Adorable Gemstones For The Most Adorable Bond

Posted on August 7th, 2021 04:03 PM

Sibling, a gift to your heart, a friend to your spirit, and a golden thread to the meaning of your life, who sometimes acts as one of the worst enemies you have. In simple words, the most colorful yet timeless gift by God. Rakhsha Bandhan is amongst the most auspicious festival that every brother and sister celebrate to cherish their bond. It is an everlasting and unbreakable knot that we have got for life. Today, we at Navratan, the online Gem Bazar have given it a try to make this festival a little more memorable for you and your sibling. Featuring here is a list of 4 exclusive yet adorable gemstones to be taken into considerations while planning for a gift for a gift herself i.e., your sibling on this special occasion of Rakhi.  

4 Eternal Gemstones For This Rakhi

1. Manik or Ruby Gemstone 

When it comes to displaying your love, care, and compassion, Ruby always tops the list. So when you want to showcase emotions and support to your sister, there can be nothing that can beat a Natural Ruby Stone. It is amongst the noblest gemstones throughout the history of mankind. On the account of its enigmatic charm, it has not just allured the royal families for centuries but to the whole wide society. Since popularly considered as July birthstone, it is highly beneficial on professional and health grounds for those who are born in the month of July. So if your sister is also a July born, a real Manik jewel can be the perfect present for her. With its mesmerizing beauty and extraordinary healing benefits, this red gem is rightly named as the king of gemstones. Though, if you do not tighten up with your budget, you can also go for a piece of premium quality Burmese Ruby or Mozambique Ruby

2. Padparadscha Sapphire 

If your sibling is one of those individuals who are fond of rare beauty and royalty, then opt for a piece of Natural Padparadscha Sapphire anytime. It can be surely out of the best gifts he or she will ever receive. Owner of a brilliant combination of pink and orange hue, Padparadscha stone is amongst the most rare spices of the sapphire clan. Together with this unique and remarkable colors composition, this exclusive beauty is highly desired by gem lovers worldwide. It is appreciated as the harbinger of sophistication and mystical astrological properties that effectively inculcate the sense of spirituality in the life of its wearer. So if you are also done with all the outdated conservative gifts, pick a Padparadscha gem. For a beauty-appreciating girl, it is undoubtedly a perfect gift to gift. You can simply go for this eternal and elegant piece of gem without a second thought. 

3. Neelam or Blue Sapphire 

There is nothing as stunning enough as a sapphire. Even the envisage of a splendid royal blue-colored Kashmir Sapphire is more than sufficient to allure a girl anytime. Beautiful Blue sapphire gemstone, popularly known as a Neelam Ratan, has been out of the most powerful gemstones ever found on the Earth. With the blessings of Lord Shani, Neelam stone brings in the purest attributes of any bond such as endurance, trust, and honesty. Together with adding on to the eternal style, Natural Neelam Stone represents the element of love, loyalty, and commitment in a long-lasting relationship. So pick this blue beauty, especially if your brother or sister is born in the month of September because Neelam is a September Birthstone. As such, blue sapphire rings are generally more preferred; you can also go for a band, bracelet, or pendant according to the liking of your girl. So if you want to gift a truly royal present to your loved sibling, there is no other stone as elegant as a Natural Neelam. 

4. Panna or Emerald Stone 

Emerald, also renowned as Panna Ratan, is best known for perfectly flaunting the beauty and strength of a relation’s harmony. For centuries, Emerald rings are seen as a source of strength. It is widely used to symbolizes love and warmth. For gifting purposes, you can opt for a clean piece of Colombian emerald. Though there also arise fine emeralds stones from Panjshir or Swat valley but owing to their impeccable premium quality, they may sound you quite higher in terms of prices. Panna is stated as the birthstone for May month. So if your sibling is also born in the month of May, there is nothing as effective as an emerald stone ring or any other piece of jewelry. So if you want to gift an auspicious and stunning stone to both your first best friend and worst enemy, there can be no other gem as perfect as a Natural Emerald. 

Point to be taken into consideration:- 

As all the above-stated colored pieces of natural gemstones carry strong supernatural energies with them, they should be worn only after duly consulting an expert astrologer. Their cosmic vibes do not suit and benefit every individual equally. Henceforth, it is highly recommended to visit a Vedic astrologer along with your birth chart so that he or she can study the planetary position of stars and planets in your house of the horoscope and can suggest to you the suitability of the stone accordingly. 

Buy Natural Gemstones Online

 Mentioned above are the evergreen beauties that are pervasive. They are never confined up to a certain gender or age group. Owing to their captivating charm and unblemished aura, these stunning gemstones are extremely desired worldwide by both males and females. So when it comes to presenting such a precious gift to one of the most precious people of your life, like your siblings, make sure it is pure and original. In order to buy genuine gemstones online, prefer to purchase only via a reliable source where you get a certificate of authenticity along with every piece of gem you buy. 

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