Affordable Gemstones with Incredible Health Benefits

Posted on June 21st, 2021 04:22 PM

In both ancient and modern times, gemstones have been a part of human life. Either for fashion or for fear. Says it a Real Ruby, a pure Panna, or a Natural Neelam, all of them have their own effects on the life of their possessor. Since time immemorial, colored gems are not only praised for their charismatic beauty but also for their amazing astrological benefits. 

    Though young people use gemstones mainly for ornamental purposes, these colorful precious stones have various supernatural powers in them that are extremely beneficial for one’s personal as well as professional life. Since these gemstones are not affordable for every common man, here we are presenting some economical gemstones that are well-known for delivering some incredible health benefits to their wearers. Let us have a quick glance at the list. 


Garnet gem arises in a variety of color shades. This semi-precious stone is best known for its extraordinary properties with healing therapy. The gorgeous deep red color of this January Birthstone effectively energizes the mental and emotional health of its owner. On medical grounds, a Natural Garnet Gemstone benefits the heart, lungs, spinal cord, knees, bones, and joints of a person. It provides you a shield from the evil eye and alleviates mental depression. Either you are wearing a Garnet Ring, pendant, bracelet, or any other jewelry, try to keep it close to your heart, as there it is said to be the most beneficial. Besides revitalizing your physical body and boosting confidence, by wearing a certified garnet you can ward off nightmares, and cure sleep disorders. 


The prettiest violetish-purple-shaded Natural Amethyst Gemstone is said to be an exceptional soothing stone in the world of astrology and health. The renowned benefits of this stone include detoxification and cellular regeneration. Together with promoting the physical and spiritual health of its wearer, this semi-precious gem provides you with mental strength, courage, and peace. The tranquil properties and extraordinary soothing energies of this February Birthstone increase your creativity level. Amethyst is also beneficial in curing serious health ailments like Arthritis, Bone-Cancer, and Paralysis. It improves the texture of your hair, strengthens your teeth and bones. According to the Ancient Greeks belief, amethyst is used to prevent drunkenness addictions tendencies. A certified Amethyst clears mental blockages and turns out to be of great help to people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. 


Natural Aquamarine gemstone comes with a positive force that reduces the fear of water and promotes good vibes and energies in the surrounding of its possessor. This gorgeous stone helps you with improving your eyesight, digestion system, and dental problems. This Birthstone of March month is regarded as a great meditative stone that provides instant relief from mental stress. It is also known as the stone of protection. 

                Since real Aquamarine stone is associated with the throat chakra of an individual, it has been considered extremely effective to cure swollen glands, throat infection, and hormonal disorders. It bestows you with a better immune system and improved endocrine glands. Owing to its tranquil abilities, astrologers recommend this supernatural gem to treat anxiety, mood swings, and bad addictions. No matter where you are wearing your amethyst gemstone, it benefits your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. However, near your heart, it is said to be most optimal.



Moonstone, or Chandrakant in Hindi, is an excellent healer stone on a pocket-friendly budget. This distinctive blue shaded brings calmness and emotional balance in the life of its owner. Besides being a desirable choice for jewelry making, a Natural Chandrakant symbolizes serenity, adularescence, and higher consciousness and worn to stimulate the smooth functioning of pineal glands and maintain the required balance internal hormone production cycles of the wearer. Natural Moonstone (Chandra Ratan) is the birthstone of June month and highly popular for its distinctive cosmic energies. Together with promoting creativity, this calming gem alleviates anxiety, depression, and benefits from insomnia. 


Moonga Ratan or Red Coral Gemstone 

Natural Red Coral is a bright orangish-red colored marine gemstone that carries several amazing benefits for its wearer. Besides being excessively profitable in real estate businesses, real Moonga stone provides success in administrative, team management, and leadership roles. The Health Benefits of Natural Moonga surpass almost every other piece of gemstone because of its cosmic healing properties. Together with a better digestive and immunity system, this beautiful gem restores the circulatory system, revives mental concentration, and improves your overall psychological health. 


Pukhraj Ratan or Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, otherwise known as Pukhraj stone or Guru Ratan, is an eminently renowned stone for your health. Owing to the amazing healing properties, this birthstone of September month holds a prominent place in the world of Vedic astrology. This yellow-colored precious gemstone of the Navratna mineral group rejuvenates the overall health of the owner. Besides bestowing professional prosperity and blissful matrimony, wearing of a natural Pukhraj gemstone enhances the digestive health of a person and prevents him or her from liver and kidney infirmities. This member of the Corundum mineral family assists your body to deal with serious diseases such as Jaundice and Tuberculosis.

Green Tourmaline 

Tourmaline is one of the most powerful gemstones that you can wear for your health. Especially for men, this October Birthstone is said to be a boon. A Natural Green colored Tourmaline not just nourishes every molecule in a man's body and strengthens his reproductive system, but it also reverses the disharmonious negative tendencies in his emotions and spiritual mind. By wearing a real Tourmaline gemstone you can maximize the flow of your life force, courage, vigor, and vitality. This is the stone of Detoxification. Along with improving immunity, the strong detoxifying effects of a certified tourmaline cleanses skin, liver, kidney, blood, and digestive system and expel harmful toxins and acids from the wearer’s body. 


Citrine Gem 

Since so much of our health conditions get influenced by what our physical and mental health intakes. What we eat, how our digestion system works, and we release our stress, make a huge difference in our living. Citrine, also known as Sunela Ratan, here, comes into the picture. It is one of the renowned gems to stay healthy. This stunning reddish-golden gem works effectively to unwind the tight stomach chakra with a special focus on the spine and eventually provides strong digestive health. Besides relieving from depression, this birthstone of November month also realizes stress, anxiety, and tension from the life of its wearer. The supernatural yellow color rays of a Natural Citrine helps you to get rid yourself of all the existing negativities around you. 


 Buy Gemstones Online  

Whether it is the Miraculous Manik, a Lustrous Lehsunia, or a gorgeous Gomed, any gemstone results at its utmost level when worn in its natural and unheated form. Therefore, it is always recommended to only buy certified gemstones. Connect Navratan, the online Gem Bazar for the latest segment of authentic gemstones online at the most reasonable price range. 

Note:- Despite all the above-mentioned recommendations, you should always consult an expert astrologer before wearing any gemstone.  

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