6 Affordable Gemstones for Wealth Enhancement

Posted on August 6th, 2021 02:33 PM

Someone said it very right, ‘health is wealth’, but wealth is simply and unbiasedly wealth. Those who say, “money cannot buy happiness’ are maybe correct up to a certain extent, though not wholly. Money can make you buy almost everything (except a few ones), brings prosperity, and make life a little easier in some or other ways. People strive hard to gain wealth but every time something lacks and not all succeed. Sometimes you just need a talisman to fetch that bit of luck to open the doors of success. Here comes these colorful astrological crystals in the picture. Owing to their positive effects, Natural Gemstones hold great importance in the world of astrology and are globally recognized for their extraordinary potential of changing human life at an angle of 360 degrees. Though mere gemstones can not fetch money with the wearer sitting idle; they surely add to your efforts and perhaps help you in accomplishing your set goals. 

                      Real gemstones have got that supernatural vibes and cosmic energies, which assist a person in cracking the toughest examination, sealing the desired deals, succeeding in business ventures, or performing maximum in his or her job roles. All these endeavors are driven to work utmost hard for the undertaking and make the greatest monetary benefits out of them. If you are also wondering which gemstone to wear for wealth, here we have a summarized list of six amazing crystals for good luck that will not only manifest your money vibes but also aid you to attract wealth and have maximum monetary gains. For writing this article, we have gone through a number of astrologists and gemologists and in order to grab their knowledge of excellence in gemstones and their impact on our financial conditions. So if you also think you are down on luck, then give it a try wearing your suitable stone and fetch the power to achieve your financial dreams positively.

6 Amazing Crystals to Attract Luck and Wealth 


When it comes to economical gemstones for wealth enlargement, Citrine, aka Sunela, always ranks at the top of the list. On the account of its supernatural powers and extraordinary abilities of fetching wealth in life, it is rightly named as 'The Lucky Merchant's Stone’. As it is regarded as the November birthstone, it results best in people born in the month of November. According to Vedic astrologers, this bright yellow-colored semi-precious gem activates the crown chakra, which is said to be aligned with money and finance. Henceforth, people usually keep Natural Citrin Stone in their wallets or cash drawers of their trade and business to capture desired results and earn new profit gradually.


Garnet is measured to be an amazing wealth gemstone. This beautiful dark red colored stone provides loads of energy to its wearer so that he or she can put in all the required efforts for the best results in terms of professional success and wealth gain. This birthstone of January month is excessively beneficial for people who are undergoing ay debts and doing all the hard work to gain riches but lack the power and energy. Governed by the planet Rahu, wearing the beautiful garnet puts effort for the same and makes the magic happen. It protects you from the malefic effects of Rahu and gets rid of all debts. 


Aquamarine, also known as Beruj stone in Hindi, is renowned for providing financial stability to its wearer. On the account of its association with one of the strongest planets Shani, aquamarine is a perfect gem for individuals who are facing financial difficulties or challenges in their businesses. A Natural Beruj or Aquamarine stone is widely worn to ensures business growth and bring financial stability. On the astrological ground, it is seen as an affordable substitute or Upratan of the precious Neelam stone. So if you are searching for a budget-friendly gem option to improve your financial stature and business standards, opt for an aquamarine. 


Opal is a popular semiprecious soothing stone. This Birthstone for October Month is said to be linked with the Sahasrara Chakra, which eventually regulates your finance and wealth status. It bestows the person with a luxurious lifestyle, better social status, and universal prosperity. In order to avail of its amazing cosmic powers and experience the best results, one should wear it in the ring to pendant, providing that the stone is directly touching the skin of your body. Wearing an opal in its natural form assists people in getting desired benefits and results of their hard work and better outcomes of their efforts. 


The beautiful and refreshing green peridot does not only delights you with its supernatural abilities to attract wealth but it also attracts you with its charming and mesmerizing green hue. Natural Peridot is considered the best gem to invite success, peace, prosperity, and happiness in one’s life. Those who are under heavy debt should certainly give it a try wearing this gorgeous green stone. Besides aiding you to clear your old debts, this birthstone of August Month is used for appealing financial gains and manifesting capital. Astrologers hold a deep belief in the money attracting power and potential of this Emerald substitute.  


While presenting the list of affordable colored gemstones to grab wealth, we can never miss Spinel. Spinel is a rich source of positive energy. It has the power to reverse bad luck and bring in good luck when it comes to your business and its growth. Upon wearing, it brings luck, wealth, and prosperity to the bearer’s lifespan. Therefore, astrologers strongly recommend in this birthstone of the August month for significantly elevating the financial stage and to attract abundance into the life of its owner. 

       Given that natural Spinel stone transmutes immense positivity, that helps you to perform utmost and attain success at all money-making tasks. In order to avail of its amazing cosmic powers and to experience the best results, one can wear it in any form from ring to pendant, providing that the stone is directly touching the skin of your body. So adorn a real Spinel gem in your desired piece of jewelry and observe the magic happen in your life! 

Point to be taken into consideration:- In order to manifest more wealth in a positive manner, make sure you pick the right stone. All the above-stated crystals are astrological gems that carry a high amount of cosmic vibes with them, which may not be equally beneficial to one and all. Therefore, it is exceptionally advisable to visit a learned astrologer along with your birth chart and consult him or her regarding the suitability of any gem before buying or wearing it. You can also explore the premium range of gemstones, in our previous article, that you can adore to make and maintain wealth. 

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These naturally colored gemstones not only work to enhance your attire but also play an important role of apparatus in attracting and increasing financial gains. So if you are lacking luck in your business dealings or other activities that are creating hurdles in the way of your wealth enhancement then these colorful pieces of supernatural gemstones can help you there. However, in order to ensure their maximum benefits, you should only wear real gemstones in their natural form. Although, since the market is flooded with endless scammers who are all equipped to dupe you with artificial and heat-treated gems, it is quite hard to find a reliable and authentic gemstone store. Thus, it is highly recommended to make your purchase via a dealer or store that provides you the assurity of genuineness. 

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