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Moonga Stone Price 7 ratti

Found in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, as well as the Pacific and Indian Oceans, these red coral stones originated in both shallow and deep waters. Whilst complex extraction of the coral from their deep-sea habitat makes them precious stones and thus rare. With their vivid rarity and fancy different forms, they can be tiny pebbles or massive bladder stones. It’s the reason they are deemed challenging to identify.

Red coral jewelry is sought-after because it is known to improve one's health and well-being. In fact, coral is considered extraordinarily beautiful because of its availability in many colors. It is thought to be rare because it forms gradually at the bottom of the ocean, in certain locations.

History Of Moonga Stone Price 7 Ratti

Coral inherits a broad variety and interesting history, as well as an incredible future that is everything. Jewelry made from coral is extremely popular, especially when it is in trendy colors like red, pink, orange, and even black.

The Mediterranean Sea, the waters of Hawaii and the Strait of Gibraltar, the Cape Verde Islands (off the coast of West Africa), the waters around Portugal, Japan, and Taiwan, and the waters of the South Pacific all include these hues. The majority of harvested coral is processed into cabochons, beads, or carved artwork. Although the part of coral used in jewellery is not the living portion of the animal, carbonate secretions from coral are crucial to the survival of the polyps.

Pliny the Elder, the author of one of the greatest encyclopaedias, Naturalis Historia (Natural History), published an extensive paper on coral in 77 AD. Pliny claims the best coral is the reddest and has the most branches. The red coral species Corallium rubrum was long believed to have protective properties when worn as a talisman. People also thought it was a profoundly religious object.

Moonga's popularity remained consistent over time within human societies and ancient civilizations. "The use of coral as a gemstone is extremely ancient, extending back at least 25,000 years," write Lance Grande and Allison Augustyn in their book Gems and Gemstones.

Physical Properties Of Moonga

Red coral is composed of mineral gems made up of calcium carbonate and tiny crystalline quartz crystals. It's a precious stone that was originally derived from a living organism. Moonga gemstones have a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Its vivid hues of intense pink, red, and orange, and its waxy sheen are its defining beauty.

How do I wear a Moonga Stone?

Red coral is the zodiac birthstone for those born under the sign of Pisces. This gorgeous color of red coral makes it a sustainable addition to your jewelry collection. Its history as a potent talisman for protection against negative energies adds to its level-up.

  • Silver, gold, or bronze are the best metal choices for Moonga Stone 7 ratti jewelry. Red coral rings look great on the ring fingers of both sexes, but men can only wear them on their right hands.
  • A genuine Moonga stone set in a pendant or ring works great.
  • Gangajal, fresh cow's milk, ghee, curd, and butter are all components of the combination you must submerge your red coral necklace or ring in.
  • If you want to succeed in life, you should put the stone at Lord Hanuman's holy feet and ask for his blessings. Now, put the ring on right away. Keep in mind that the only time you should ever remove your red coral ring is to attend a funeral.

The correct technique to wear a Moonga Stone 7 ratti has now been shown to you. If you want to know if red coral is right for you, talk to a professional.

Benefits of Moonga Stone Price 7 Ratti

You are well aware of the various advantages of using Moonga Stone 7 Ratti. Now is the time to discuss them:

  • Wearers of Moonga are optimistic in times of misfortune. In addition, red coral simulates power, ambition, and skill in its wearer.
  • Its inspiration embraces the wearer from various significant benefits. The wearer gains self-assurance and the motivation to succeed in their endeavours.
  • Additionally, red coral helps a person become more outgoing and confident in themselves. Wearing a Moonga Stone 7 ratti can help you grow sustainably as a person.
  • Red coral gives its wearer courage and strength to face their fears.Therefore, the user will have the confidence they need to accomplish their goals. In addition, Moonga Stone 7 ratti provides the wearer with a shield of protective energy. They will be able to persevere through challenges and make progress towards their goal.

Moonga Stone Price 7 Ratti

Color, origin, shape, and clarity all play a role in determining how much a red coral stone will cost. Moonga can be purchased for anywhere between INR 500 (6 dollars) to INR 15000 (190 dollars) per carat. Additionally, Red coral prices are affected not only by the characteristics already mentioned but also by factors such as artificial treatment and natural availability. For Moonga stone price 7 Ratti, call us at +91 9982805500 or explore Navratan.

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