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Moonga Stone 8 Ratti Price

Red is the color of passion, love and courage. This mesmerizing bold color is shown by many of the gemstones among which lal moonga is the one. Moonga in English is called coral and Rakta Prabal and Pagadam in Telugu. Other than red, coral comes in various colors like cream, white, blue, lavender and pink. It is interesting to know that this gemstone is found in the dark parts of the deep Sea. Red coral or lal moonga are organic gemstones, formed with the deposition of polys, gelatinous marine animals. When it comes to prices, moonga 8 ratti price differs as per its color, clarity, treatment and more.

Evaluation of Moonga 8 Ratti Stone

The numerous names that make moonga recognizable around the world include Coral in English, Ambodhi, Mangalmani, Vidrum, Ratnadroom, Ratnaraga, Ratnakandala and more. Moonga is governed by the planet Mars. A deposition of calcium carbonate, coral stone is also used extensively in jewelry. The alluring appearance and hue of the stone increases its desirability.

History oF Moonga 8 Ratti Stone

The popularity of coral or moonga,as commonly said in India, has been recognized for thousands of years. Red coral jewelry has been used in ancient Egyptians and European burials. Coral ornaments were used in India during 3000 B.C. This mesmerizing gemstone has been long associated with gods. For instance, in ancient Greek religion, Red coral was considered a fortune gemstone by Poseidon, one of the twelve Olympians. The Greek god of craft, Hephaestus crafted his first artwork from this amazing gemstone. As per Vedic astrology, moonga is believed to reduce unfavourable influence of Mars.

Benifits oF Moonga 8 Ratti Stone

Wearing a coral or moonga 8 ratti offers the following benefits.

  • It is believed that coral or moonga helps in protecting from diseases related to bone marrow, blood, head and lymph nodes
  • Moonga 8 ratti accentuates physical strength and empowers bones.
  • Individuals facing a difficult time in life, this gemstone reinforces patience.
  • The wearer is blessed with self esteem, confidence and determination to face difficult times.
  • This beautiful gemstone showers the individuals with courage and victory.
  • Red coral or lal moonga helps in overcoming financial debts.

How to wear Moonga 8 Ratti stone

In order to achieve maximum results, moonga must be crafted into gold or copper. Moreover, the weight of the stone should be above 6 carats. Follow the below steps while wearing moonga 8 ratti.

  • Immerse the moonga ring or pendant in holy water or cow milk. Leave the ring overnight. This will help in removing all the impurities.
  • Tuesday is the ideal day for wearing this ring as suggested by astrologers.
  • Place the ring on a cloth after taking out the ring from the cow milk or holy water. Sit in an east direction and offer some flowers
  • After reciting the mantra, wear the stone embedded in the ring on the ring finger.
  • The prerequisite of wearing a 8 ratti moonga is the authenticity of the stone. It is highly advisable to purchase an original gemstone from a genuine gemstone dealer.

Moonga 8 Ratti stone Price

The moonga 8 ratti price depends on the origin, color, cut and clarity. The price of the stone varies from INR 200 to INR 8,000 per carat.

Origin: Moonga is found in various parts of the world and according to the origin, the prices of the gemstone varies. The prices of Italian red coral and those from Japan are higher.

Color: The color of gemstone is also an important factor that makes the prices vary. The stone with vivid and bright hues are on a higher side of the price scale. Moonga 8 ratti stone has a splendid saturated hue, thus the prices may vary.

Clarity:The bright and smooth surface of coral determines its clarity. Moonga prices are higher when it comes to being spotless, lustrous and flawless.

Treatment: An original moonga 8 ratti stone price is higher compared to those synthesised in the lab.

Carat: Carat weight indeed determines the price of any gemstone. The moonga 8 ratti stone weighs more and thus prices differ.

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