alexander II's birthday. It was discovered inadvertently by miners while mining emeralds near the Ural Mountains. 

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According to stories, the miners were working and returned to camp with some emeralds after a long day. When the emeralds were placed in the light of the bonfire, they gave off a mesmerizing shade of red. This created a considerable sensation the next morning, when the stones looked again to be emerald green in daylight. This made them realize that they had discovered something truly unique and important.

The stone was also designated as Russia's state stone since its colors matched Old Imperial Russia's military. The flawless alexandrite is yet to be discovered and is younger than other gemstones.

Properties and effects of Alexandrite

As a true marvel of nature, alexandrite originates  from the chrysoberyl family and has an 8.5 hardness rating, making it extremely durable. If you are fortunate enough to come across one of these stones, it reaches beyond its exquisite appearance and is durable enough to be used in jewelry.

Alexandrite Stone jewellery

They are found in Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, southern Tanzania, and Myanmar. There are no specific mines dedicated to sourcing these gems; instead, they are typically discovered while seeking other stones.

In addition to this astonishing phenomenon, it also contains traces of chromium, iron, and titanium. It is much more recent than other gemstones and was discovered for the first time in the nineteenth century. This rare stone's color is made from chromium concentration, the same chemical that gives rubies and emeralds their color. The color change it creates is expressed as a percentage. If the colors change too much from the predicted coloration, the value suffers, raising the question of whether it is an alexandrite or not.

Jewelry made of Alexandrite and Its Authenticity

By evoking a sense of awe and fascination, this gemstone can be worn in an exquisite way as a piece of jewelry. Because the stone complements practically all metal colors, you can pick your favorite and wear it every day. You will not only look fantastic, but you will also benefit from the healing powers of this stone.

Alexandrite jewellery

The first step in determining whether the stone is genuine alexandrite is to evaluate the color change effect under different lighting. Emerald is green in bright light and crimson or purple in low light. If this is not the case, you may not have an alexandrite. A jeweler's analysis of the stone is the most accurate approach, to say for sure.

While synthetic alexandrite stones do exist, and they appear to have the same physical and chemical qualities as genuine alexandrite. It can also give a color change; it has a sapphire-like color transition from greyish blue to pink. 

It is extremely rare and is frequently discovered as a byproduct while mining for other gemstones. For an idea, for every hundred emeralds, one alexandrite is discovered. Consider yourself fortunate if you come across an alexandrite!

What Is The Meaning Of Alexandrite?

It's believed to bring good fortune and love. Many believe that this rare stone brings about a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Alexandrite is also the national stone of Russia, the June birthstone, and the stone for the 55th wedding anniversary. 

Alexandrite for Chakra Healing

Given alexandrite's twofold nature, it's not surprising that many of its restorative effects revolve around it. Spiritually, the gem can assist us in balancing the health of our body and soul. Furthermore, its enchanting, color-changing nature tells us that everything in nature is interconnected.

Alexandrite healing properties

Alexandrite can help you connect to the spiritual world by opening the crown chakra. It is also thought to boost intuition and longevity. The crown chakra is located above the crown of the head. It has the strongest connection to this stone. This chakra is thought to be the portal to the cosmos.

Its mental healing properties include assisting us in finding our center and enjoying the world around us. Its mesmerizing interplay of colors may bring healing and mindfulness into our daily lives by allowing us to realize that change is a part of life.

In terms of physical health, this stone helps to regulate the circulatory system, which benefits the entire body. In particular, it is frequently used to treat inflammation, cramps, and tension.

Wrapping Up

As we've seen, alexandrite's color changing effect is nature’s magic trick. It is an emerald by day and a ruby by night, and it is one of the most one-of-a-kind and precious gemstones in the world. If you're seeking a unique addition to your jewelry collection, alexandrite is an ideal choice.

We at Navratan claim that Alexandrite is a reminder that one need not limit ourselves. This sophisticated gem adds allure to your jewelry, from vabriant reds to peaceful blues. It is a must-have gem to choose beyond the imagination for every gem enthusiast. Explore our collection now!

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