7 Effective Tips To Identify A Real Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone

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Posted on May 16th, 2022 06:26 PM

Sapphires are stunningly gorgeous. Anytime they make a perfect pick to present your loving ones as they bring more love and light to one’s living..! Genuinely, natural pieces of colored gemstones not only add to your jewelry collection but also benefit you on the astrological ground. Yellow Sapphire stone, aka Pukhraj Ratna in Hindi, is one such mesmerizing gemstone that grabs the attention of each pair of your eyes every time you gaze at it. Pukhraj holds a high significance and extremely auspicious space to Vedic astrology science. 

Besides making a lovely addition to your casket, the delicate aura of a yellow sapphire gemstone serves you with an endless number of benefits in your living. On the account of elevated elegance and supernatural mystical powers, this yellow crystal is gaining immense popularity and is broadly used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and bracelets. Regardless, be it beauty or benefits, natural stones deliver you the ultimate grace and utmost godsends. However, for a general layman, it is not easy to differentiate and identify between a real stone and an imitated one. 

Since the market is heavily flooded with sham stones and bilker sellers, it is extremely easy to get fooled. Thus, apart from knowing the benefits of wearing Pukhraj, how to choose the right stone primarily needs to be taken into consideration. Now, when you are up for buying gemstones online or offline, make sure they are 100% real and natural because then only you can draw the best out of them. Evaluating the concern to recognize a real yellow sapphire gem easily, here in this write-up, we have summarized a short checklist, which comprises some quick and effective ways that may assist you to avoid getting deceived and choosing your correct piece of stone. 

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Key Points To Inspect The Originality of A Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 


When you are exploring the cluster of stones, take the stone of your choice close and inspect it thoroughly using a loupe. Checking the stone under magnification is the most vital part of evaluating the validity of any gemstone. In general, real stones have some amount of flaws and inclusions whereas a finely craved synthetic stone may have very less imperfections, which are only visible under 10x to 30x magnification. Super clear stone can be a synthetic one. 

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If you are willing to purchase the stone from your local market, try to overlook it actually. Hold it close and watch out for details using a loupe or magnifying glass. While when you are planning to buy yellow sapphire online, make sure you are making the purchase via an authentic store. Besides the meticulous product description, go through the detailed images and zoom videos of the stone. 

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As sapphire is way harder than glass, it can be molded in several sharp cuts and shapes. While glass is quite brittle, it is much easier to break down while cutting. Thus, a yellow glass stone is usually cut simply and has smooth and rounded edges. On the contrary, yellow sapphire is generally located in more complex and crisp cuts. So while buying your stone, take a note of the cuts and facets thoroughly. 


If you hold a deep interest in the world of gemstones, you might know that natural and pure gems feel warm when placed in the palm. On the same note, a Original Pukhraj stone will endorse a sense of warmth. On the contrary, in case you don’t feel a sort of warmness upon carrying the particular stone, there is a possibility that you are holding a phony yellow sapphire. 


Color is a crucial part of gemstones. Thus emphasize this key while playing the game of the purchase. An original yellow sapphire possesses a true yellow color together with notable clarity and hence is considered highly precious in the international market. Although, similar sort of imitated and less precious gems grasp slightly different hues. Yellow tourmaline, on the one hand, has a brighter, lemon-like hue while golden topaz brings strong traces of orange shade alongside. On the other hand, Citrine gemstone (the most popular substitute for yellow sapphire), carries a pinch of green hue with it. 


Natural Sapphires usually carry several interior inclusions in their original form. However, high-quality yellow sapphires often have no or very few eye-visible inclusions in them. At the same time, fake sapphires, normally have tiny bubbles-like inclusions inside them. So in order to differentiate between both the two stones and locate a remarkable stone, you either need to examine the stone meticulously or take the help of an expert gemologist. Last on the list comes number 7, the most vital one. 


When you are up for buying an authentic stone, there is nothing that can assist you more than an authenticity certificate. Stones sold in the global gem market are examined and approved by official gem testing institutes. Be it the cut, color, clarity, or the origin of the gem, these organizations look over and scrutinize every single aspect related to the stone before issuing their report. Henceforth, certificates provided by these independent gem labs and societies, such as GRS, GIS, IGI, Gubelin, and SSEF, are seen as a clear indicator of the genuineness of the gemstone in the industry. 

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Thus, no matter where you are buying your stone, always get it checked from a government authorized gem lab or ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller. It is possibly the easiest way to get ensured the originality of any gemstone. Moreover, it is highly recommended to make the purchase via a reliable gemstone store that not only provides you the assurance of buying the right stone but also bestows you with the satisfaction of investing at the right place. Have a safe buy.!

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