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Posted on June 29th, 2021 04:06 PM

Bible had said it very right, ‘This too shall pass’. Whether it is good or bad, time will pass and we will overcome even the toughest situation. Weak financial status is one of such tough times that a person may face a time or more in his or her lifespan. This crisis can become the epicenter of many other problems in your life. A financial crisis can be the outcome of any factor such as joblessness, bankruptcy, excessive medical bills, etc. Regardless of the cause of the financial instability, the results are always devastating. Facing such a financial turmoil may lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and loss of confidence. These are those circumstances when the person leaves no stone unturned to better up the situation. They work hard and make every possible effort to strengthen back their bank balance and economic condition. 

                     However, the prospect of dealing with something unexpected or something which is beyond your control becomes less threatening when you are decently prepared for this. So if you are also dealing with such a tough phase in your life, there are some colored gemstones that may surely help you out to deal with an economic crisis. Possessing amazing astonishing powers and extraordinary healing abilities, these gemstones can not only help you up to regain the lost prosperity but also assist you to maintain financial stability and increase your wealth level. If you are also wondering which gemstone you can wear for wealth in 2021, we are here to help you. Go through the list of 4 stunning astrological gemstones that may aid you in gaining the desired opulence. With the help of these natural gemstones, you can re-establish yourself and your credit scores as well. 

4 Gemstone For Wealth


1. Neelam Stone or Blue Sapphire Gemstone 

The first on our list is the beautiful blue sapphire. It is said to be an incredible gemstone for wealth, success, and affluence. If you are going through monetary issues because of the evil eye of the planet Saturn or Lord Shani, then Natural Neelam can be your go-to gemstone. Have you always been facing negativity and obstacles in your path of wealth and success? If yes, then give a try to this September birthstone. The supernatural cosmic blue rays of a Real Blue Sapphire Gemstone bestows you with the positive energies and blessings of Lord Shani and helps you to eliminate negativities and walk confidently on the road of wealth and success. 


2. Panna or Emerald Stone 

The next on the list is the lush green-colored natural emerald. According to astrologers, it is a wonderful stone to fetch positive wealth. Those who have gone through tough financial times in their past can take succor from this stunning green gem. A real Panna delivers you the desired strength to rise up again in life. By inculcating a new flow of zeal, it helps you to concentrate better on your professional life goals. Emerald rings, earrings, or pendants not just look majestic and extraordinarily beautiful but this Birthstone of May month also explores positive energies and required strength in the life of its wearers. For fetching maximum benefits, prefer wearing an original Panna gemstone

3. Manik or Ruby Gemstone 

Since Ruby, also known as Manik stone, is associated with the most powerful planet Sun, it is known as the ‘King of Gems’, and hence considered as the best gemstone for wealth and prosperity. Besides its mesmerizing beauty, this symbol of power and authority is globally praised for its cosmic vibes too. Real Ruby is known as the stone of Riches, which is popularly worn for success and growth in businesses. Together with improving stature, enhanced and stable financial status is one of the many acclaimed astrological benefits of wearing a natural ruby stone. This birthstone of July month is considered excessively beneficial for the students preparing for administrative services examinations. Astrologers highly recommend Original Manik stone for elevating the financial condition of the native and for maintaining an imperial and luxurious lifestyle.

4. Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire

Do you think even after all the hard work and utmost efforts, there arise uncertain hurdles and roadblocks in the path of your success? Rely upon a natural yellow sapphire gemstone and experience the change. It possesses the supernatural ability to fetch wealth into the life of its owner. In the astrological arena, natural Pukhraj is counted among one of the most auspicious gemstones. Besides boosting your self-confidence, wearing this lemonish-yellow colored gem provides you protection from all the financial crises. It is needless to mention the powers and positivity of a real Pukhraj stone in its wearer’s life. It bestows you with great financial benefits. Real yellow sapphires are not just exceptionally beautiful, but they are strongly believed to brings superb opportunities and good luck. 

How to Wear a Gemstone Correctly 

Wearing the right gemstone, in the right way is extremely essential to ensure the best-desired results. Study the detailed procedure of wearing gemstones in our earlier blog Vedic Style of Wearing Navratna Gemstones. Different gemstones serve different purposes, find out your lucky gemstone according to your birth month in our previous piece of blog Find Your Perfect Birthstone by Month or connect with an expert astrologist along with your birth chart. 

Buy Gemstones Online 

Out of all the above-mentioned amazing stones, pick up the one that best suits your Zodiac sign and needs. When we are talking about the best stone for wealth, we should make sure that we own natural and unheated gemstones so that they serve the purpose well. In order to ensure the best of the quality, always prefer to buy certified gemstones online from one of the most reliable gemstone destinations like Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Whether you are looking for a Natural Neelam, a real ruby stone, or an original Panna gemstone, visit Navratan for all your gemstone-related requirements at the best price. Here you will get a certificate of authenticity from the renowned gemstone laboratories of the world such as GRS, GIA, GIC, GTL, AGR, GII, IGI, IGTLJ, and Gubelin. Get facilitate with a worldwide shipping facility and an easy return option alongside. Together with tons of beauty, grab good luck and fortune in your life. 

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